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BMW Z8 owned by Steve Jobs heads to auction

A sleek sports auto once owned by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will be put up for auction in NY in December. Although Jobs changed cars often and wasn't known as a keen vehicle enthusiast or collector - RM Sotheby's contends that he was steered toward this purchase by known auto geek and fellow techie, Oracle founder Larry Ellison - he did keep this vehicle, which was registered in his name, until 2003. Lire la suite »

NASA's Dawn Mission To Dwarf Planet Ceres Finds Evidence Of Ancient Ocean


The first study, titled " Constraints on Ceres' internal structure and evolution from its shape and gravity measured by the Dawn spacecraft ", was recently published in the Journal of Geophysical Research . The latter is made of water molecules that surround a gas molecule and is up to 1,000 times stronger than water ice. While most of Ceres' ancient ocean is now frozen and has been bound up in the crust for more than 4 billion years, the team believes there still could be some residual ... Lire la suite »

'Grand Theft Auto 5' anniversary special: Free cash and Halloween event

The money will go into your Maze Bank account between November 6 and 13. Plus, it just shows that Rockstar may give away more in-game cash in the future. This mode is a #Battle Royale style competition where the last player standing wins. The rewards include double GTA$ and RP until November 6. Other than the new event, there will also be a new vehicle to be introduced: The Vigilante . Lire la suite »

L'Alpine A110 s'offre un championnat


Les pilotes auront tous l'A 110 Cup avec un moteur de 270 ch pour 1050 kg. Le 1.8 Turbo est ici associé à une boîte séquentielle à 6 rapports spécialement développée pour l'auto, et la cavalerie est transmise via un différentiel autobloquant à glissement limité. Lire la suite »

"Ce message pourra être détruit sous 7 minutes" — WhatsApp


En premier lieu, il conviendra que tous les interlocuteurs ayant reçu le message à supprimer disposent d'une version de WhatsApp à jour. Dans un avenir proche, ces craintes devraient être amenuisées sur WhatsApp par l'intégration d'une fonctionnalité allant permettre de supprimer un message envoyé, et ce à la fois chez l'expéditeur et le destinateur. Lire la suite »

At Papua New Guinea, Researchers find ancient Skull of oldest tsunami victim


Judging from the traces left on the skull , researchers could tell this ancient tsunami had the same impact as the one which struck Indonesia in 2004. But radiocarbon dating has shown it is, in fact, much younger, dating back 5,000 to 6,000 years. The exact position in which Hossfeld discovered the fragments was not precisely determined. Lire la suite »

Regal Entertainment Group to test on-demand ticket pricing at movie theaters


In the latest move to save struggling box offices at movie theaters across the country, Regal Entertainment Group is trying a new way to make money. "Changes to the historical pricing structure have often been discussed but rarely tested in our industry, and we're excited to learn even more about how pricing changes impact customer behavior", said Regal CEO Amy Miles . Lire la suite »

New FBI Documents Reveal Disturbing Details about Sandy Hook Killer


A statement released by the Newtown Police Chief James Viadero said, "A comprehensive search of our records indicate that the person named in the report is not on record as ever contacting the agency in 2008 or subsequent to that date". The woman also told investigators that Lanza was "singularly focused and obsessed with mass murders and spree killings" and respected and could empathize school shooters. Lire la suite »

Google Search becomes country-specific by default


When you're searching on Google, we aim to provide the most useful results for your query. Before, if a traveler had kept typing in their home country's Google domain, they may not have gotten what Google sees as ideal search results. So if you live in Australia, you'll automatically receive the country service for Australia, but when you travel to New Zealand, your results will switch automatically to the country service for New Zealand. Lire la suite »

Featured Stock: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCAU)


The company had revenue of $27.93 billion for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $29.24 billion. Looking into last 5 trades, the stock observed a return of nearly 4.48%. The impact of earnings growth is exponential. The top stories for the week of October 27, 2017, include record third quarter results, a joint effort between FCA US and The University of Toledo to train employees at the Toledo Assembly Complex, Rebelle Rally results, Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year ... Lire la suite »

General Mtrs Co (GM) Shareholder Berkshire Hathaway INC Upped Its Position

The auto manufacturer reported $1.32 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, beating the Thomson Reuters' consensus estimate of $1.07 by $0.25. The hedge fund run by Warren Buffett held 60.00M shares of the auto manufacturing company at the end of 2017Q2, valued at $2.10 billion, up from 50.00M at the end of the previous reported quarter. Lire la suite »

Astronomers discover blistering planet where sunscreen falls from the sky like snow


As a result, the planet is one of the hottest of the known exoplanets. "In many ways, the atmospheric studies we're doing now on these gaseous " hot Jupiter " kinds of planets are test beds for how we're going to do atmospheric studies of terrestrial, Earth-like planets", said Thomas Beatty , assistant research professor of astronomy at Penn State and the lead author of the study. Lire la suite »

Maruti Suzuki hits lifetime high post Q2 FY18 numbers


MSIL trades at 23/20 times of FY19/20E earnings per share and HDFC Securities has maintained a "BUY" rating on the Maruti Suzuki stock . Maruti is already in the process of commissioning a plant in Gujarat to produce vehicle batteries in India and this would be functional by 2019. Lire la suite »

Google partners with George Soros to "fact-check" news results


As the name suggests, the International Fact Checking Network is a forum for fact-checkers around the world. The principles drawn up by IFCN are used by news outlets around the world. To battle the phenomenon of "fake news", Google announced Thursday that it's partnering with the International Fact-Checking Network at The Poynter Institute. Lire la suite »

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) Technical Analysis 27/10/2017


Institutional investors and hedge funds own 56.64% of the company's stock. Winfield Associates Inc. lifted its stake in shares of Tesla by 85.2% in the 2nd quarter. The correct version of this piece can be viewed at Lire la suite »

Could Intelsat SA (NYSE:I) Skyrocket? The Stock Had Too Little Sellers

At the end of September, Intelsat´s backlog was worth United States dollars 7,9 billion, from 8,2 billion at the end of June. The company presently has an average rating of "Sell" and an average price target of $3.09. The firm earned $542 million during the quarter, compared to analysts' expectations of $533.51 million. During the same quarter in the prior year, the business earned $1.65 earnings per share. Lire la suite »

Pan-STARRS-1 discovers interstellar object has entered our solar system


The object is now called A/2017 U1 to reflect that (A stands for "asteroid"), and it's the first time a potential comet has been bumped to the designation of an asteroid. Around October 14, the object made a steep turn under the solar system and passed by Earth at a distance of 23 million km. "It's going extremely fast and on such a trajectory that we say with confidence that this object is on its way out of the solar system and not coming back". Lire la suite »

Games With Gold - La sélection des jeux gratuits de novembre 2017


Comme chaque mois, quatre titres seront disponibles gratuitement. Précisons qu'il est possible de jouer au deux jeux Xbox 360 sur Xbox One via le programme de rétrocompatibilité. Ensuite, Tales from the Borderlands Complete Season (Épisodes 1 à 5) est une série de jeux vidéo d'aventure en Point&Clic dans laquelle le joueur explore et interagit avec son environnement pour résoudre des enquêtes. Lire la suite »

PUBG Creator Confirms No Single-Player, Wants PC/Xbox One Cross-Play


PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, spoke with GameSpot about the possibility of adding a single-player mode into the game at some point. We're getting real close to never playing this game, deleting it, and laughing at this developer group for the rest of our lives if they ever try to bring up new content. Lire la suite »

Les parties trouvent un accord à l'amiable — Affaire Paul Walker


Accompagné ce jour-là de son ami Roger Rodas (qui conduisait la voiture), Paul Walker et lui ne parviendront à sortir vivant de cet accident qui aujourd'hui encore continue à faire débat. Comme c'est très souvent le cas aux USA, les termes de l'accord resteront confidentiels et le dossier Paul Walker est définitivement fermé et réglé. Lire la suite »

IPhone Apps With Camera Permissions Can Apparently Snap Your Photo


According to a recent report from Motherboard , Felix Krause , an Austrian developer who works for Google, built an app that was able to take pictures of its user every second and upload them, without notifying the user. Krause created a test app as a proof-of-concept. As advice on how to avoid this, Felix suggested people could get camera covers for their iPhones - he didn't mention microphones- or they could go into their settings and revoke all the necessary access granted to their ... Lire la suite »

Un résultat net progressant plus rapidement que le chiffre d'affaires — Microsoft


Nadella lors d'une conférence avec les analystes, indiquant que "plus de 120 millions de personnes utilisent désormais la version commerciale d'Office 365". LinkedIn a généré des revenus de 1,1 milliard de dollars au cours du trimestre. Quoi quil en soit, cette progression dAzure permet au segment " Intelligent Cloud " dafficher une croissance annuelle de 14 % de ses revenus, ce qui lui permet de peser 6,922 milliards de dollars pour un résultat dexploitation à 2,137 milliards (en progression ... Lire la suite »

Cisco s'appuie sur Google pour proposer du cloud hybride


L'objectif étant aussi de permettre aux entreprises d'optimiser leurs investissements existants et de planifier leur migration cloud à leur propre rythme. " Nous partageons la vision commune qu'un cloud hybride qui offre la vitesse de l'innovation dans un environnement ouvert et sécurisé apportera les solutions requises par nos clients ". Lire la suite »