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Pakistan wins toss, will bowl 1st against England

But I feel it will be hard for Pakistan to beat England because the pitch in Cardiff will help the fast bowlers. Mohammad Amir , who is suffering from back spasm, has been left out and Rumman Raees has replaced him. Amir was hit with injury in the practice session whilst he was bowling in the nets. Young spinner Shadab Khan (1/40) scalped one wicket , while Imad Wasim (0/16) and Mohammad Hafeez (0/33) also bowled well. Lire la suite »

Meet NASA's newest Astronaut recruits

The new batch from NASA Astronaut Class 2017 is composed of five women and seven men. NASA announced that Major Jasmin Moghbeli and 11 other men and women will report for duty in August to begin two years of training to become astronauts. Lire la suite »

Xbox ultra-HD console will be the most powerful, says Microsoft

Is Xbox One X for owners of vanilla PS4s moving up to a 4K console to hook up to their new 4K TV? Microsoft ultimately picked Xbox One X because it fit with the power message and the original Xbox branding. The Xbox One X will launch later this year . At its press conference, Microsoft showed a total of 42 new titles on-stage, including 22 Xbox and Windows 10 titles. Lire la suite »

Xbox Originals and Game Pass could come to PC

But even if you don't win, you'll still be able to play all those free games on the Xbox Game Pass . "The original Xbox is a little bit easier, because that was an x86 chip it was running on". So I'm putting a lot of pressure on the team to go get enough content lined up to do something on the PC, and then make sure we have a long-term commitment to build". Lire la suite »

Huge fire engulfs 27-storey London tower block, people injured


Grenfell Tower , a 24-story building made up of 120 apartments, is believed to have had as many as 600 people inside it when the fire broke out on one of the lower floors. The Grenfell Action Group, a community organization formed to oppose a nearby redevelopment project, has been warning about the risk of fire there since 2013. Lire la suite »

Minecraft to get 'Super Duper' 4K graphics on Xbox One X

Its Minecraft but not as we know it and it looks simply stunning in the way that only Minecraft can. On top of cross-play, console players will now be able to experience 4K graphics in Minecraft for the first time . Cross-platform play is one of the next steps in the gaming industry. This means players of the two consoles will gain access to the marketplace and other options available in the "Bedrock" version. Lire la suite »

Off the coast of Holland fishermen caught a Dolphin with two heads


The harbour porpoise is one of the most common cetaceans - a group of marine life which includes whales and dolphins - found in north west European waters. "Adding any extra case to the known nine specimens brings more knowledge on this aspect". He said it was regrettable that the fisherman chose to throw the creature back into the ocean, as it is unlikely it will ever be seen again. Lire la suite »

Sony Apparently 'Refused' A Cross-Platform Minecraft

The changes come with the "Better Together" update to Minecraft , so named because Microsoft is bringing some relatively isolated versions of the game into the fold. The downside is that getting to a server requires, at the very least, obtaining its IP addresses from somewhere on the internet and entering them manually. Lire la suite »

Several killed in massive London high rise fire

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton meanwhile has said that a structural engineer is monitoring the stability of the building. "In my 29 years of being a firefighter I have never ever seen anything of this scale", Cotton said. The windows were slightly ajar, a woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby. Nearby residents have been evacuated as a precaution. Lire la suite »

Google va-t-il concevoir ses propres processeurs pour son Pixel ?


Pour rappel, Apple utilise ses propres processeurs depuis 2010, tout a démarré avec l'iPhone 4s. Alors, pourquoi arrêter maintenant? L'arrivée de Manu Gulati est donc une bénédiction pour Google, mais aussi une perte importante pour Apple, même si le constructeur ne manque pas de têtes pensantes dans ses laboratoires. Lire la suite »

Microsoft Xbox One X Price Confirmed: Does The Pricing Meet Customers' Expectation?

The company also announced 42 new titles at the E3 event which will be compatible with all the existing Xbox models but will work the "best" with Xbox One X , as it will enable the 4k experience. However, there were a few notable exceptions including Forza Motorsport 7 , which will feature native 4K on Microsoft's Xbox One X . Describes as the biggest, most lovely racing game ever, Forza Motorsport 7 is now available for preorder from the Microsoft Store for $59.99. Lire la suite »

Super Mario Odyssey Producer teases multiplayer, but we'll have to wait

Nintendo owns approximately a 30% stake in The Pokemon Company and roughly a 3% stake in Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go . However, we expect that this game will get a full title before its eventual 2018 release. It is also as early as Yoshi and doesn't have a final title. That's quite a lineup for hardcore Nintendo fans. Rocket League , the surprise hit that mashes up vehicle racing and soccer, will be released for the Switch this holiday season. Lire la suite »

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions annoncé et daté sur 3DS


Nous serons invités à créer notre propre armée de Minions , avec des créatures comme des Koopa et des Goomba , pour les faire évoluer et les aider à retrouver leur maître Bowser . Dans les grandes lignes, il s'agira de placer ses unités à sa convenance sur le terrain et d'utiliser les capacités de chacun des sbires pour remporter la victoire. Lire la suite »

Firefighters battling massive blaze at London high-rise apartment building

It seems the journalists on site were desperate to get eye witness accounts of people escaping the flames, which most felt was an incredibly "insensitive" and "sick" line of questioning. Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton called it an "unprecedented incident" unlike anything she had seen in her 29-year career as a firefighter. Others searched for information at makeshift evacuation centers set up at churches and recreation centers. Lire la suite »

La série Samsung Galaxy S8 reçoit les meilleures notes — Consumer Reports


Samsung et LG auraient procédé à des ajustements pour faire face à la sortie de cet iPhone 8 inédit selon The Investor . Si les rumeurs et fuites sont exactes, Apple frappera plus fort que Samsung avec un écran qui occupe quasiment toute la surface avant, sauf sur la partie supérieure où une petite barre devrait être présente pour le haut-parleur et la caméra frontale. Lire la suite »

#LondonTowerBlock: Unknown number of fatalities

Around 20 people are in critical care. He said that the patients were being treated for a range of injuries and smoke inhalation. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea said there was a rest centre at Harrow Centre, Freston Road, while nearby St Clements Church was collecting clothes, food and water for those affected - many of whom had been forced to escape the building in their night clothes. Lire la suite »

BMW Série 6 GT : quand la Série 6 devient familiale


Hormis la nouvelle dénomination, sa silhouette est sans surprise et se veut le pendent à pavillon rehaussé et ouverture du coffre par hayon de la Série 5 . En outre, l'offre moteurs est une nouvelle fois tirée vers le haut avec pour le lancement deux moteurs à essence (2.0L turbo de 258 ch sur 630i GT 3.0L turbo de 340 ch sur 640i GT) et un diesel (3.0L turbo de 265 ch sur 630d), accouplés à la Boîte Steptronic à 8 rapports de série et à la transmission intégrale xDrive en option. Lire la suite »

Niger Army Rescues 92 Migrants In Sahara Desert


The group, which included women and children, were left without water and food. However, the journey through the desert is perilous as the migrants are crammed into pick-up trucks and have little food or water. So they are in a very vulnerable situation... IOM's Niger mission head Giuseppe Loprete said Wednesday that they found 18 migrants near a well and another 74 on the way back to their Dirkou base after responding to a call. Lire la suite »

Introducing Box Drive, the Easiest Way to Work in the Cloud


Users are freed from the constraints of their local hard drives because they have instant access to all their files in the cloud and real-time collaboration is even more simple and intuitive. Box first previewed the feature during its BoxWorks conference a year ago but didn't provide much in the way of details. Box differentiates itself through a focus on governance and compliance features, and through developing expertise in different industries like finance and health care to better meet ... Lire la suite »

Sony unveils new "Spider-man" game at E3 expo


Spider-Man will launch on PlayStation 4 some time in 2018. Sony showed off a new Skyrim virtual reality adventure, a new horror VR title called The Inpatient , as well as a virtual reality fishing simulator for Final Fantasy - Monster of the Deep . Lire la suite »