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Nouvelle espèce d'orang-outan, isolée pendant 10.000 ans, découverte à Sumatra


Les Tapanuli sont en effet la première espèce de grands singes précédemment inconnue formellement identifiée par les scientifiques depuis 1929, date de la découverte d'un nouveau bonobo en République démocratique du Congo. Quand les scientifiques ont examiné le crâne et les dents, ils ont constaté certains traits uniques comparativement aux autres orangs-outans. Et c'est l'ADN encore qui permettra de démontrer que cette nouvelle population de Batang Toru s'est séparée génétiquement de ... Lire la suite »

New India Assurance oversubscribed 1.13 times on Day 3 so far


On the first day on Thursday, the IPO witnessed an overall subscription of 14%. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co Ltd, SBI Life Insurance Co Ltd and GIC Re have listed on the Indian bourses so far this year. Kolkata-based Khadim India had fixed a price band of Rs 745-750 for its ₹550-650 crore initial public offering. The net proceeds from this issue are planned to be utilised for prepayment or scheduled repayment of all or a portion of term loans and working capital facilities availed ... Lire la suite »

Super Mario Odyssey Is Now Fastest-Selling Mario Game In US


It has overtaken The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be the fastest selling Nintendo Switch game ever. This makes the game the fastest-selling title in the Super Mario franchise, even beating out New Super Mario Bros . The current number of Switch systems that have been sold in the USA throughout the end of October has risen to 2.6 million, and it will likely continue to grow. Lire la suite »

WhatsApp fonctionne à nouveau après une panne mondiale

L'intégralité des 1,3 milliard d'utilisateurs de la messagerie cryptée rachetée récemment par Facebook sont-ils touchés? En mai dernier, plus précisément le mercredi 3; L'application de messagerie instantanée WhatsApp avait également été touchée par une panne mondiale dans la soirée. Lire la suite »

Amazon's Black Friday Store Open for Business

Amazon opened its Black Friday Deals Store on 1 November, marking the start of its holiday shopping season, and offering deals across every category, from now through Black Friday . Aside from shopping on your desktop or phone browser, you can also voice shop with Alexa or use the Amazon app. Whether you're buying a sofa, a coffee table or a toaster oven, you can overlay it onto your actual living room or kitchen, move it and rotate it to get a full 360-degree peek at what it will look ... Lire la suite »

Assembly approves anti-abortion bill


The state Assembly has approved a bill that would lift Wisconsin's almost 20-year ban on gold and silver mining. Those alternatives include a companion bill from Moulton, which would allow parents to donate tissue from a stillborn child or miscarriage to medical research. Lire la suite »

Hockey Asia Cup 2017: India eves to take on Malaysia today


Coming into the game on the back of three commanding wins in the group stages, India were put on the backfoot by Kazakhstan, who went into the lead in just the second minute of the game with Vera Domashneva scoring a field goal. It was Ekka who put her side in the lead as India were on target again from another penalty corner. India began the third quarter by winning a penalty corner, but it was well saved by the Kazakhstan goalkeeper. Lire la suite »

What's Really Up With Apple Giving Face Data to App Developers?


Apple forbids developers from using the face data for advertising or marketing, and from selling it to data brokers or analytics firms that might use it for those purposes. Apple enforces the agreement by booting developers who don't comply from the App Store, but it's not a ideal system-as Reuters noted, apps don't go through a full code review before launching on the App Store and Apple relies instead on spot checks and user reports to detect sketchy behavior. Lire la suite »

New great ape species found, and is already endangered


An worldwide team of researchers from 34 institutions, led by anthropologist Alexander Nater of the University of Zurich in Switzerland, pursued two lines of evidence to determine if the ape colony was different enough from the two already acknowledged orangutan species - known as the Bornean and Sumatran - to be defined as a third. Lire la suite »

510bhp Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio officially revealed


It delivers a maximum power of 510hp at 6,500rpm and generates a maximum torque of 600Nm from 2,500 to 5,000rpm. It's also been put to work around the famed 12.8-mile Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit, completing the gruelling track in just 7 minutes and 51.7 seconds - making it over eight seconds quicker than the Cayenne Turbo S. Lire la suite »

The Walking Dead : The Telltale Series Collection déterrée

Sobrement intitulée The Walking Dead Collection , cette compilation également disponible en version dématérialisée rassemble donc les trois premières saisons des aventures de Clementine en terre hostile, ainsi que les deux épisodes intermédiaires400 Days etMichonne. Lire la suite »

Nioh: Complete Edition debut trailer released


Action Mode will offer a stable 60fps experience, while Movie will offer a 4K experience. The traveller must fight his way through the vicious warriors and supernatural Yokai that infest the land in order to find that which he seeks. Lire la suite »

La Hennessey Venom F5 apparait pour la première fois en vidéo


Le poids est quant à lui limité à 1338 kg, ce qui donne un rapport poids/puissance inférieur à 1 kg/ch! Par ailleurs équipée de pneumatiques Michelin Pilot Cup 2 et dotée d'un mode Vmax (les ailerons de la Venom F5 sont alors rentrés pour gagner en vitesse pure), cette Venom F5 dont l'aérodynamique a été particulièrement soignée (son coefficient de pénétration dans l'air est de 0.33 Cd, contre 0.44 Cd pour la Venom GT), devrait être en mesure d'abattre le 0 à 300 km/h en dix secondes, le 0 à ... Lire la suite »

New deal: Leicester City star Demarai Gray signs new four-year contract


The England Under-21 worldwide scored his first Premier League goal in over a year and was named man-of-the-match inSunday's 2-0 win over Everton - Claude Puel's first game as manager. But there have been whispers of frustration, a lack of game time under former managers Claudio Ranieri and Craig Shakespeare as Gray was trapped behind Riyad Mahrez and Marc Albrighton in the pecking order. Lire la suite »

Lenovo buys stake in Fujitsu, reports first loss since 2015


After this transaction, Lenovo wil own 51% stake, DBJ will own 5% and the FCCL will become a joint venture company owned by Fujitsu, Lenovo and DBJ and will continue to be known as Fujitsu Client Computing Limited. Lenovo is certainly going to leverage this deal to try and claim the title of the biggest PC maker in the world from HP. Both companies will "strategically" work together to grow the PC market in Japan and across the world. Lire la suite »

IPhone X : Face ID vs Touch ID, lequel est le plus rapide ?


Il serait néanmoins un peu hâtif de conclure que Face ID est systématiquement "trompé" par les jumeaux. L'une des rumeurs les plus importantes fut Touch ID: Apple allait-il complètement abandonner son capteur d'empreintes pour laisser place à la reconnaissance faciale? Mashable a voulu savoir s'il était possible de le tromper avec des vrais jumeaux. Lire la suite »

Trump says he'll consider sending NY terror suspect to Guantanamo


One constant in his message since Tuesday's attack is his loud call that Saipov face the death penalty, though saying so raises concerns that the defense could use the statement to say the jury pool is tainted. "We also have to come up with a punishment that is far quicker and far greater in the punishment these animals are getting right now", Trump said. As Wednesday unfolded, multiple Republicans embraced Mr Trump's call to transfer Mr Saipov outside of the criminal justice system, ... Lire la suite »

Scientists reveal secret chamber in Great Pyramid of Giza


Researchers announced the discovery on Thursday but said they did not know the goal, contents or precise dimensions of what they are calling a "void" or "cavity" inside the pyramid, built as a monumental tomb around 2560 BC. These particles rain down and lose energy as they pass through materials - like the thick stones of the pyramid - and that makes them slow down and decay. Lire la suite »

Monster Exoplanet Puzzles Astronomers


Unlike Jupiter however, NGTS-1b is very close to its star - just 3 percent of the distance between Earth and the Sun, and completes an orbit every 2.6 days, meaning a year on NGTS-1b lasts two and a half Earth days. "NGTS-1b however, is a gas giant-due to its size and temperature, the planet is known as a 'hot Jupiter", a class of planets that are at least as large as our solar system's very own Jupiter, but with around 20 percent less mass. Lire la suite »