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WipEout Omega Collection VR update coming in early 2018


Sony Interactive Entertainment will release a PlayStation VR update for WipEout Omega Collection in early 2018, the company announced. Additionally, three new ships have been created featuring a special cockpit view for PlayStation VR that include head tracking, enabling users to check out the interiors of the new ships, as well as the racecourses themselves. Lire la suite »

Idea ₹509 Prepaid Plan announced, here are all the details


The Rs 509 plan comes with 84 days validity which means you will end of getting 84 days of data for just Rs 509. Like we already said, this ₹509 prepaid plan competes directly with Jio's ₹459 plan which offers unlimited local and STD voice calls, free roaming, free SMS, access to Jio's apps, and, unlimited Internet (with FUP of 1 GB 4G data per day) for 84 days. Lire la suite »

Soul-Shattering Video of Emaciated Bear Hammers Home Climate Change Pitfalls


The bear, which was not old, probably died within hours of being captured on video, said Nicklen. On Dec. 5, Nicklen posted the grim video to his Instagram account , and since then, it's been stirring emotions around the web. "We must reduce our carbon footprint, eat the right food, stop cutting down our forests, and begin putting the Earth-our home-first". Polar bears survive nearly entirely on seals, and seals in the arctic spend much of their lives on sea ice . Lire la suite »

Western Digital Corporation (WDC) Shares Bought by Cornerstone Capital Management Holdings LLC

The stock increased 3.60% or $2.8218 during the last trading session, reaching $81.1718. Currently, 493.43 million total shares are owned by the public and among those 491.23 million shares have been available to trade. Mizuho reiterated a "buy" rating and issued a $105.00 price target on shares of Western Digital in a report on Tuesday, September 5th. It also upped Posco Adr (NYSE:PKX) stake by 38,510 shares and now owns 38,700 shares. Lire la suite »

Google brings play and pause buttons back to the Home Mini


Adding multi-touch to a smart speaker could allow Google to unlock additional functionality, and perhaps allow users to control other devices in their homes through multi-touch gestures. Unfortunately, a bug affecting some devices would cause the Home Mini to record all the time, saving all audio full time. "We immediately rolled out a software update on October 7 to mitigate the issue", Google said at the time. Lire la suite »

These images from NASA show how serious the California wildfires are


Three International Space Station crew members are scheduled to end their mission and return to Earth on Thursday, December 14, just days before a new increment of space travelers begins its mission to take their places on station. Bresnik's camera wasn't the only one in space to capture images of the fire. The photograph below was also taken on December 5 by the Multi Spectral Imager on the European Space Agency's Sentinel-2 satellite. Lire la suite »

God of War PS4 new info announced at PSX 2017


God of War is the latest entry as a soft reboot of the series after the "ending" of the trilogy in God of War III and the short-lived prequel setting in God of War : Ascension . For comparison, all three core God of War games average around 10 hours to beat . There'll be different paths you can take through the world, and Barlog wants players to treat the game as a "tour bus". Lire la suite »

Dynamic Weather Gaming & Battle Parties Explained


Real-world weather conditions are now reflected in Map View, in battle, and when catching Pokémon. You can tap on a new weather icon to see which types of Pokemon are more likely to appear in your area based on the current conditions. As it so happens, in order for players to increase their storage space to the maximum amount, they will need to buy Pokemon Storage upgrades from the in-game store. Lire la suite »

Startled NASA scientists reckon oldest, fastest growing supermassive black hole


In contrast, some, known as "active" supermassive black holes, or "quasars" (short for "quasi-stellar objects"), are very bright, emitting intense light and radiation as they consume vast quantities of matter. The size amazed and puzzled astronomers. NASA scientists have discovered a remnant of the ancient universe in the form of an outermost supermassive black hole, with its mass nearly 800 million times that of the Sun, which is startling since it's relatively young. Lire la suite »

GTA Online présente Le Braquage de la fin du monde en vidéo

Cette opération de tous les dangers regroupera un magnat de l'informatique milliardaire, un agent des renseignements idéaliste, un adepte des théories du complot asocial ( Lester ), et un superordinateur névrosé qui vont unir leurs forces pour sauver Los Santos de la destruction. Lire la suite »

Devastating California wildfires as seen from International Space Station


The plume of smoke was thick and traveled miles from where it originated, the images show. The southern California wildfires could be seen by the International Space Station crew from their vantage point in low Earth orbit. As wildfires in California rage on Earth, astronauts watch from space. Bresnik added: "Thank you to all the first responders, firefighters, and citizens willing to help fight these California wildfires". Lire la suite »

La map Miramar de PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds se dévoile en vidéo


Le site américain Polygon a récemment pu parler de la version Xbox One de PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds avec Nico Bihary, le producteur exécutif de cette même version console. Nous ne savons évidemment pas si ces packs payants sauront attirer sur Xbox One les millions de joueurs déjà actifs sur PC, toujours est-il que PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sera disponible dès le 12 décembre prochain via le programme Xbox Game Preview . Lire la suite »

Google pauses crackdown on apps that use accessibility features


Google hasn't made a decision one way or the other yet, but for now it is asking that developers who use the Accessibility APIs for non-accessibility purposes add "an accompanying disclosure to describe the app functionality that the Accessibility Service permission is enabling for your app". Lire la suite »

530-mln-year-old fossil may contain worlds oldest eye


Trilobites, hard-shelled ancestors of crabs and spiders, lived in coastal waters during the Palaeozoic era between 541-251 million years ago. The scientists found that the ancient creature had a primitive form of compound eye - an optical organ that consisted of arrays of tiny visual cells, called ommatidia, which was similar to those of present-day bees. Lire la suite »

An unfortunate memento of the total eclipse: Eye damage


Four hours later, the patient developed blurry distortion in both eyes and could only see colour and black. "This study can prepare doctors and patients for the next eclipse in 2024, and make them more informed of the risks of directly viewing the sun without protective eyewear", Wu concluded. Lire la suite »

NVIDIA TITAN V : GPU Volta et 12 Go HBM2


Aujourd'hui, le fondeur met à disposition pour le grand public sa nouvelle architecture Volta dans une carte graphique surpuissante, la Titan V . Désormais, cette technologie est disponible pour le grand public via la Titan V . "Notre vision pour Volta était de repousser les limites de l'informatique haute performance et de l'intelligence artificielle". Je ne peux pas attendre pour voir leurs découvertes révolutionnaires. Lire la suite »

Jan Ingenhousz: Google marks 287th birthday of scientist who discovered photosynthesis


According to Google , Ingenhousz began inoculating people against smallpox when he was only 16 years old. He obtained his MD in 1753, but studied for another two years at the same university and sparked an interest in electricity. In the 1770s, Mr Ingenhousz became interested in gaseous exchanges of plants. But in the shade, those bubbles eventually stopped. He also realized that the amount of oxygen given off in the light is more than the amount of Carbon dioxide released in the dark. Lire la suite »

Ferrari boss says Giovinazzi will "get his chance"


Sergio Marchionne - Ferrari president - insists the Italian remains an important part of the Scuderia and will get his chance to shine. "Giovinazzi is a good guy, and it's just a question time". With Ferrari essentially having more influence in those discussions courtesy of its close partnerships with Sauber and Haas, Marchionne says the latest deal does nothing to dilute the chance of him pulling the Prancing Horse out of the sport. Lire la suite »

Humans may have reached their peak, say scientists


We are pushing up against those limits now, the research suggests. "This suggests that modern societies have allowed our species to reach its limits. " Now that we know the limits of the human species, this can act as a clear goal for nations to ensure that human capacities reach their highest possible values for most of the population ". Lire la suite »

Le road-trip américain de la Jaguar i-Pace — Vidéo


La Jaguar I-PACE entre en phase de validation finale. Au delà du fait de proposer des précommandes en ligne (un peu comme Tesla avec la Model 3), le constructeur anglais a également sélectionné quelques chanceux qui ont pu faire un tour à bord d'un I-Pace de présérie en compagnie d'ingénieurs de la marque. Lire la suite »

Is There Analysts Upside For Cheniere Energy Partners, LP (:CQP)?

Comerica Financial Bank accumulated 23,273 shares. "Through its subsidiary, Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC (SPL), it is developing, constructing and operating natural gas liquefaction facilities (the Liquefaction Project) at the Sabine Pass LNG terminal located in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, on the Sabine-Neches Waterway less than four miles from the Gulf TradingView.widget ({ "height": "400, "width": "625, "symbol": " CQP ", "interval": "D", "timezone": "Etc/UTC", "theme": "White", ... Lire la suite »

Chilly night with temps in the 20s; tracking snow this weekend


Chance flurries. High: 30s. Some spots, especially farther north and west, might not see anything. Breezes should stay light around 5 miles per hour, and more or less out of the westerly direction. Highs tomorrow are going to be slightly higher compared to today and will reach the lower 30s. Snow isn't expected to be overly heavy, but the persistent nature will lead to plenty of accumulation. Lire la suite »

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Leaps Nearly 10% Today, Nears $13000


The cryptocurrency rocketed past $16,000 early Thursday, just hours after clearing $15,000 and about 12 hours after hitting $14,000. The price on Coinbase is often at a premium over other exchanges. The digital currency began the year below $1,000 and its gains have accelerated as investor interest grows. The swings in price occurred as the trading community prepares for the virtual currency to start trading on two established US exchanges. Lire la suite »