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Asteroid 3200 Phaethon will skim previous Earth on TOMORROW


To prove his divine powers, Phaethon chose to have a go, but he lost control of the chariot and ended up dragging the hot sun with him. The asteroid (or perhaps extinct comet) 3200 Phaethon is making its closest pass by Earth since the discovery of the "rock comet" in the early '80s, and you may be able to see it this weekend. Lire la suite »

Retour de l'Apple TV et Google Chromecast


Amazon et Google se disaient cependant prêts à discuter d'un accord. Amazon a effectivement retiré la commercialisation de produits importants de Google sur sa plateforme dont les célèbres Google Home et Chromecast. Le Chromecast n'était plus en vente sur le site depuis deux ans, la raison invoquée étant son manque de cohérence par rapport au service Prime Video d'Amazon . Lire la suite »

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X


Samsung and LG had also previously announced their smartphones at CES 2017 and they might be going to launch it on CES 2018 keeping the tradition alive. The same service is available on high-end LG series such as LG V and LG G series smartphones. The LG K10 (2018) phone would feature all the basic connectivity features. Lire la suite »

Crytek sues Star Citizen studios over use of CryEngine


Crytek also accuses RSI and CIG of breaking their agreement by using CryEngine on the standalone Squadron 42 , a spin-off, single-player campaign announced in late 2015 that Crytek says was not covered by the original contract. Defendants utterly failed to follow through on those promises, and their actions and omissions constitute breaches of contract and copyright infringement and have caused substantial harm to Crytek. Lire la suite »

OnePlus 5 receives Android Oreo-based OxygenOS Open Beta 2


If you're already on the Open Beta program from the first version, you'll receive an OTA for Open Beta 2 on your OnePlus 5 soon enough, if you haven't already. Also, there are a slew of UI improvements in the camera interface. The Files Manager now has f4v format support and the company claims to have improved the speed of deleting large files. Lire la suite »

Trois astronautes de retour sur Terre

Les trois hommes avaient décollé du cosmodrome de Baïkonour le 28 juillet 2017. C'était la deuxième mission spatiale de Sergueï Riazanski et de Randy Bresnik, qui a fêté son 50e anniversaire à bord de l'ISS . Les trois hommes ont aussi eu une discussion vidéo avec le pape François. L'Américain Scott Tingle, le Russe Anton Shkaplerov et le Japonais Norishige Kanai doivent décoller dimanche pour aller les rejoindre. Lire la suite »

¿Qué es lo más buscado en 2017 en Google?


La filial de Alphabet ha tenido que soportar, curiosamente, el liderazgo de Apple en la industria móvil. Mientras que en el ámbito mundial, las tendencias generales de búsqueda fueron : huracán Irma , iPhone 8 , iPhone X, Matt Lauer , Meghan Markle , 13 Reasons Why , Tom Petty , Fidget Spinner , Chester Bennington y el India National Cricket Team . Lire la suite »

Pradyuman murder: Court rejects bail plea of Class 11 juvenile accused


Earlier, JJB on December 13 rejected the petition urging the board to delay its verdict on the plea of Pradyuman Thakur's father that the juvenile be tried as an adult. The class II student was found with his throat slit in the washroom of Ryan International School in Gurgaon on September 8. The probe agency had arrested the juvenile on the grounds that he wanted to postpone a parent-teacher meeting and exams and that is why he allegedly killed Pradyuman. Lire la suite »

Found: An Eighth Planet Orbiting a Far-Flung Star

NASA calculated its average temperature at about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (426 Celsius) - as hot as Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun. Another "jewel", an Earth-sized sixth planet locked in a "rhythmic orbital dance" with four of its neighboring planets, was found in the Kepler-80 system. Lire la suite »

CSX shares tumble after CEO's medical leave


To replace him as top officer on a temporary basis, CSX's board has named Chief Operating Officer James Foote acting CEO. Foote has been CSX's chief operating officer since late October, a role that is often seen as the second-highest management rank after CEO. Lire la suite »

Renault Uses The Force On New Star Wars Edition ZOE


This tie-in isn't so surprising since Renault's partner, Nissan, has been in full Star Wars mode this fall after releasing a raft of The Last Jedi-themed show cars last month at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and having released a Nissan Rogue special edition for last year's Rogue One . Lire la suite »

Hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 mission found in GTA Online code


The chest is marked with 'Boles Overland Stagecoach Co.' branding, which was also spotted in the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 . This is as long as Red Dead Redemption 2 does not sit out of the PC platform entirely. The handwritten note mentioning treasure. The note, on the other hand, alludes to a mysterious treasure that split a family apart. It ain't here no more. Lire la suite »

Google shutting down Project Tango in March 2018


The end of Project Tango comes as Google focuses on ARCore to build AR apps and games for Android devices. We thank the incredible community of developers who made such progress with Tango over the last three years. Project Tango was launched in 2014 to enable mobile devices to detect their position relative to their world around them without using Global Positioning System. Lire la suite »

RIP AIM: An era of truly embarrassing communication has ended


And AOL Instant Messenger isn't the only turn of the century vanguard to fall on hard times; Microsoft shut down MSN Messenger in 2014, while Yahoo Messenger closed up shop past year. Former AIM users took to Twitter to express their emotions on the death of the messaging platform - with many shocked to find out it still existed in the first place. Lire la suite »

Monster Hunter World New Trailers Focus On The Game's World


Dang, I wish I hadn't deleted my beta client for Monster Hunter: World! Those of you who aren't PS Plus subscribers will get to check out Monster Hunter: World's beta on PS4 from December 22 through December 26, 2017. Monster Hunter World lets you team up with mates online to beat the beasts, that's a key element to the game, and to do that you need PlayStation Plus. Lire la suite »

Far Cry 5 'The Resistance' trailer, gameplay videos


The more you liberate a region, the more the resistance meter will fill up. The second video comes in courtesy of PlayStation Underground . The trailer introduces how the world of Far Cry 5 reacts to your activities as you fight alongside your local allies, the Guns & Fangs for Hire, to take back Hope County. Lire la suite »

Google Launches YouTube VR on Steam to Mixed Reviews


However, the YouTube VR app wasn't made available for some of the other popular VR headsets at the higher end of the market. For more on the HTC Vive , watch the full review from our sister site VR Source at the link. The app, which was previously only officially available to Google Daydream VR and PlayStation VR users, has been a long time coming for the PC audience. Lire la suite »

Facebook now lets you mute annoying friends or groups for 30 days


Is your friend tempting you with endless photos of ramen on her Japan trip? Once a user snoozes one of these people or groups on the site they won't see anything from that those people or groups for a full 30 days. " It came after sharp criticism of Facebook by former top executives". Facebook has always focused on getting people to communicate more - it even says so in the company's mission statement - but the social network hopes that the Snooze feature will "give people more ... Lire la suite »

SpaceX : succès avec la première fusée recyclée pour la Nasa


Le premier étage avait déjà servi lors d'une précédente mission de ravitaillement de l'ISS en juin. Dragon devrait se séparer du deuxième étage de la fusée dix minutes après le lancement pour se placer en orbite. Après le déchargement de sa cargaison par les membres d'équipage de la Station, ces derniers la chargeront de divers équipements scientifiques et de déchets pour effectuer un retour sur la Terre. Lire la suite »