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NASA just discovered 219 planets-10 of them could contain life

Over 200 new planets that could be like Earth have been discovered nearby in the Milky Way by NASA's Kepler space telescope . "This carefully-measured catalog is the foundation for directly answering one of astronomy's most compelling questions: how many planets like our Earth are in the galaxy?" said Susan Thompson, Kepler research scientist for the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California and lead author of the catalog study. Lire la suite »

May abandonne ses mesures les plus contestées au plan social — GB

Dans un autre domaine, la reine a omis dans son discours d'évoquer une visite de Donald Trump au Royaume-Uni. Elle a ajouté que le gouvernement britannique chercherait " à construire le consensus le plus large possible sur l'avenir du pays hors de l'Union européenne ", alors que le gouvernement est divisé sur la stratégie à adopter et les objectifs à atteindre. Lire la suite »

US President Trump's visit to Britain left out of Queen's speech


The government said 19 of the 24 bills outlined in the speech will apply in whole or in part to Scotland. Donald Trump's controversial state visit to Britain appears to have been put on the backburner, as it was left out of the Queen's Speech setting out the Government's programme for the next two years . Lire la suite »

Saudi King appoints son as Crown Prince


The Crown Prince is now in line to become the first king from the third-generation grandsons of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's founder, King Abdul Aziz al Saud. A visit to Saudi Arabia by US President Donald Trump in May , when he held talks with the then deputy crown prince, signalled that Mohammed "could be more confrontational", Krieg said. Lire la suite »

ESA's PLATO deep-space observatory to join hunt for new planets


These important milestones were decided upon during a meeting of ESA's Science Programme Committee today, and ensure the continuation of ESA's Cosmic Vision plan through the next two decades. Following selection, the mission design and costing can be completed. Once ready, the proposal will be put forth for adoption before actual construction can begin. Lire la suite »

OnePlus CEO Says OnePlus 5 Is Company's Fastest Selling Device


With these specifications , the OnePlus 5 offers a faster and more powerful experience than the OnePlus 3T . The OnePlus 5 is simply a better smartphone than the OnePlus 3T. The phone is running on an Android 7.1.1 Nougat Operating System and is powered by a 3,300 mAh battery. The Snapdragon 835 also offers improvements through its new image signal processor, and the OnePlus 5 also comes with a 20-megapixels telephoto camera with an f/2.6 lens that works together with the main camera. Lire la suite »

Wind, rain buffeting northern Gulf Coast

The third tropical storm of 2017, Cindy was 170 miles (274 kilometers) south-southwest of Morgan City, Louisiana as of early Wednesday . A tropical storm warning is in effect for San Luis Pass to the mouth of the Pearl River. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued a state of emergency because of the threat of torrential rains and other severe weather, including risky high tides and rip currents. Lire la suite »

Asteroid hitting Earth very much possible, Say Experts


The date commemorates the explosion of Tunguska, the event in which an asteroid or a small comet exploded in the air in 1908 , devastating a large area of the Siberian forest and generating a powerful explosion that could be felt in vast areas of the planet. Lire la suite »

L'Evoque selon Coventry sera présenté le 13 juillet — Jaguar E-Pace


Mais chez Jaguar, cette présence sur le marché des SUV ne sera pas suffisante et c'est pourquoi la marque de Coventry a également un E-Pace dans ses cartons afin de couvrir le segment des crossovers compacts. "Toutes les Jaguar sont dessinées pour mettre les sens en éveil et nous pensons que c'est exactement ce que fera la E-Pace, à sa façon", annonce Ian Callum, le chef du design. Lire la suite »

Korea says N. Korea drones 'grave provocation'

He is one of those who deeply involved in the South Korean government's North Korea and USA policies during the previous Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun administrations. Both leaders have cited Warmbier's brutal treatment by the North Korean government as further reason to halt Pyongyang's rapidly advancing nuclear and ballistic missile program. Lire la suite »

Take-Aways From Karen Handel's Victory Over Jon Ossoff

Republican Karen Handel has won Georgia's record-breaking special congressional election , dashing hopes by Democrats to pull off an upset in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections. Democrats should take this result as proof that a good candidate, a strong focus, and a plan can dramatically improve chances in districts they once thought they could never even dream of winning. Lire la suite »

TS Bret causes heavy flooding, power outages in Trinidad


It's maximum sustained winds are at 40 miles per hour (65 kph) and the storm is moving toward the northwest at 10 miles per hour (17 kph). A tropical storm warning was in effect from High Island, Texas, to the Pearl River's mouth along the Louisiana-Mississippi line. Lire la suite »

Trump to make announcement on any Comey tapes this week -White House

Of course, as the professor points out, Rosenstein's recusal is not terribly pressing, since the appointment of a special counsel removed him from the investigation anyway. The White House phone system operates on a voice-over internet protocol, which basically stores all White House phone calls as digital files on a server so an automated process can generate a transcript of those calls so they can be reviewed, according to Perlstein. Lire la suite »

Tropical storm Cindy strengthens over central Gulf of Mexico: NHC


The area now under tropical storm warning stretches from San Luis Pass, Texas to Alabama's Florida border, according to CNN meteorologist Michael Guy. "We stand ready to assist local communities in the event of an emergency, and I ask all Texans to keep those in the storm's path, and our courageous first responders, in their prayers as they prepare for this storm", Abbott said in a statement . Lire la suite »

LawBreakers may eventually turn up on Xbox One

However, Bleszinski has never revealed why the game is coming to PS4 but - at least initially - skipping Xbox One. "Xbox fanboys got really salty at me on Twitter, like, 'It's like you're turning your back on the box that built your career with Gears [ of War ]", he told IGN . Lire la suite »

US Air Force shot down Syrian combat drone in southern Syria


Ford also said that the United States would not defend the Kurdish forces it has been supporting so far in case the Kurds engaged in clashes with the Syrian forces. Russian Federation accused the US-led coalition of "complicity with terrorism" by shooting down the drone. Earlier in June, an American F-15E downed an Iranian-made drone after it attacked American fighters in Syria. Lire la suite »

Switzerland in pole position in ESA's new mission

Nonetheless, program scientist Mario Perez stated that the Kepler data set is unique, which contains a population of near-Earth analogs, CNN reported . Kepler research scientist Susan Thompson said , "It's unbelievable, the things that Kepler has found". The researchers also believe it to be the most detailed catalog of exoplanet candidates. Lire la suite »

Xbox reveals the Xbox One X or Project Scorpio


Because of the fact that the Xbox One X can run nearly all games at 4K, he says that he considers the PlayStation 4 Pro an Xbox One S competitor. Like the Xbox One S , the Xbox One X offers 4K video streaming, and is targeted at hardcore gamers. These titles include Assassin's Creed Origins , Forza Motorsport 7 and The Last Night . Lire la suite »

Spicer Addresses Rumors of New White House Role: 'I'm Right Here'


President Trump has long considered making major staffing changes within the White House, the Associated Press reported , and reports have constantly swirled of top advisers being potentially replaced. "As far as hacking, I think it was Russia", Trump said in January during a press conference. Despite alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation having dominated the news agenda for months, Spicer said he was unaware of the President's thoughts. Lire la suite »

International Yoga Day: PM Narendra Modi performs 'asanas' in Lucknow | Top quotes

In a brief speech, Singh talked about the goodness of yoga and quoted Prime Minister Narendra Modi as saying that yoga was Indian civilisation's gift to the world. Modi , who credits his strict yoga regime for his ability to work long hours on little sleep, has been spearheading an initiative to reclaim the practice as a historic part of Indian culture since his Hindu nationalist government came to power in 2014. Lire la suite »