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PS4 Pro Down To Its Cheapest Price Yet On Amazon and GAME

perth_map now lists a standalone version of the PlayStation 4 Pro for just £259.99. When combined, Black Friday PS4 and Xbox One hardware bundles were up 3% over a year ago and made up 83% of this week's sales. It could also sway those who are considering buying an Xbox One X instead of a PS4 Pro . The tech titan reported stellar growth with a massive 739% net income spike during Q2'17 as well, and the PlayStation brand was a major driver for earnings . Lire la suite »

December 'supermoon' expected to be biggest, brightest of 2017


At that distance, the Moon will be about 14% larger and 30% brighter than when it is at the farthest orbit from the Earth or call apogee, about 406,700 kilometers away. But don't worry too much if you miss it. "The differences in apparent size and brightness amount to few percent but they can enhance the already handsome sight of the full moon, making a supermoon worth looking up for". Lire la suite »

Tardy Air India Passenger Slaps Official At Delhi Airport. She Slaps Back


According to a police official, the passenger slapped the Air India staff. The official refused to give her a boarding pass because she had arrived late. The police said that an argument broke out between the woman and the Air India lady staff following which the passenger slapped her. "The AI staffer retaliated in kind", Bhatia said. Lire la suite »

Publicité Samsung-Apple: l'arroseur arrosé par Motorola


Dans cette dernière, le constructeur présentait un jeune homme fana des iPhone depuis leurs débuts sur le marché, qui en était venu à passer à l'ennemi ( Samsung en l'occurrence) après des années de galère sur les terminaux d'Apple . Sa copine le rejoint alors, mais elle ne semble pas enthousiaste à l'idée de regarder la vidéo du couple sur l'écran du Galaxy Note 8. Du coup, le pauvre garçon se sent largué technologiquement vis-à-vis de sa compagne qui elle évidemment utilise des Samsung . Lire la suite »

Earthworms can thrive and reproduce in Martian soil simulants

The team was growing rucola (arugula or rocket salad) on a Mars soil simulant provided by NASA . As earthworms are primarily born to healthy soil on Earth , their reproductive success could be integral to agricultural sustainability on Mars-good news for Elon Musk , who recently announced a plan to colonise the red planet by 2022. Lire la suite »

Surprise: Steam rocket man's flat-Earth flight grounded


Because of the Bureau of Land Management, however, Hughes might not be able to launch at all. If all had according to Mike Hughes' plan, Hughes would have returned to Earth on Saturday having proved that scientists got it wrong and that the Earth is entirely flat. Lire la suite »

Microsoft, SAP to use and sell more of each other's cloud services


Customers will get application management and product expertise from SAP and a global cloud from Microsoft Azure, including the range of Microsoft cloud services. "The world's significant businesses trust Microsoft and SAP". The two companies agreed 18 months ago to work together to integrate Microsoft Office 365, the cloud-based version of Microsoft's flagship productivity software, into SAP. Lire la suite »

Waymo's autonomous cars have driven 4 million miles


There are numerous autonomous driving trials going on all over the globe, making cars capable of driving themselves an ever more commonplace sight. Self-driving cars are still very much a technology of the future, however their presence in the here and now is growing. Lire la suite »

Les casques de VR deviennent réalité


Lors du 3ème trimestre 2017, les ventes de casques de réalité virtuelle viennent de dépasser le million d'exemplaires dans le monde. Canalys note la stratégie dOculus qui a réussi a augmenté son volume de vente de ses casques Rift en réduisant le prix à 399 $ US pendant une durée limitée qui correspondait à celle du PS VR. Lire la suite »

L'IA pour détecter les messages suicidaires sauf en Europe — Facebook


Cette nouvelle fonctionnalité de l'intelligence artificielle va être déployée partout dans le monde par Facebook. sauf dans l'Union Européenne où la législation sur la protection des données des utilisateurs la rend inutilisable. Seul souci: lorsque la personne envoie son message à une heure tardive de la nuit, par exemple, ce dernier risque fortement de passer inaperçu. " comme un avertissement qui peut alerter les premiers intervenants pour aider toute personne susceptible de se suicider". Lire la suite »

Nouveau Range Rover SVAutobiography


Mis à jour, le plus luxueux des Range Rover est exclusivement proposé dans une version à empattement long (comme son prédécesseur mais à l'inverse du Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic ) qui fera le bonheur de ses passagers. S'ils souhaitent se détendre ou travailler, le Range Rover SV Autobiography fournit deux tablettes arrière et des écrans de divertissement à écran tactile intégrés de 10 pouces avec accès WiFi 4 G . Lire la suite »

New Range Rover is gloriously extravagant


The electric motor is hooked up to an uprated 565hp V8 supercharged petrol engine. Plus, there's a concealed refrigerator between the rear seats that can hold two wine bottles or four 600ml bottles. The timepiece, inspired by the Elite 6150 watch, perfectly complements the finish on the start/stop button, gear selector and pedals up front. A high one. Lire la suite »

NASA's Sensor To Meausre Space Debris around ISS


Therefore, the latter is more commonly referred to as orbital debris. The TSIS-1 Thermal Pointing System (TPS) is deployed above the ELC after installation in order to provide sufficient clearance to track the sun each orbit with a two-axis gimbal. Lire la suite »

NASA develops a viable alternative to the pneumatic tire


However, while the "Spring Tire" performed admirably during testing, the steel wires deformed when they rolled over a simulation of the Martian terrain. The new tires are safe to use because they can not be punctured, instead, they are strong and robust for use on different terrains. To ensure that this does not happen in the future, NASA has come up with a new super-elastic tire that will replace the pneumatic tires now being used in NASA rovers. Lire la suite »

Un nouveau concept de batterie Samsung


Pour parvenir à leurs fins, les ingénieurs de Samsung comptent sur le graphène . Pour améliorer le flux des ions, les chercheurs ont eu l'idée de recouvrir anode et cathode par des " boules de graphène ", comme ils l'expliquent dans un article paru dans Nature. Lire la suite »

Device reveals 18:9 full-view display


As shown in the picture it will not be completely bezel-less from either side but... The display resembles FullView display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 . Word on the street is that Xiaomi R1 will be priced around ¥1,499 ($227/€191/Rs 14,636). The Xiaomi R1 is expected to feature a 5.99-inch Full HD+ display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18:9. Lire la suite »

Another annoying iOS 11 autocorrect bug has emerged


Certain students were holding up cards that spelled out OHIO and when they got to the letter "I", the cards formed an "A [?]". Apple is yet to acknowledge the latest set of bugs. The Cupertino giant had suggested users visit Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement , and save the correct word as both the phrase and the shortcut . Lire la suite »

Hallucination Machine Gives Users Experience Of Trip Without Drugs


The "hallucinations" are generated by the AI, and the researchers don't fully understand where they come from. Unfortunately, when scientists normally study the brain under the influence of psychedelics, it can be hard to isolate what's specifically related to conscious perception and what's just a physiological and cognitive effect of having taken a psychoactive substance. Lire la suite »