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Fox News Finally Got Rid of Bill O'Reilly

The article prompted several dozen companies to pull its advertisements from The O'Reilly Factor , the most-watched show on cable news. O'Reilly's downfall comes less than a year after the exit of Fox News founder and CEO, Roger Ailes, after it emerged he too was the subject of a series of sexual harassment lawsuits. Read More »

Facebook Takes Deeper Dive Into Augmented Reality

Frames Studio which is a global online creative editor, that allows you to design frames that can be used either as profile picture frames or in the new Facebook camera. And these songs could be heard by all the members at the same time. Developers can apply to have their bot in the curated tab, which has started rolling out to users in the US. Read More »

Robert Godwin Sr. funeral arrangements announced


Acting on a tip, Pennsylvania state police spotted Stephens, 37, leaving a McDonald's in Erie and went after him, bumping his auto to try to get it to stop, authorities said. "The murderer. We want to wrap our arms around him", said Tonya Godwin Baines in a CNN interview. Steve Stephens had posted a video of the crime on Facebook. Read More »

Fox News fires Bill O'Reilly after sexual harassment accusations

Fox News and Bill O'Reilly officially parted ways on Wednesday amid allegations of sexual harassment, which O'Reilly adamantly denies. Despite the scandal, O'Reilly continued to attract viewers. According to ad-tracking firm Kantar Media, it brought in $147.13 million in advertising revenue in 2016. A source close to O'Reilly said the broadcaster has not given much thought to his Fox-less future yet. Read More »

Principal Who Kicked And Punched 7-Year-Old Student Arrested, Police Say


Police say Machael Spencer-Edwards, 42, principal of P.S. 202 in East New York, was caught on video taking the child from the school cafeteria last month for breaking the dress code, CBS2 reported. 202 official declined to do so. Another parent said that the Welch attacked her son on April 19. On Tuesday, after a month-long investigation, Spencer was in fact arrested on several charges including misdemeanor assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Read More »

NFL Patriots meet Trump without Tom Brady, some teammates


Kraft praised Trump , and commented that their comeback performance in the Super Bowl was very similar to the victory in the presidential campaign by Trump . ".This year's championship was achieved after falling behind by 25 points, a deficit so great that in the 97-year history of the National Football League, over 20,000 games, that deficit had only been overcome seven times ". Read More »

Runoff in Georgia House race could test Trump, opposition

Wrong! It's a Republican district and will stay that way. The truth is that data exist from Tuesday's vote that can bolster or rebut just about anyone's preferred interpretation of those results and what they mean for the runoff. She said would work with Trump when it made sense for the district. In February 2012, Handel resigned from her position at Susan G. Komen, and denied she had a role in the decision not to renew funding. Read More »

New Subaru Ascent aims to climb busy hill of crossover SUVs


The crossover combines everything that Subaru does so well. As do all Subarus save for the BRZ sports auto, the Ascent will come standard with all-wheel drive. No technical details are available but it is believed the new SUV will not use Subaru's six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine but follow the path of the Mazda CX-9 by ditching two cylinders and then turbocharging a four-cylinder engine. Read More »

Attentat déjoué: Mélenchon, Le Pen, Hamon et Fillon réagissent

Mélenchon continue d'engranger . A la troisième place, Jean-Luc Mélenchon continue d'engranger , augmentant de 0,5 point. Dans le détail, avec 23% d'intentions de vote, le candidat du mouvement En Marche! devance d'un point la présidente du Front national, à 22% et en baisse de deux points par rapport à la précédente enquête de cet institut, publiée le 11 avril. Read More »

Documents released in Prince Investigation

His death shocked fans and led to tributes worldwide. They confirm that the pop star took painkillers during the six months before his death. Fentanyl is the strongest painkiller on the market, estimated to be at least 50 times more potent than morphine and at least 30 times more potent than heroin. Read More »

Ugandan troops officially end pursuit of Joseph Kony


Kony2012, a video made by US-based activists calling for the world to capture Kony, went viral in 2012. The army says the withdrawal is mainly because they have successfully neutralised the Lord's Resistance Army. According to the African Union Peace and Security Department, LAR, since its foundation in 1987, has been intimidating civilians through killings, abductions, mutilations and sexual enslavement, and has become a cause of internal displacement of about 416,000 civilians and refugees ... Read More »

Giant Asteroid Zooms Relatively Close To Earth


Even if JO25 slams into Earth on its next close approach, that won't be until the 26th century or so. The asteroid's surface reflects about twice as much light as the moon. In short, it's not the actual impact of an asteroid that is most likely to kill you, but the response of Earth's elements to the unwelcome invader that will spell your doom. Read More »

First family rolls out festivities for first Trump Easter Egg Roll

But as Bolduan was speaking on the split screen with Acosta, the child was seen epically photobombing the reporter on live TV. But the one guest that truly matters on Easter did make an appearance - the Easter Bunny, or, at least, a slightly creepier, slightly more shocked, and slightly visually impaired version of the Easter Bunny. Read More »

Aaron Hernandez found dead in cell


He was found guilty in April 2015 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. But Hernandez was dogged by allegations of failed drug tests and was picked by the Patriots in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He would not give details on a timeline for this process. Prosecutors alledged the 6 ft 2in Hernandez followed the pair and opened fire on their stationary vehicle after a confrontation that arose from when the two bumped into Hernandez at the Cure Lounge ... Read More »

Comedian Charlie Murphy Has Died at 57


At the time of its release, the Chappelle Show set records for DVD sales, and jokes and lines from sketches became cultural touchstones. He appeared in movies as well, like " Mo' Betta Blues " and " Night at the Museum ", and was a writer on the Eddie Murphy movies "Vampire in Brooklyn " and "Norbit ". Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ India Launch Announced


The Galaxy S8 comes more than six months after the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, which had to be globally recalled due to faulty battery issues, costing the company billions of dollars in direct losses. By using the free All In One Gestures app on Google's Play Store, early Galaxy S8 users could previously reset the phone's Bixby button to perform tasks like opening the camera or launching a preferred app. Read More »

Family of slain Cleveland man wishes Stephens hadn't killed self

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams answers questions during a news conference, Tuesday, April 18, 2017 , in Cleveland. Stephens is not believed to have known Godwin, a retired foundry worker who media reports said spent Easter Sunday morning with his son and daughter-in-law before he was killed. Read More »

Arizona Cops Just Deputized A 'Drug-Hunting' Lizard


Avondale police tell ABC15 the prank was aimed at bringing attention to the department's Facebook page . Iroh isn't actually in service as a drug-sniffing animal, but he is doing an excellent job of entertaining Avondale's human officers while acting as a social media ambassador. Read More »

NASA New Discoveries: Saturn, Jupiter Moons May Be Able To Support Life

Life requires liquid water, a source of energy for metabolism and the right chemical ingredients-primarily carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur and the Cassini has shown that Enceladus-a small, icy moon a billion miles farther from the sun than Earth-has almost all of these ingredients for habitability. Read More »

Bose wireless headphones are spying on users, lawsuit claims


While headphone users are not required to use the app, it is recommended because it provides added features such as the ability to use and switch between more than one paired device. A screenshot of Segment's website. The lawsuit, which was filedin Chicago on Tuesday, states that the case is worth over $5 million, though doesn't specify damages. Read More »

NKorean leader's desire for peace a deciding factor

US allies in Asia are silent over confusion about an American aircraft carrier group that was supposed to be headed toward North Korea in a show of force but was actually completing training exercises in Australia. economy, Kansas City Federal Reserve President Esther George says, adding she is not yet forecasting it will materialize. JAPAN Pence puts Japan on notice that Washington wants results "in the near future" from talks it hopes will open markets to US goods, adding that the ... Read More »

Australia scraps visa for skilled foreign workers — ALERT


The programme allows businesses to employ foreign workers for up to four years in skilled jobs for which there is shortage of Australian workers. A new temporary visa will replace the programme and last between two or four years , which Mr Turnbull said will "better target" skilled workers. Read More »

Odd, red-tinted screen reported by South Korean users

Some folks have already received their Galaxy S8 handsets and others are reporting their devices are on trucks ready to be delivered. The dual camera configuration in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 suggests a device looking like an iPhone 7 Plus, but Kuo stated that it will be much better than Apple's smartphone. Read More »