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E3 2017 | Minecraft Gets Servers, Crossplay, 4K, VR, & More


However, Minecraft is not coming to Sony's PlayStation 4, and the company said they didn't have to announce on that now. You'll now be able to play Minecraft across different systems, including Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, meaning that yes, a Super Mario and Banjo skin can now come into contact with each other! Unfortunately, the original mothership build of Minecraft for Mac and PC, which is called the Java Edition, will remain its own distinct thing - no cross play or feature ... Lire la suite »

Uber's SVP of Business Emil Michael Just Left the Company

Whether it's Travis Kalanick or anyone else, running a sprawling enterprise is a challenge. Emil Michael , Uber's SVP of business and right-hand man of CEO Travis Kalanick , has left the company after an investigation into sexual harassment and workplace culture at the startup. Lire la suite »

PlayStation 4 sells more than 60 million units worldwide

President and global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House says they are very grateful for fans and partners around the globe who have continued to support PS4. The controller shipped last month and comes as part of a bundle with "Farpoint" at $79.99. It is apparently an unspoken tradition to shoehorn quick-time events into any and every Spider-Man game, reducing the empowerment of playing as a teenage wonderboy into a button-mashing frenzy that never seems to end. Lire la suite »

E3 2017 : Xenoblade Chronicles 2 montre son gameplay en vidéo

Le trailer est assez barré, il faut le reconnaître. A la manière de Beyond Good and Evil chez Ubisoft , le développeur japonais a frappé très fort avec cette annonce, pour l'instant très sommaire! L'expérience est intéressante sur le papier, à voir maintenant comment Nintendo va s'occuper du gameplay une fois la Switch entre les mains. Lire la suite »

Checks Ordered At UK Tower Blocks After Fire

Residents who escaped told harrowing stories of seeing their neighbours trapped in their apartments as the flames advanced towards them. "Most of the people I could see were Muslim. Plumes of black smoke billowed high into the air over the British capital for hours after the blaze broke out. Many residents on lower floors escaped. Lire la suite »

DC shooter campaigned in the Quad-Cities for Sanders


He has a previous arrest coming in 2006 for battery and aiding damage to a motor vehicle. An acquaintance of the man who shot at a Republican baseball practice on Wednesday morning said he was "shocked" to hear about the incident. U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, an Illinois Republican who represents the 13th District, was at the Alexandria ballfield. Hodgkinson, a Belleville, Illinois resident, was killed when police returned fire this morning. Lire la suite »

Super Mario odyssey fait le show à l'E3 2017 et se date

Une vidéo très courte, d'environ 30 minutes à peine, qui a permis à Nintendo de confirmer le développement de plusieurs jeux sur Nintendo Switch , dont un nouveau Yoshi , un Kirby et même un Metroid Prime 4 . Nintendo sera certainement mécontent de ce leak mais comme internet n'oublie jamais, il est malheureusement trop tard pour la firme! Enfin, on découvre que Mario pourra revêtir de nombreux costumes qui devraient avoir une réelle influence sur le gameplay. Lire la suite »

Proposed Missouri abortion laws spark protest


More than 200 abortion opponents cheered on GOP Gov. Eric Greitens as he called on lawmakers to strengthen regulations on abortion providers and overturn a St. Kehoe says the call for an investigation could be taken up again during the next regularly scheduled session, which starts in January. Pushback on the GOP-sponsored abortion regulations is expected by Senate Democrats, who have the power to stall a vote using extended debate in what's called a filibuster. Lire la suite »

Microsoft unveiled its new console, Xbox One X

The Xbox One X will be available in stores November 7th worldwide as it looks to bounce back. Unlike the Xbox One S , the Xbox One X will come in black - although it looks very like the white console in shape and design, as you can see above. Lire la suite »

Gunman kills three, self at San Francisco UPS facility


UPDATE 2:42 P.M. EST: According to AP, four people are now dead, including the shooter. Other witnesses described two bodies covered in yellow tarp in the street outside the facility. UPS employees 350 at the facility. The victims' identies and conditions have not been released. Sources claim several victims have been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Lire la suite »

Porsche : du nouveau concernant la future 911 GT2 RS

Grand salon annuel du jeu vidéo, l'E3 de Los Angeles vient de débuter. La 911 GT2 RS reprend les ailes de sa sœur, la 911 GT3 RS, avec les extracteurs d'air en carbone au dessus des des roues avant. Les courses se disputeront quant à elles sur une trentaine de sites différents et dans des conditions météorologiques variables (jour/nuit, sec/pluie), les joueurs ayant par ailleurs accès à davantage de possibilités pour personnaliser leur pilote. Lire la suite »

E3 2017: Superhot VR Is Coming to PSVR

Bravo Team is set in a fictional modern day Eastern European city. Legion Commander is one such title. Keith Linares, Bravo Team's Lead Designer, has posted on the PlayStation Blog to share more details. "Calling targets, covering fire and constant communication are the difference between success and failure". This was confirmed at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, but its presence here suggests we're also going to see it in the west eventually. Lire la suite »

Un RPG Pokémon à l'horizon

La firme japonaise n'a montré aucune image ni vidéo, mais la bombe lâchée nous fait déjà bien saliver. Mais selon lui, "la sortie n'interviendra pas avant au moins un an". Lire la suite »

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

En attendant d'en savoir plus au salon de Francfort, voici donc les premières images de l'impressionnante Porsche 911 GT2 RS! Esthétiquement très proche de la Porsche 911 GT3 RS , la GT2 RS s'offre néanmoins des boucliers spécifiques, deux canules d'échappement et de nombreux inserts en carbone afin de diminuer le poids. Lire la suite »

London Firefighters Battle High-Rise Inferno; At Least 6 Fatalities Reported

The horrific fire at Grenfell Tower in London is being blamed on the alleged neglect by property management. Forty fire engines and around 200 firefighters were called to the scene a little before 1 a.m. "The fire went under a new cover which had been put on with wooden slats". He said his uncle, who is 54 years old, has lived in the building for more than 25 years. Lire la suite »

Retour vers la terre de Pesquet et Novitski — Soyouz


Cette retransmission sera aussi l'occasion de répondre aux questions du public et d'expliquer la mission de Thomas Pesquet dans l'espace. L'astronaute, qui a atterri dans la nuit, a été accueilli par sa compagne. Le module orbital et le module de service, devenus inutiles, se sont alors éloignés du vaisseau embarquant les deux astronautes et vont brûler en entrant dans l'atmosphère. Lire la suite »

NASA announces 12 new astronauts for future missions


The 12, who were chosen from among over 18,000 applicants, will soon be given rigorous training for distinguished space missions into the Earth's orbit and deep space. Only a handful of NASA astronauts can expect to fly in a given year. - Navy Lt. Kayla Barron of Richland, Washington, a submarine-warfare officer and nuclear engineer who was among the first class of women commissioned into the submarine service and now works at the U.S. Lire la suite »

Golden State Warriors: 5 takeaways from Game 3 vs


One win from his first championship and probably the NBA Finals MVP award along with it, Durant is the flawless player in the ideal place. Plus, the Warrior role players won't play as well on the road in Cleveland , giving the struggling Cavalier bench a chance to contribute. Lire la suite »

Assassin's Creed: Origins is single-player only


Ubisoft's blockbuster " Assassin's Creed " video game is heading for Egypt, taking the serial's storyline back to an ancient world and overhauling play to reignite its top franchise. "There are other playable characters in the story, but it is primarily Bayek's story". It appears that Ubisoft is moving forward on focusing more on the story for games like this, as it did with 2015's Assassin's Creed Syndicate , and other games before that. Lire la suite »

Australia lose to England, out of Champions Trophy

Morgan faced 81 balls including eight fours and five sixes. England have won 11 of their last 12 one-day internationals, with Wood s Durham team-mate Ben Stokes hitting a thrilling 102 not out against Australia after the home side had slumped to 35 for three. Lire la suite »

London Tower Block on Fire

Alice, a London resident who lives nearby, told The Guardian that she saw one person jump from the building while it was in flames. The smoke stretched for miles (kilometers) across the sky after dawn, revealing the blackened, flame-licked wreckage of the building, which was still burning over 12 hours later. Lire la suite »

Backup And Sync By Google Makes Drive For PC/Mac Much Better


Corporate and enterprise users are advised to hold out until the release of Drive File Stream later in the year, but for everyone else, Backup and Sync opens up the possibility of automatically backing up entire hard drives. It'll be replacing the current Google Drive and Google Photos Backup apps now available to create a more unified, sensible experience. As such, it will respect any current Drive for Mac/PC settings in the Admin console. Lire la suite »