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Un nouveau look sur Twitter


La police utilisée par Twitter change: le réseau social insiste notamment sur les titres, qui se détachent davantage du contenu des tweets. Ce menu latéral qui s'ouvre dès qu'on appuie sur l'icône de profil situé en haut à gauche n'est pas étranger aux utilisateurs de Twitter sur Android qui y ont droit depuis plusieurs mois maintenant. Lire la suite »

Hawaii law aligns state with Paris climate pact


Gov. David Ige signed the Senate bill on Tuesday, saying he was motivated by the evidence of climate change visible every day in Hawaii . The withdrawal by the United States from the Paris Agreement "will not change anything" on the efficiency of the climate change multi-lateral agreement, a climate justice campaigner said on Wednesday. Lire la suite »

Kenya official: Roadside bomb blows up passenger vehicle


Police said 11 others were injured during the afternoon incident and were rushed to Lafey Sub-County Hospital. The IED is suspected to have been planted by suspected Al Shabab militants from Somalia. Shisia says the vehicle is a privately owned transport service along the Elwak-Mandera route. Analysts call the blasts a change in strategy by al-Shabab, which has been carrying out attacks inside Kenya since 2011. Lire la suite »

Heinrich: Sessions' testimony shows 'concerted effort' to obstru

Horwitz is one of the journalists who worked on the Washington Postreport headlined "Special Counsel Is Investigating Trump For Possible Obstruction of Justice , Officials Say". Despite high public interest in the content of the memos , Comey's testimony that the records are not classified and a ruling from the Justice Department that the Federal Bureau of Investigation should expedite CNN's FOIA request for the memos, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has not provided either the ... Lire la suite »

Escaped Georgia prison inmates recaptured in Tennessee

The two escaped inmates sought in the killings of two guards on a. The saga began with what could have been a scene out of a movie: 33 inmates were riding on a Georgia corrections bus as they were being driven to another prison. They bound the man with belts. When law enforcement officers saw that stolen vehicle, a 10-mile chase ensued on Interstate 24 south of Nashville until the escapees crashed and ran from the wreck. Lire la suite »

Xbox Game Pass, pour quelques infos de plus

Lancé il y a une quinzaine de jours, le nouveau service de Microsoft appelé Xbox Game Pass permet, moyennant un abonnement, de télécharger plusieurs jeux sur sa console et de pouvoir y jouer tranquillement. Lire la suite »

Taylor Swift Is Returning To Music Streaming Services


The "Shake It Off" hitmaker famously removed her music from streaming services in 2014, slamming companies for not paying artists proper royalties during free trials. Taylor Swift may sing about "never ever ever getting back together" when it comes to ex-boyfriends, but lucky for fans, she's willing to make nice with streaming sites again. Lire la suite »

Huckabee: Leakers Trying to 'Discredit & Delegitimize' President Trump


Trump wrote, "You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people!" Mueller plans to interview two top USA intelligence officials about whether Trump sought their help to get the Federal Bureau of Investigation to back off a related probe of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, according to three people familiar with the inquiry. Lire la suite »

Is colonization on Mars possible within our lifetimes?


He provides a comprehensive review of a system architecture required for a rocket and spaceship capable of transporting people and supplies to Mars , comparing possible vehicle designs and performance features. And it might not just be Mars - he has grander plans for sending people to Jupiter's moons Europa and Enceladus, or Saturn's moon Titan, or even Pluto. Lire la suite »

At least eight dead in China kindergarten blast


In January a man armed with a kitchen knife wounded 11 children at a kindergarten in southern China . We will focus on reports from police officials and other authorities, credible news outlets and reporters who are at the scene. Video footage showed people lying on the ground, some with their clothes torn off and others soaked in their own blood. In February past year, a knife-wielding assailant wounded 10 children in a schoolyard in the southern island province of Hainan, before ... Lire la suite »

Aegion Corporation (NASDAQ:AEGN) Sellers Covered 4.58% of Their Shorts

Alpha One ranks coverage of publicly-traded companies on a scale of negative one to one, with scores closest to one being the most favorable. About shares traded. The short interest to Aegion Corporation's float is 2.5%. The Company operates through three segments: Infrastructure Solutions, Corrosion Protection and Energy Services. Lire la suite »

Yoshi s'offre un nouveau jeu de plate-forme sur Nintendo Switch

Tout en couleur, le titre a l'air de proposer du gameplay à plusieurs, avec des résolutions d'énigmes nécessitant l'interaction de camarades (à la manière d'un The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure). Le jeu sortira à l'hiver 2017. Le jeu sera également disponible sur New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS et New Nintendo 2DS XL**. Ce titre sera t-il une toute nouvelle aventure (avec le retour des arènes?) ou un remake de la 4ème génération? Il sera disponible au prix de ... Lire la suite »

Harbour Porpoise Daisy Dies at Vancouver Aquarium


Death of Daisy is a setback to aquarium staff. The death came on the same day aquarium officials applied for a judicial review aimed at overturning a park board bylaw banning whales, dolphins and porpoises from its facility. It is officially known as the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. In October 2009 the Vancouver Aquarium got the status of a Coastal America Learning Center by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Lire la suite »

Nintendo Direct E3 17 : Ce qu'il faut retenir

Super Mario Odyssey semble être un fascinant mélange entre Mario Sunshine sur Gamecube et Super Mario 64 , le tout dans un univers tout à fait inédit. Rocket League sera bel et bien porté sur Switch, comme demandé par nombreux joueurs. Nintendo Switch bénéficiera d'un grand soutien de la part des plus importants éditeurs et développeurs tiers. Lire la suite »

Un RPG Pokémon annoncé : les ventes de Switch vont exploser !

Et le prix vaut clairement le coup de gagner, puisque les deux gagnants repartirons avec chacun un truc sous le bras: une création d'art Pokkén Tournament DX signée par Tsunekazu Ishihara, président et PDG de The Pokémon Company et par des membres de l'équipe de développement . Lire la suite »

E3 2017 - L'essentiel du Nintendo Spotlight

Alors que. Comment Big N allait-il réussir à faire durer la hype autour de sa machine hybride? Et la cerise sur le gâteau? Cette aventure se poursuit tout au long de l'année 2017 et au-delà. Le premier pack intitulé "Les épreuves légendaires " sera disponible le 30 juin, et le second intitulé " Ode aux Prodiges " sera disponible à l'hiver 2017. Lire la suite »

China kindergarten blast suspected crime; 8 dead


Almost 60 people were wounded, nine of whom were seriously hurt, government officials said. Authorities have said that the investigation into the explosion is being treated as a criminal case rather than an accident. The force of the blast tore the clothes off some of the people lying on the ground beside pools of blood. On Friday, police officers wearing blue plastic around their shoes scoured the scene of the explosion in front of the kindergarten on the outskirts of Xuzhou city. Lire la suite »

E3 2017 : Partez en voyage avec Super Mario Odyssey

A première vue, il semble que Nintendo EPD Tokyo n'ait pas hésité à casser les codes de la série, tout comme Breath of the Wild avec The Legend of Zelda. En janvier, le producteur Yoshizaki Koizumi avait expliqué qu'un certain nombre de ces paramètres étaient basés sur des environnements réels. Mario aura la possibilité d'enfiler de nombreux costume et de voyager par exemple dans un Mexique fantasmé avec poncho et sombréro, ou encore dans la mégalopole de New Donk City . Lire la suite »

New solar paint turns moist air into clean energy


This synthetic chemical not only absorbs moisture (much like silica gel ), but also acts as a semiconductor and a catalyst that helps water split into hydrogen and oxygen. He also claims the paint would be effective in a variety of climates , from damp environments to hot and dry ones near large bodies of water: "Any place that has water vapor in the air, even remote areas far from water, can produce fuel". Lire la suite »

Volkswagen unveils new version of Polo subcompact


If there's one thing that's certain to mark the Polo out from its competition, it's the boot; with 351 litres of capacity now on offer, it's actually larger than the bigger, more expensive Ford Focus. No CO2 or fuel economy figures have been released for any of the engines, but expect the three-cylinder units to officially nudge towards 70mpg. The new Polo will replace the current generation model which has been the company's stallion for over 7 years. Lire la suite »

Joy as sisters and teenager are found in hospital following tower inferno


Tazmin Belkadi, 6, and her sister Malek, 6, are now recovering in hospital after they were rescued from the top of the Grenfell Tower . One of the girls is in a coma and the other is sedated due to trauma, a relative said. they are using protocols for terrorist incidents to manage civil disaster". He told the Telegraph : "The hospitals had no idea who these children were- they didn't even realise they were related". Lire la suite »

SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY, nouvelle bande annonce et gameplay de l'E3 2017

C'était une conférence courte mais dense, intégralement consacrée à la Switch , la nouvelle console de Nintendo . Visiblement désireuse de nous en mettre plein la vue, elle a ensuite présenté une vidéo de Metroid Prime 4 . Outre un portage complet côté contenu pour proposer la même chose que sur les autres machines où il est disponible depuis un bon moment, le jeu profitera également d'éléments cosmétiques exclusifs à la sauce Nintendo . Lire la suite »

Three faces £1.9 mn penalty for emergency call failure


It found the problem after Three reported a temporary loss of service in Kent, Hampshire and parts of London past year. The regulatory investigation found that emergency calls from customers in the affected area had to pass through a particular data centre in order to reach the emergency services. Lire la suite »