Jeudi, 6 Août 2020
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SpaceX to retry satellite launch

The cost of the launch will be fully covered by credits from the unfulfilled launch, Spacecom said. Richard Chirgwin of The Register infosite is reporting that Spacecom and SpaceX have settled their differences over a destroyed satellite - the Israeli company has, once again, signed Elon Musk's company for launch services. Lire la suite »

Birdfeeders causing great tits to evolve longer beaks

According to new research, the backyard evolution was likely caused by the widespread use of birdfeeders across the UK. The team screened DNA from more than 3,000 birds to search for genetic differences between the British and the Dutch populations. Lire la suite »

Insurance Claims Hit $1.045 Billion For California Fires This Month


The numbers are expected to climb, as more claims are filed and processed, according to the California Department of Insurance. A fire that started Monday in the Santa Cruz Mountains now threatens 300 homes, Jones said. The U.S. Housing and Urban Development agency announced Thursday it will speed federal disaster assistance to people affected by wildfires in Sonoma, Napa and other northern California counties. Lire la suite »

Apple unveils new Chicago store, by Steve Jobs Theater architect


The new Apple store opens on Michigan Avenue on Friday. Apple is offering a sneak peek of its new flagship store on Michigan Avenue. The Michigan Avenue store features a gorgeous design that resembles a MacBook Air from the top, and Apple this week offered the first preview of the store as well as commentary from retail head Angela Ahrendts and designer Jony Ive... Lire la suite »

Lowly Liberals Manipulate Gold Star Families in War on Trump


Holder also appeared on CNN's "The Lead" with Jake Taper , where he reiterated the criticism of the president's claims. "I want it to be about my child and what he stood for and what they are fighting over there right now as I speak". Wilson, who said she heard the remarks via speakerphone, called them insensitive. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Wednesday called Wilson's conduct regarding Trump's call "appalling and disgusting". Lire la suite »

United Kingdom mobile phone companies accused of overcharging customers

An investigation carried out by Citizens Advice discovered that customers who do not renew an existing contract with the firms are charged an extra £22 per month on average. O2's Nina Bibby said: "Forcing customers to pay for a phone they already own not only hits their pockets but undermines trust". Many phone contracts are paid monthly over two years and cover the cost of the customers' phones, which can be hundreds of pounds to buy outright. Lire la suite »

Telstra Refunding AFL Live Pass Customers

In late January of this year, Telstra introduced a screen size restriction (of seven inches) for live matches, meaning consumers were no longer able to watch games at full size on most tablets. To exacerbate issues, Telstra's advertising for the AFL live pass featured images displayed prominently on tablet displays. Telstra have offered refunds to customers who renewed their subscription from 2016 into the 2017 season and weren't notified of the change. Lire la suite »

400 ancient stones found on edge of volcanoes in Harrat Khaybar region


Some of these unusual features are more than four times the length of a football pitch, and are built on ancient lava domes and were found in the Harrat Khaybar region in Saudia Arabia. The gates were discovered through satellite surveys and they look similar to structures that are found in the Middle East . Through the development of Google Earth , he has been able to expand the database and use it to find the previously undiscovered stone structures. Lire la suite »

Apple Mac Mini comeback? Tim Cook hints at one


However, there may be some light at the end tunnel for fans of the self-contained square slab, via an email allegedly send to a user by Apple CEO Tim Cook. But is it? According to MacRumors , which posted an email from Apple CEO Tim Cook to a Mac Mini user, the device will still be an important part of Apple's product line going forward. Lire la suite »

Consumer Reports' rankings of auto reliability


While the Tesla Model S earned an "above average" reliability for the first time, Consumer Reports is predicting the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will have only an "average" reliability score. You might have been forgiven for thinking that the Model 3 was the only vehicle that CR published a reliability score on, since it was one of the only ones mentioned in a press release issued by the company Thursday afternoon. Lire la suite »

Dogs are more expressive when people are paying attention


Juliane Kaminski of the UK's University of Portsmouth and colleagues investigated whether dog facial expressions are modified based on attention from humans. "Domestic dogs have a unique history - they have lived alongside humans for 30,000 years and during that time selection pressures seem to have acted on dogs' ability to communicate with us", she said. Lire la suite »

Uranus Visible to Naked Eye Thursday Night - Friday Morning


It will thus be visible all night long. That means that Earth will move between Uranus and the sun in its orbit, so Uranus will be opposite the sun in our sky. Because of this, Uranus will be at its closest point to earth tonight. Again, you have to know precisely where to look to find the 7th planet from the sun. Lire la suite »

Sooners hoops picked No. 6 in Big 12, Cowboys No. 10


Smith, a 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward, averaged 12.1 points and 7.2 rebounds last season. Kansas, the victor of 13 consecutive Big 12 regular-season titles, is a unanimous pick to win again. They're followed in the poll by West Virginia, TCU, Texas and Baylor. The Red Raiders, who ended last season with an 18-14 overall and 6-12 mark in Big 12 play, begin the season with a 7 p.m. Lire la suite »

California's favorite Halloween candy? It's changed!


This week, the website Candy Store released an interactive map of the most popular Halloween sweets by state. Alarmingly, the states of Michigan, New Mexico, Alabama, Rhode Island and SC are all also apparently candy corn fans. The creator of reese's peanut butter cups named the treat after himself: Harry Burnett Reese. And if that's the case, we forgive the candy corn-buyers among us. Lire la suite »

Facebook Adds a New Explore Tab to Its iOS App

In 2014, the social network experimented again with interests, via its mobile app Rooms , which offered users a means of discussing various topics. The Explore Feed is Facebook's attempt to leveraging personally-curated content based on a user's interests to achieve those goals. Lire la suite »

AlphaGo Zero, le nouveau champion qui apprend "seul" — Intelligence artificielle


Mais AlphaGo Zero n'a plus besoin de ça. De plus, en s'entrainant avec cette nouvelle tactique, AlphaGo Zero a découvert des stratégies du jeu de Go que les humains n'ont pas découvert alors que le jeu existe depuis plus de 2 500 ans . AlphaGo Zero , également développé par le britannique DeepMind , une filiale de Google spécialisée dans l'intelligence artificielle , est pour sa part capable "d'apprendre tout seul à jouer au go", précise l'étude. Lire la suite »

McLaren confirme l'arrivée d'une deuxième Hypercar


McLaren aurait déjà prévu 500 exemplaires (et pas un de plus) en production pour un tarif à l'unité qui devrait friser le million d'euros. Une version donc sans doute un peu plus ultime de la McLaren BP23 , dont nous avons déjà eu un aperçu il y a quelques jours. Lire la suite »

PS4 : Sony lance une manette conçue pour les enfants


Outre ce bond en arrière, la manette est 40 % plus légère qu'une DualShock 4 classique et arbore un joli bleu. Elle a été spécialement conçue pour les plus jeunes par Hori , un fabricant japonais d'accessoires pour consoles de jeux. Tous les autres boutons sont toutefois bien présents. Elle sera pour l'instant uniquement disponible aux États-Unis et au Canada d'ici la fin de l'année. Lire la suite »

Google's adorable Doodle stars Nobel-winning astrophysicist


Best known for his discoveries on star evolution, Chandrasekhar was the first astrophysicist to win a Nobel Prize. As the density and pressure increases due to this compression, there are two things - one is the build up of pressure which gives an outward force and the other is the attraction due to gravity which causes the inward collapse. Lire la suite »