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CO2 concentrations grew at record rate in 2016 — United Nations agency

The two other main gases - methane and nitrous oxide - also grew to record concentrations past year, although at a slower rate of increase than carbon dioxide. We are still emitting far too much and this needs to be reversed", the head of UN Environment Erik Solheim said in a statement, reacting to the new report . Lire la suite »

Monster Exoplanet Puzzles Astronomers


Unlike Jupiter however, NGTS-1b is very close to its star - just 3 percent of the distance between Earth and the Sun, and completes an orbit every 2.6 days, meaning a year on NGTS-1b lasts two and a half Earth days. "NGTS-1b however, is a gas giant-due to its size and temperature, the planet is known as a 'hot Jupiter", a class of planets that are at least as large as our solar system's very own Jupiter, but with around 20 percent less mass. Lire la suite »

Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate


En outre, la voiture dispose de nombreux inserts en carbone et d'un intérieur en cuir Obsidian Black avec des accents de marron Chestnut Tan, notamment pour les coutures ainsi que, là encore, des inserts carbone. Elle demeure équipée du bloc V12 6.0 litres de 600 ch (associé une boîte automatique 8 rapports Touchtronic III) et se dote d'une suspension ajustable et de freins en carbone céramique. Lire la suite »

EA Not Making Any Games For The Switch In The Near Future


Versatility is a key part of the Nintendo Switch success. If that weren't bad enough, FIFA 18 on the Switch seems to be plagued by weird glitches and other technical issues not present in other versions of the game. "But what I can tell you is that our vision is to have a robust online environment that not only provides the mechanism for you to have your multiplayer experiences and matchmaking, those elements are minimum". Lire la suite »

Huawei signs Mate 10 distribution deal with Standard Bank South Africa

To use the VR camera , simply connect it to the Mate 10's USB Type-C port and Huawei's VR software will immediately kick into gear. Though not sold separately at present, the camera has been valued at $179. The module, once again co-engineered by Leica, includes dual cameras (20 + 12 megapixels), a 4 in 1 hybrid focus, dual ISP, Summilux-H lenses, 3D panorama setting and an industry leading 1.6 aperture which should drive exceptional low light performance. Lire la suite »

Spacex Falcon 9 rocket completes successful launch from Kennedy Space Center

On Monday, California-based space firm SpaceX launched a commercial communications satellite for South Korea - the KoreaSat 5A - and then landed the rocket on a floating drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. KT Sat has already signed up satellite TV operator DDish TV to provide satellite broadcast services throughout Mongolia for 17 years from Koreasat-5A. Lire la suite »

New Hyundai Verna receives over 20000 bookings in 2 months


Hyundai also claims that 20 percent of those who bought the Verna are first-time buyers and that 25 percent of customers opted for the automatic versions of the auto. The South-Korean automaker had recently received an initial export order of 10,501 units from the Middle East market for the sedan. " Next Gen VERNA offers 21 New Age Technologies and Advanced Features such as Front Ventilated Seats, Smart trunk, Smart Sunroof, The Eco Coating Technology and Advanced Telematics System", said the ... Lire la suite »

Découverte d'une planète monstre près d'une étoile naine


Elles naissent en effet des gaz et des poussières présents dans le disque entourant les astres. Quant à la planète entière, il faut généralement attendre entre dix et cent millions d'années pour la voir émerger. Histoire de mettre ce chiffre en perspective, il faut rappeler que le rayon de Jupiter représente pour sa part environ 10 % du rayon de notre propre étoile. Lire la suite »

HTC U11 Plus : l'un des modèles disposerait d'un dos translucide


Les deux nouveaux HTC U11 fonctionneraient sous Android Nougat ( U11 Life) et Android Oreo ( U11 Plus); quant aux tarifs, ils avoisineraient 349 dollars/euros pour le U11 Life et 848 dollars pour le U11 Plus. À titre de comparaison, le HTC U11 avait un écran 16:9 de 5, 5 pouces . D'après la vidéo, le HTC U11 Plus serait vendu aux alentours de 850€ et le HTC U11 Life environ 350€. Lire la suite »

Tesla losses widen in Q3 after heavy production costs


Among investor worries: The Wall Street Journal reported on October 6, citing unnamed sources, that "as recently as early September major portions of the Model 3" were being built by hand. Tesla said net orders for those vehicles hit a record level in the third quarter, setting the stage for record deliveries in the fourth quarter. He added Tesla's now at an 8, and he sees smoother sailing ahead. Lire la suite »

Le smartphone pour gamers est officiel — Razer Phone


La firme qualifie cela comme étant un écran Ultramotion à 120 Hz . Et, c'est vraiment le différentiateur entre ce smartphone et tous les autres sur le marché. Un écran pour les joueurs, double capteur photo Côté photo, le Razer Phone propose un double capteur de 12 Mpx à l'arrière (un grand-angle f/1.25 et un f/2.6 avec zoom) et un capteur simple 8 Mpx à l'avant. Lire la suite »

Owlboy Coming to Switch, Xbox One, PS4 Next Year


Originally, our press release said that "platforms and release date are yet to be announced". Today, a year after Owlboy's release on Steam , we're happy to finally share this news with the community, and we're hoping everyone is just as excited as we are to bring this fantastic game to retail. Lire la suite »

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection set for release in December


This morning's press release states specifically that the first and second seasons, along with 400 Days and the three-part Michonne mini-series will boast visual enhancements. The latter two will also be visually enhanced along with the first two series to bring them up to par with the visuals of the most recent season A New Frontier . Lire la suite »

Spending time in space may cause astronauts' brains to float upward


Despite such progress, however, the physiological and psychological challenges associated with spaceflight remain largely unmapped, according to a study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine . In a NASA-funded study published on Wednesday, Dr. Donna Roberts of the Medical University of SC and her colleagues therefore compared before- and after-mission MRIs of 34 astronauts, 18 who spent months on the International Space Station (average voyage: 165 days) and 16 who had ... Lire la suite »

A Deep Dive into The Numbers For Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI)

As of the end of the quarter Spc Financial, Inc. had disposed of a total of 12,110 shares trimming its holdings by 28.1%. Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. Also, Chairman Gregory Q. Brown sold 117,000 shares of Motorola Solutions stock in a transaction dated Monday, August 29th. Following the completion of the transaction, the executive vice president now directly owns 23,829 shares in the company, valued at $2,123,402.19. Lire la suite »

Financial Watchlist of Activision Blizzard, Inc (NASDAQ:ATVI)


As the earnings date approaches, we can see that insider ownership is now 0.70% shares, and institutional ownership is at 90.40% for Activision Blizzard, Inc . Activision Blizzard, Inc is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment content and services. Activision Blizzard, Inc . ( ATVI ) recorded volume accumulation so there will probably be a surplus of buyers at $65.00. Lire la suite »

Samsung Made Bitcoin Mining Rig Using 40 Old Samsung Galaxy S5s


According to Motherboard , Samsung strung 40 Galaxy S5 together to mine recently, and apparently just eight of them wired together can mine in a way that's more power-efficient than a desktop computer. Samsung premiered this rig, and a bunch of other cool uses for old phones, at its recent developer's conference in San Francisco. For that goal, Samsung built a Bitcoin mining rig comprising of 40 Galaxy S5 smartphones. Lire la suite »

Apple : la mise à jour iOS 11.1 est disponible


Des emojis que l'on retrouve également par groupe de 3 désormais dans les suggestions du clavier iOS. Tout d'abord, Apple a promis de réimplémenter la fonctionnalité d'accès au multitâche depuis un geste 3D Touch dans une future mise à jour d'iOS 11 . Lire la suite »

Google has resolved installation issues with Android 8.1 Developer Preview


Google said Pixel 2 owners would have the option to enable the Pixel Visual Core once the Android 8.1 Developer Preview arrived; however, that landed last week without the promised support. The Android Oreo 8.1 Developer Preview is now available for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices, as well as for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P - but only the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets have the relevant hardware. Lire la suite »

You can now stream music right on your Apple Watch

And because everyone will use Apple Watch differently, we tested several other metrics as well. According to tests conducted by Apple on preproduction versions of the latest Watch models, users can stream up to seven hours of Apple Music tunes while using LTE. Lire la suite »

Korg Music Production App For Nintendo Switch Coming Next Year


The sales for Japan, Europe and the USA were reviewed for Nintendo Switch and the sales figured came out higher than anticipated. Originally, the Japanese gaming giant meant to sale 10 million units within a year of the console's launch, but strong sales have led the company to increase that number to 14 million. Lire la suite »

PlayStation Plus games for November couldn't be more different


PS3 players can look forward free copies of R-Type Dimensions and Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic . All the November games are available to download from 7th November. It's also giving PS Plus members a bonus PlayStation VR game, this is part of Sony's celebration of the one year anniversary of PlayStation VR. Check out the rest of the details over at the PlayStation Blog . Lire la suite »