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Windows Defender, une grave faille de sécurité le transforme en source d'infection

L'une des pires brèches d'exécution de code arbitraire à distance de Windows a été colmatée par Microsoft ce lundi . De plus, elle peut s'auto-répliquer à l'image d'un ver informatique. Comme le souligne le rapport de Google , la protection contre les maliciels en temps réel est active par défaut sur Windows 8 et les versions subséquentes (incluant Windows Server). Read More »

Afrique. Hominidés primitifs et hommes modernes ont pu s'y croiser


Si l'Homo naledi est clairement relie a l'être humain moderne, il n'existe cependant aucune preuve que celui-ci aurait utilisé des outils en pierre ou fait du feu pour sa propre utilisation. " Nous ne pouvons plus longtemps affirmer savoir quelle espèce a fabriqué quels outils ou même que les hommes modernes étaient à l'origine de certaines innovations en matière de techniques ou de comportements ", s'est aventuré Lee Berger. Read More »

Amazon Prime Video prochainement sur l'Apple TV ?


Selon Buzzfeed qui en rapporte l'information, l'ouverture des services d'Amazon sur Apple TV est pour bientôt. Cette publication fait valoir une rumeur antérieure selon laquelle Amazon Prime Video arriverait sur l'Apple TV cet été, bien que BuzzFeed indique que la date de lancement officielle est toujours sujette à changement. Read More »

Les précommandes de Project CARS 2 sont ouvertes


Ce DLC mettra en vedette quatre voitures de constructeurs japonais emblématiques Honda et Nissan , deux voitures de courses à l'aspect particulier, un concept-car et une voiture de route. Limitée à seulement 1 000 exemplaires , elle comprend tout le contenu de la Collector's Edition à l'exception de la miniature à 1/43 de la McLaren 720S , qui est remplacée par un modèle en résine à 1/12 de la McLaren 720S (dans sa livrée SMS-R Stealth Satin). Read More »

Microsoft officially releases Visual Studio 2017 for Mac


Until now, iOS development still required you to use a Mac for building and testing purposes. Xamarin Live Player allows developers to simply download an Android or iOS app and start coding. The same was true for mobile apps which needed to be tested in a real-time iOS environment. To run Visual Studio 2017 for Mac , you will need a device running OS X El Capitan 10.11 or macOS Sierra 10.12 with at least 4GB of RAM and a processor clocked at 1.8GHz or higher. Read More »

Raiders Of The Broken Planet: Four Campaigns Confirmed


Each of these campaigns will tell a parallel story and players will be able to play them in any order. Players can either join a team as a Raider, or fight against them alongside AI. Don't worry if you can not find three other Raiders to group with, the full game allows for both offline single-player and online multiplayer. Raiders of the Broken Planet is an independent project. Read More »

Full moon names for May


Almanac describes the Flower Moon as a seasonal event signifying an end to the frosts of winter and early spring. The actual time of the May full moon is during the daytime of May 10th in this hemisphere - about 3:40 p.m. A full moon occurs at least once a month but despite its regularity, I still find it quite magical. Names were given to full moons to help track the seasons, so they often reflects changes in nature. Read More »

Injustice 2 aura son championnat

Gérés par l'ESL, les tournois de qualification débuteront le 4 Juin. Tournoi exclusivement européen organisé par l'ESL sur PS4, le Path to Pro Tournament Injustice 2 est accessible aux joueurs ne participant pas aux Pro Series. Les joueurs d'Argentine, du Chili, Mexique et Pérou auront leur chance de briller au combat lors de l'Injustice 2 Liga Latina . Un point discutable qui permettra tout de même d'installer une durée de vie conséquente à Injustice 2 pour les joueurs collectionneurs. Read More »

See SpaceX test-fire the rocket it will ride to Mars


In particular, this was reported in Twitter SpaceX. ( - SpaceX has been gunning for further and heavier orbital missions by building its Falcon Heavy rocket booster . That central core was successfully tested last week at SpaceX's development facility in McGregor, Texas. The spacecraft was lifted on Falcon 9's payload adapter, made by Ruag Space in Sweden, ahead of encapsulation this week inside the rocket's composite payload fairing. Read More »

Internet en illimité sur 2 compagnies du groupe — Lufthansa

D'autres appareils devraient être équipés très prochainement. Pour leurs services internet à bord, les compagnies aériennes utilisent une bande de fréquences qui fournit un accès internet haut débit par satellite. Les formules sont payables durant le vol via une carte bancaire ou des services de paiement en ligne tel que Paypal. Bientôt il sera également possible de procéder aux règlements en utilisant des Air Miles ou en passant par des partenaires de téléphonie mobile. Read More »

Trump congratulates Moon on election win, planning summit at White House soon

The problem is, they pretty much never are. Moon, who was elected this week, has taken a more conciliatory line than his conservative predecessors and has said he would be prepared to go to Pyongyang "if the conditions are right". Moon advocates a less confrontational policy. North Korea has a history of bombastic propaganda featuring unfounded claims . The North further said that a South Korean agent named Jo Ki Chol and a "secret agent" named Xu Guanghai, director general of the ... Read More »

Say Hello To The Real-Life Zuul, An Ancient Ankylosaur


Researchers have made a decision to name a dinosaur after a character in the Ghostbusters movie. With Zuul becoming the first ankylosaur named after an element belonging to nerd culture, we are excited to see what will come next. "They're just not as common". The dinosaur has a large tail with a knob of bone at the end that presumably could have been used for warding off predators by striking them in the legs. Read More »

Microsoft colmate une sérieuse faille sécuritaire dans son scanner à virus


Il estime qu'il s'agit de " la pire exécution de code à distance de Windows " ces derniers temps. Néanmoins, Microsoft a réagit rapidement, il ne faut donc pas s'inquiéter... En clair, l'antivirus natif du système d'exploitation de Microsoft n'est plus un antivirus. Le correctif sera installé automatiquement par Windows Defender si les mises à jour automatiques sont activées. Read More »

Notable Stock Analysts Ratings Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)


Asset Planning Services Ltd. now owns 1,737 shares of the software giant's stock worth $114,000 after buying an additional 837 shares in the last quarter. While considering growth estimates of the company, it has next quarter growth estimates of 2.60% whereas during current quarter it has 2.90% estimations over growth, comparing to the estimations of 8.60% during current year and 9.90% for next year. Read More »

Heroic Man Saves Suicidal Woman From Jumping In Front Of Train


The incident was caught on video, as it shows the railway worker grabbing the woman who had just started running towards the train tracks just as the train comes passing through. Reportedly, he was observing the woman who appeared to be in a low mood. Earlier in February, a toddler was saved from a frightening accident in north western China's Qinghai province. Read More »

What it's like to spacewalk


The footage essentially shows two astronauts conducting a spacewalk outside of the orbiting lab. These scenes shot by Thomas Pesquet ESA astronaut, who did a spacewalk on the International Space Station on March 24th. This helps the pressurized interface that lies between station modules and docking adapter. The video was filmed just ahead of the Pressurized Mating Adapter-3's (PMA-3) robotic move on March 26. Read More »

Cyber attack spreads across 12 countries; some United Kingdom hospitals crippled

It's not the first time hackers have used the leaked NSA tools to infect computers. After that, the price would be doubled. In Spain, the government said Friday a similar attack had affected a large number of companies. "Both staff and patients were frankly pretty appalled that somebody, whoever they are, for commercial gain or otherwise, would attack a health care organization", he said. Read More »