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Apple announces new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, refreshes 12.9-inch model

At the keynote, Apple announced an all-new 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch iPad Pro - among other things - with supposedly better Retina displays, faster processors and all-day battery life. Step one, pick up your Apple Pencil. They ship next week; the 10.5-inch model starts at $649 with 64GB of memory, or $779 for a 64GB cellular version. Lire la suite »

IPhones will block calls while driving

Pay your friends back with Apple Pay : Send money to your friends and family via Apple Pay in an iMessage. The new Apple iOS 11 feature, Do Not Disturb While Driving (DNDWD) will be deployed to all compatible iPhones and iPads when the operating system rolls out later this year. Lire la suite »

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro Leather Sleeve Accessories


It still weighs in at about one pound, but Apple says that the larger screen will be able to fit a full-size on-screen keyboard. Here's what you need to know about the refreshed models, including all the new features, upgrades, and specs. You can order the 10.5- and 12.9-inch models starting at $649 and $799, respectively. While Apple didn't mention it much, the 12.9-inch iPad also received a refresh today with the new processor and display. Lire la suite »

Apple unveils iOS 11 at WWDC

Well, to be fair, Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 unveiling later this year is the moment most Apple fans are really waiting for more than anything else, but the company's keynote presentation that kicks off WWDC 2017 is a close second . Lire la suite »

Battle of the smart speakers - Apple HomePod versus the rest

IDC estimates that Apple shipped about 3.6 million watches during the first three months of the year. The free software update for mobile devices, iOS 11, is expected in September when Apple typically releases new iPhones. And it would mark an effort by Apple to catch up with Amazon and Google. Its entrance into advanced music deals with iTunes, or the Smartphone market with the iPhone, overturned those ventures and gave them mass appeal. Lire la suite »

Hands-on with iOS 11 features on the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro


Apple started this week by announcing quite a few new products during its WWDC keynote on Monday. Here's what you need to know about the refreshed models, including all the new features, upgrades, and specs. Battery life stays at the same 10 hour mark. However, iPad Pro does not have a dual-camera system, so you can't use it to take photos in Portrait mode like on the iPhone 7 . Lire la suite »

Apple Introduces Power-Packed iOS 11, Wireless Home Speaker

The Siri watchface uses machine learning to determine what information is most useful to you at a given point in time. Live Photos can also now be looped, or viewed on long exposure. Maybe you could drag a video file from an editing app into an app that only accepts images and get the video's thumbnail, or drop it into an audio app and extract the audio. Lire la suite »

Apple's unveils new iPhone features, products at annual showcase


Are You There, Siri? Called High Sierra, it perceives more faces consequently, which ought to make it simpler to organize photographs, and will offer more photograph editing tools. Users can easily turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat in their homes using HomePod , but this is also not supremely unique. The other two devices that Apple unveiled aren't as surprising, but still nice additions to its existing product lineup: The iMac Pro (scheduled for a December release ) is a ... Lire la suite »

Le Mac un peu plus haut — High Sierra


Bien que les mots utilisés par Apple dans un email supposaient que l'authentification à deux facteurs deviendrait le paramètre de sécurité par défaut pour la nouvelle version du système d'exploitation, macOS High Sierra, la société a maintenant nié que ce soit le cas , comme le souligne Mashable. Lire la suite »

Apple To Release First Home Speaker


The company's TV app is also adding Amazon and its Prime Video service later this year for the first time . Unfortunately for some Apple users, iOS 11 will spell the death of all devices prior to the iPhone 5C. This will also see support and security updates for any iPad 4 ending, with the updated interface and operating system only aiming to take advantage of the A7 processor that came with devices later than 2013's iPad Air and iPhone 5S. Lire la suite »

Apple iOS 11 adds 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature

Self-destructing photos is one of the most popular features of Snpachat. With iOS 11 , users will now be able to choose "while using the app" location sharing option for all apps while the OS also get the option to remove less-used apps on temporary basis to solve their storage needs. Lire la suite »

Couple had sex on Ryanair flight in front of all passengers


The kinky couple didn't even bother to go to the lavatory and chose to get saucy in front of passengers on the flight from Manchester to Ibiza , at 8.20pm yesterday. During their first "round", the blonde climbed on top of her boyfriend and they were kissing and fooling around, just like typical stuff that couple these days do. Lire la suite »

Prince Charles Called His Marriage To Diana A 'Greek Tragedy'


About how he played a part in her bulimia started before marriage and how devastating it was for her to find out about her husband's affair with Duchess Camilla. The tapes then became the basis for the book Diana: Her True Story . The late Princess also described her struggle with the press before an official news about their engagement was announced and how she got no help from Charles and the Palace press office. Lire la suite »

Alexis Sanchez will join Man City, not Bayern

Sanchez has scored 72 goals in 144 appearances in all competitions since joining Arsenal from Barca in 2014. The Arsenal forward is approaching the final 12 months of his contract and has so far refused all offers from the club to extend his deal. Lire la suite »

LREM en passe d'avoir 400 députés — Dernier sondage législatives


Ce sondage Ipsos/Sopra Steria effectué pour France Télévisions et Radio France note que les deux partis recueilleraient 31,5% des voix, une progression de deux points par rapport à la dernière enquête du même institut publiée mardi. Le Front national de Marine Le Pen obtiendrait entre 5 et 15 élus (18%). Cinq à dix sièges seraient répartis entre des candidats divers. Le sondage a été réalisé en ligne entre le 7 et le 8 juin auprès de 1.995 personnes représentatif de la population française ... Lire la suite »

HomePod, Apple's smart speaker, has finally arrived


HomePod will be available for $349 (US) in white and space grey starting in December initially in Australia, the United Kingdom and the US. Siri was also front-and-center of Apple's machine-learning, a type of artificial intelligence that helps software adapt to data and recognize patterns automatically. Lire la suite »

Google releases reCAPTCHA with new API


This brand new API is being debuted in celebration of the tenth-anniversary celebration of the reCAPTCHA, which was developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon Univerity in 2009 and later acquired by Google. Thus distorted text, on its own, is no longer a dependable test, the post added. During, and after to determine whether that user is a human. With the new API people can just verify the box, and in most cases, they are through the challenge of typing the text. Lire la suite »

New NASA solar probe will make history with flight into sun

The space agency's Parker Solar Probe is scheduled to depart Earth next summer and make its way to the sun's atmosphere , the corona , about 4 million miles from its surface. This the first ever spacecraft which will face the extreme heat and radiation coming directly from the sun. Solar winds are streams generated in the sun's outer layer and are always directed away from its surface. Lire la suite »

Apple's HomePod Cranks Up the Price


Smart speakers are pretty good listeners, too. To take on its rival Echo , Apple had always been rumored to be working on a device. That's a contrast to Google's approach. They include the addition of Toy Story characters Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear as options for the the timepiece's face. By comparison, Apple shipped 51 million iPhones and 9 million iPads during the same stretch. Lire la suite »

Trump's lawyer to file complaint about Comey leaking memos

Trump said the testimony on Thursday proved there was "no collusion, no obstruction" and that "he's a leaker". It's Comey's word against Trump's, and the expectation is that everyone - lawmakers, voters, journalists, et al - should believe the latter over the former, despite the president's total lack of trustworthiness on any subject. Lire la suite »

Some really bad news for iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad 4 users


In the meantime, users interested in getting a sneak peak at Apple's forthcoming mobile OS can download the first beta over here presuming that they have an existing Apple developers account. But how does this feature work and how can one use it? Previewed this week at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC ) in San Jose, iOS 11 will support new features for augmented reality apps, a smarter and more language-savvy Siri digital assistant, expanded payment options ... Lire la suite »

With 'HomePod' speaker, Apple unveils first new product in years


Aside from its rippity-rappin' name, the Homepod does pretty much the same stuff all those other home assistants do, but with a more streamlined design. Apple has been reported to be working on its own AI-powered digital speakers for a long time. It boasts many complex features like a seven-speaker array of tweeters that "create an immersive sense of space - no matter where HomePod is or where you're sitting". Lire la suite »

LeBron: Warriors Have the 'Most Firepower I've Played'

The Golden State Warriors closed out Game 3 on Wednesday with 11 straight points, erasing a 6-point Cavs lead in the final 3 minutes. But against Golden State, the lead never felt totally safe until the final few minutes and the Warriors almost cut it to single digits in the fourth. Lire la suite »