Dimanche, 12 Juillet 2020
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Leaked NSA doc highlights deep flaws in US election system


The details of an apparent Russian state-sponsored cyberattack on local election officials and a vendor of US voting software are shocking-but they shouldn't be surprising. So far, Humboldt County has found no evidence that anyone in the elections office received the phishing emails, County Clerk Kelly Sanders said. VR Systems produces the voter registration software which collects personal voter data. Lire la suite »

Modi, Xi meet in Astana


In his address at the annual Summit of the SCO in the Kazakh capital, Modi said India's entry into the SCO family will give a new momentum to the grouping in dealing with terrorism and other pressing challenges facing the region. China ranks among Kazakhstan's top trading partners and investors. The deals aimed for cooperation between the two countries in the energy, mining, chemical, mechanical manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure industries, Xinhua reported. Lire la suite »

Defiant May vows to stay on despite election blow

A strong showing for Labour in the election was capped when the party snatched the final seat to declare, Kensington, by just 20 votes. For a party that is not well-known outside of Northern Ireland , this has raised many questions about who the DUP are and what would they want from some kind of arrangement in support of the Conservatives? The Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson , said she had been given an assurance by Mrs May that gay rights would not be eroded in ... Lire la suite »

Qatari FM: Turkish soldiers coming for sake of region

Its flag carrier Qatar Airways now flies increasingly over Iran and Turkey after being blocked elsewhere in the Middle East. Emirati officials also shut down the airline's offices in the UAE on Wednesday. Kuwait's emir is working to mediate the Gulf crisis around Qatar, which is home to a major USA military base and is the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Lire la suite »

N. Korea Says It Tested New Antiship Missile


President Donald Trump in late June. A ballistic missile launched from North Korea would probably take about 10 minutes to fly the 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) to Japan's southern island of Okinawa, according to the government's civil protection website, leaving little time to evacuate. Lire la suite »

Apple to introduce feature to combat texting while driving


Interestingly, they've also been removed from Apple's list of devices compatible with iOS 10 , though they are all indeed supported . Some of the apps that will support the new device are the legendary Pokemon Go . The company has made the platform more professional-friendly by enhancing its multitasking capabilities. You can tap Enable to turn the feature on. Lire la suite »

SpaceX tries again to launch 1st recycled supply ship


The first-stage booster will aim for a landing at Cape Canaveral following liftoff. Nine minutes, 20 seconds into the mission, the second stage achieved orbit and shut its engine down. At 2 minutes, 22 seconds into the flight , the first stage throttled down and separated from the second stage. It then ferries the cargo to the orbiting space station. Lire la suite »

Apple debuts 'HomePod' smart speaker

Analyst Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight said these updates could be vital to Apple and the HomePod's success. HomePod is created to work with an Apple Music subscription for access to over 40 million songs; it provides deep knowledge of personal music preferences and tastes and helps users discover new music. Lire la suite »

The battle of the home speaker AI assistant is coming to Canada


The company has a good chance in the market thanks to its focus on audio experience as well as the integration of Siri . ( GOOGL ) (GOOGL), with its Google Home product, and Amazon Inc .'s ( AMZN ) Amazon Echo . Amazon , for example, sold more than 11 million Echo devices from mid-2015 to December 1, 2016, according to estimates from Morgan Stanley analysts, who calculated statistics from before the latest holiday season. Lire la suite »

Man United confident of landing Real Madrid's Morata

It is understood Morata has agreed in principle to the terms that will be offered to him at United and the transfer is now in the hands of the two clubs. He has gone on to score 19 goals in 71 games for United, score on his England debut and collect winners' medals in the FA Cup, EFL Cup and Europa League . Lire la suite »

Pre-Ordering the iPad Pro? Best Buy Has the Best Deal


Called "Wi-Fi password sharing", the feature lets you share Wi-Fi passwords with friends. According to 9to5mac.com, the new iMac Pro will be available in December and will start at $4,999. This in itself may not be momentous news, but the future that this opens the door to is enticing. Chalk the silence on this change up to "not likely to be well received": Apple's removing most of the social network integration from iOS 11 , resetting the board for app integrations. Lire la suite »

Apple's next move will destroy the 'text and drive' culture

At yesterday's WWDC keynote, Apple announced updates to nearly every piece of hardware in their product catalog other than the iPhone and iPad Mini. The Files app also contains files from third-party apps such as Dropbox. This makes the users' essential information such as where they are at a particular point of time, available to such companies to use as they see fit, which is a unsafe proposition. Lire la suite »

IOS 11 Camera App Has Native Support For QR Codes


Perhaps most importantly for working professionals, Apple will finally update its Mac Pro PC, which has remained unchanged since 2013 - but the newer version has not yet been released. A new operating system, the "most powerful" Apple machine ever created and a totally redesigned App Store? In addition, Siri will be able to translate English words or phrases into Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish. Lire la suite »

Apple lance un mode "ne pas déranger"

Appel a dévoilé iOS 11 . Il est aussi possible d'activer un système d'alerte qui prévient automatiquement toute personne vous ayant contacté que vous êtes en train de conduire grâce à un message type. La tablette d'Apple peut faire fonctionner deux applications simultanément. L'iPhone 4s ne sera donc pas supporté et il est évidemment très difficile d'être surpris compte tenu de ses performances avec la version actuelle de la plateforme. Lire la suite »

L'atterrissage, "c'est vraiment comme un petit accident de voiture" — Thomas Pesquet


Le spationaute français Thomas Pesquet et le cosmonaute russe Oleg Novitski ont atterri vendredi à 14H10 GMT avec succès dans les steppes du Kazakhstan . Il sera accompagné par l'astronaute russe Oleg Novitskiy , commandant de Soyouz . Comment se fera la descente? . Ensuite l'atterrissage c'est un peu comme faire une queue de tonneaux sur l'autoroute à pleine vitesse, c'est vraiment comme ça qu'on l'a ressenti. Lire la suite »

Une machine de guerre — IMac Pro

C'est également l'occasion choisie par Apple pour annoncer un rafraîchissement de la gamme actuelle. Niveau connectique le Thunderbolt 3 est bien entendu de la partie. En portable il faut compter 2799 euros minimum pour la même chose. "Les MacBook 12 " et MacBookPro 13 et 15" montent en puissance avec la encore l'adoption du processeur Intel Kaby Lake . Lire la suite »

Renewable energy shift will continue despite USA withdrawal from Paris Agreement


Although the national strategy on climate change issues is shifting, the regulated community should continue to engage with their state and local regulators and communities regarding greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to spend $1.5 billion to make renewables half the state's electricity supply by 2030. We can uplift and support public officials who are already taking a stand against Trump by supporting the Paris Agreement or committing to 100% ... Lire la suite »

WWDC 2017 : Toutes les nouveautés présentées par Apple

Les nouveaux iPad Pro bénéficient des dernières innovations technologiques du géant californien. Le plus petit modèle pourra maintenant embarquer jusqu'à 32 Go de RAM et les modèles plus grands jusqu'à 64 Go. Le Wi-Fi et le Bluetooth seront bien évidemment de la partie. Il pèse 1.37 Kg et mesure 304.1 x 211.4 x 14.9 mm. Le nouvel iMac est un monstre. Lire la suite »

Do not disturb while driving feature for iPhone welcomed by Brake


Reports suggest that Apple will incorporate a feature in iOS 11 which will allow iPhone users to exchange password simply by approving a nearby phone and sending them the password. You'll finally be able to trim Live Photos, as well as apply some other effects. This feature won't be useful with every app, as some apps like Facebook already store settings and user data on the cloud. Lire la suite »