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Pokémon Go améliore la réalité augmentée sur iPhone grâce à ARKit d'Apple


Il s'agit d'une exclusivité de iOS 11 , qui sera bientôt disponible sous le nom de AR+. L'application qui utilise la réalité augmentée va profiter de l'ARKit pour augmenter les performances de la technologie. Nul doute que tout cela se précisera dans les jours qui viennent sur le blog officiel du jeu, nous mettrons alors cette actualité à jour. Avec ARKit , comme c'est pensé pour utiliser la caméra, le gyroscope et tous les capteurs, la technologie alimente en 60 images par seconde avec ... Lire la suite »

Windows 10 face recognition login can be bypassed using a photo


Microsoft partnered with Netflix on putting this into place, and both Intel and Nvidia have also developed GPUs that use 10 bits-per-channel for each of the RGB colors. The feature will be available for PCs running Intel's 7th generation Core (i3, i5, or i7 7xxx or 7Yxx) or higher CPUs. The exploit circumvents Windows Hello security meaning if you log into your PC using facial recognition on Windows 10, then you should be aware that not only older versions of Microsoft's OS can be easily ... Lire la suite »

3GPP signs off on new 5G specification


The question here is: what actually made it into Rel-15 this week, and what work has had to be postponed in order for the organisation to meet the advanced deadline? This standard is necessary for full-scale development of 5G NR, which will enhance the capabilities of 3GPP systems, as well as facilitate the creation of vertical market opportunities. Lire la suite »

Where Will NASA Go Next? Saturn's Moon Titan, or Maybe a Comet


But this would be the first mission to return material from a comet's icy surface. Dragonfly would be managed by APL, whereas CAESAR would be managed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "We're excited to continue with the mission concept". "Water-based life or hydrocarbon life". (An earlier NASA mission, Stardust , brought back flecks of dust from the coma surrounding Comet Wild 2 in 2006). Lire la suite »

Amazon Music Storage subscriptions are being retired

Amazon accepts new subscriptions to Amazon Music Storage until January 15, 2018. It's not a huge surprise, then, that Amazon has chose to end a program that allowed customers to upload and listen to their own MP3 tracks. Once cancelled, your plan reverts to the 250-song free plan. Free and paying customers of Amazon Music Storage can access the subscription settings on the Amazon Music Settings page. Lire la suite »

En 2018, Samsung sera encore plus riche grâce à l'iPhone X


La donnée est donc multipliée par quatre, ce qui est une bonne nouvelle aussi bien pour Apple que pour Samsung. La firme sud-coréenne devrait gagner un pactole de plusieurs milliards de dollars en 2018. Le changement principal vient de l'utilisation d'un écran OLED bord à bord fabriqué par Samsung Display. Sachant qu'une dalle de ce type fonctionnelle coûte 110 dollars , on arriverait à un butin pouvant aller jusqu'à 22 milliards de dollars . Lire la suite »

Uber names ex-Orbitz executive as COO


The company continued to suffer a number of setbacks in the months following, including Kalanick's resignation, a lawsuit from Alphabet's self-driving vehicle company Waymo and a Department of Justice investigation. However, this is not the first time he's worked with Uber's new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi . Before becoming CEO of Orbitz - which Expedia later acquired - Harford led Expedia's push into Asia while Khosrowshahi was CEO. Lire la suite »

Scientists Say Habitable Planets May Be Orbiting Pulsars


The latest calculations suggest a pulsar's habitable zone - the ring in which water could exist in liquid form - could stretch as wide as the distance between Earth and the sun. For one, atmospheres a million times thicker than Earth's are likely needed to protect any life on their surfaces from pulsar radiation. The researchers noted the habitability of planets around pulsars depended on at least two key findings. Lire la suite »

Les 10 mots de passe à ne surtout pas utiliser — Hacking


On pourrait penser qu'avec le temps, les internautes apprennent à améliorer leurs identité numérique. Les pirates ont donc encore de belles années devant eux: ce n'est pas demain que l'ensemble des internautes aura un mot de passe sécurisé composé de lettres minuscules, de lettres majuscules et de chiffres ou bien sous la forme d'une longue phrase (plus facile à retenir). Lire la suite »

Samsung DDR4-3600 2nd Gen 10nm DRAM Chips Now In Production


Samsung today announced the launch of its new DRAM chip for PC. The company said by expanding the production of the 10-nanometer-level DRAMs, it plans to further strengthen the overall competitiveness. The 8Gb DDR4 RAM is claimed to have a 30 percent productivity gain over its predecessor, while boosting performance and efficiency levels by 10 and 15 percent respectively. Lire la suite »

Amazon Fire TV Adds Browsers for Big-Screen Web Browsing

Now with the Firefox and Silk browsers, customers can access the World Wide Web including popular sites such as Facebook , Twitter , Yahoo, Reddit, as well as local and global news sites, video sharing services, cloud photo sites, and other social news, sports, and entertainment content. Lire la suite »

Elon Musk shows off SpaceX's nearly fully-assembled Falcon Heavy rocket


The reuseable, two-stage rocket features 27 first-stage Merlin engines, and a single second-stage Merlin. The Falcon Heavy is nearly complete by the looks of the photos Musk shared in the early hours of Wednesday morning. "That requires the simultaneous ignition of 27 orbit-class engines". SpaceX says the base price of a Falcon Heavy is $90 million, but launch costs vary widely from mission to mission and it's not yet known what the cost of an actual flight might be. Lire la suite »

Mexican Fish Are Having Orgies So Loud It Could Deafen Dolphins


According to the researcher, the frequencies produced are so powerful that it can damage the hearing or deafen the seals, sea lions and dolphins. Based on this latest survey, it is estimated that corvina numbers are in the range of 1.5m, but the species are incredibly vulnerable to fishing as they are very easy prey; both for the fact the sound can be heard through a ship's hull, and they are predictable in their spawning point. Lire la suite »

Le filtre natif de publicités activé en février — Google Chrome


Cette chasse aux publicités intrusives débutera officiellement à partir du 15 février 2018 . La firme de Mountain View va donc cibler les pires types de pubs, celles qui agacent réellement tout le monde. Sont donc concernés les pop-up, les publicités en lecture automatique (incorporant images et son), les publicités préliminaires (incorporant un compte à rebours), les publicités animées qui flashent, les publicités en plein écran qui recouvrent l'écran, et les grosses publicités qui obstruent ... Lire la suite »

Pokemon Go Receives iPhone-Exclusive AR+ Features Today


Add Niantic's claim that Apple's ARKit mode sucks down less battery than Pokemon Go's original AR mode, and perhaps it's more than a passing novelty now. When that happens, you can tap the tall grass nearby, and the Pokemon might reappear. The expert handler bonus also brings extra in-game currency, in the form of more XP and stardust, for upgrading pokemon. Lire la suite »

PUBG Xbox One Patch Out Now, Brings Performance and Visual Improvements


Leaderboards on PC will be reset alongside the launch of 1.0 so all players jumping into the new version will presumably be on a level playing field when it comes to online ranking. More so with it hitting one million players in 48 hours on the Xbox One. This is the recorded number only two days after the Xbox One Game Preview Program, which indicates how powerful a result this is in the console market as well. Lire la suite »

Xbox One X South African launch date revealed


CD Projekt Red Community Lead, Marcin Momot, responded to a fan question on Twitter in regards to whether The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One X patch will come with HDR support. "When playing the game on Xbox One X, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's visuals are sharper and the overall presentation more vivid than ever before on Xbox". Lire la suite »

Pradyuman Thakur Murder: 16-year-old Accused to be Tried as Adult


Sushil Tekriwal, who is presenting the case from the parent's side has said that because the severity of the crime can not be overlooked, the accused boy is surely going to be tried as adult. Sushil Tekriwal, the lawyer appearing for Pradyuman's family said, "During subsequent proceedings, the convict will be considered as an adult". Juvenile Justice Board has transferred the case to District And Sessions Court and hearing will begin from December 22. Lire la suite »

Scientists Trace Exploding Stars' Effect on Earth's Climate


The researchers from the Technical University of Denmark said these cosmic rays could be the reason for several climatic anomalies across Earth's history. The ions work by integrating water and sulphuric acid together in their fold. This process is known as nucleation. Variations in the Sun's magnetic field change the flux of cosmic rays that reach Earth and over a much longer period of time, as the Solar System moves around the Milky Way, the Earth might pass through a richer (or poorer) ... Lire la suite »

Apple aurait volontairement ralenti votre iPhone 6 - 6S - 7 ?


Intrigué, l'éditeur de l'application a procédé à plusieurs tests et ces derniers ont confirmé les résultats obtenus par ces utilisateurs. Le numéro de build de cette version est 15D5046b. C'est donc l'amélioration de l'OS qui cause, en réalité, une baisse des performances. Les OS d'Apple sont en effet optimisés pour les tout derniers modèles, ce qui paraît logique: mais le corollaire à cette optimisation est qu'elle baisse les performances des modèles plus anciens. Lire la suite »

Call of Duty: WWII's first DLC pack is named Resistance, lands January

Valkyrie , named after the famous operation by German officers who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in The Wolf's Lair, will take place in the very location where the assassination occurred in Poland. The map takes place days after the end of the original map, The Final Reich , and, as the name suggests, is set on a beach. The pack will be available from January 30 exclusively first on the PlayStation 4, before coming to Xbox One and PC once the exclusivity deal on the pack wears off, ... Lire la suite »

NASA to Look For Alien Life in Alpha Centauri System


The impetus came from a 2016 U.S. funding bill telling NASA to study interstellar travel that could reach at least 10 per cent of the speed of light by 2069, the report said. NASA is also considering sending tiny probes powered by lasers which in theory may be able to reach a quarter of the speed of light. The Alpha Centauri star system, located in the constellation of Centaurus at a distance of 4.3 light-years from Earth, is the closest star system to the Earth. Lire la suite »