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U.N. envoy warns N. Korea about attacking base or testing ICBM


The Trump administration has been working to rally support behind its efforts to pressure Pyongyang into abandoning its nuclear program and ending missile tests. She praised China's increased pressure on North Korea. "Only if all sides live up to their responsibilities and come together from different directions can the nuclear issue on the peninsula be resolved as quickly as possible", Xi reportedly said. Read More »

Funeral held for ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez


A judge ruled Monday copies of the former Patriot tight end's suicide notes will be given to his family . "There's a lot of questions about what's going on in the hours leading up to his death but there's plenty of answers to those questions and I'm fully confident that it was a suicide", Bennett said. Read More »

US carrier group heads for Korean waters, China calls for restraint


Seoul stepped up its warnings against any additional nuclear test or other provocations, though it said no special movements have been detected from across the border. North Korean leader "Kim Jong-un is starting to flex his muscles because he feels the pressure" and is "starting to get paranoid", Haley said, referring to the Security Council's condemnation and the fact that "China has been considerably helping in putting pressure on him". Read More »

Trump Talks To Space Station Astronauts, Promises Them Mars


Trump told Ms. Whitson. Mr. Trump began the call, with daughter Ivanka and NASA astronaut Kate Rubins flanking him. When Whitson said "your bill" she was clearly referring to the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 , passed by Congress and signed by Trump this year. Read More »

Will Blizzard Add 3 New Maps to Overwatch Later This Year?


The director also mentions that there are a "few other experiments going on," which could mean anything. Barring any complications to these maps, he also stated, " All three of those are looking likely for a release this year ." . These aren't maps that you will see in standard quick/competitive play. As is so often the case with popular threads on the forums, Jeff Kaplan himself swooped in to respond to the question of maps, and clarified that more are certainly coming. Read More »

Trump calls US astronaut who broke record for time in space

Whitson broke the NASA cumulative record set past year by astronaut Jeffrey Williams; Scott Kelly holds the USA record for consecutive days in space - 340. "We want to do that during my first term or, at worst, my second", Trump joked. NASA is building the hardware right now to test a new rocket that will carry astronauts farther from Earth than ever before, she said. Read More »

Hollande urges voters to block Le Pen


But Macron's party spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, said that Le Pen is hardly a vector of change. President Francois Hollande on Monday urged the nation to vote for the centrist presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron, in the decisive presidential run-off on May 7, saying the former economy minister was best placed to unite the people of France. Read More »

Whitson Topples Williams for Space Record

Whitson and Trump discussed the planned Mars Mission, which survived Trump's NASA budget cut. President Donald Trump's congratulatory call with phenomenal USA astronaut Peggy Whitson took a turn for the awkward when the subject changed to urine. Read More »

ZTE Blade Max 3 Is Now Official, Available At US Cellular


Talking about the smartphone itself, it has a massive 6-inch display on the front with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 i.e. 1080p. There is also the presence of a 4000mAh battery life. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, which can be further expandable up to 128GB via microSD card. Rs 12,800) after a discount of $100. Read More »

Photos From the Science March, on Earth Day


So now, it's our turn to return the favour to them". He still hasn't picked a top White House science adviser, which is fueling a growing concern that his administration turns a deaf ear to experts when the must-act issue of climate change is raised. Read More »

Korea, US, Japan to take unbearable punitive action if N. Korea provokes

There was speculation that the North might carry out another nuclear or missile test. Xi's phone call with Trump came amid signs Pyongyang could soon conduct its sixth nuclear test explosion since 2006, or the latest in a rapid series of missile tests, further advancing its ambitions of developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach the USA mainland. Read More »

USS Michigan nuclear sub heads to South Korea


Armed with tactical missiles and equipped with superior communications capabilities, the 560-foot-long, 18,000-tonne MI is one of four converted Ohio-class subs, joining the USS Ohio, USS Florida and USS Georgia, reports CNN. A North Korean foreign ministry spokesman said those meetings called by USA officials clearly reflected the US pressure that could "ignite a full-out war" on the Korean peninsula. Read More »

LinkedIn revendique 500 millions d'utilisateurs


Son rachat pour 26,2 milliards de dollars, finalisé en décembre, est le plus important réalisé à ce jour dans le secteur des réseaux sociaux. Aujourd'hui, LinkedIn revendique avoir dépassé le cap du demi-milliard de membres (14 millions en France). Read More »

AMD announces second-gen Radeon Pro Duo graphics card


The Pro Duo, announced on Monday, is based on the Polaris architecture. Radeon Pro Duo would have twice the geometry throughout with the help of WX 7100 enabling professionals to work maximum of four 4K monitors at 60Hz, drive the biggest 8K single monitor display at 30Hz with a single cable use. Read More »

Retard prévu pour l'iPhone 8


L'ajout de ces composants commandés sur-mesure pourraient ralentir le calendrier habituel de production d'Apple . Les consommateurs les plus exigeants devront attendre quelques semaines de plus pour découvrir le fameux iPhone 8 , qui présentera les caractéristiques d'être équipé d'un écran OLED , d'introduire un nouveau design et d'être dépourvu d'un bouton Home - directement intégré à l'écran. Read More »

Donald Trump calls to congratulate record-setting astronaut

The president, however, didn't seem convinced. "Well, that's good. I'm glad to hear it", replied Trump. "Tell me. Mars. What do you see as timing for actually sending humans to Mars?" He also spoke to the president about nations working together in space. Read More »

Beta 3 Comes With Slight Performance Boost From Beta 2

As yet there are no details on exactly when Apple will release the software for everyone. Because of the installation requirements, tvOS betas are limited to developers. That could certainly change between now and the public release, but it also wouldn't be surprising if iOS 10.3.2 was focused on under-the-hood performance improvements and bug fixes rather than introducing any new features. Read More »

Présidentielle : la bataille du second tour est lancée


Marine Le Pen a également adressé un message à Nicolas Dupont-Aignan et ses électeurs, appelant au " rassemblement le plus large des patriotes face aux représentants de la mondialisation décomplexée ". J'ai toujours considéré que le président est le président de tous les Français et qu'il doit rassembler tous les Français . L'offensive de Marine Le Pen s'est aussi déclinée sous un deuxième angle: le rapport à la nation. Read More »

Thousands To March For Science In Downtown LA


Organizers highlighted what they call the growing trend to politicize science . While march organizers say they event was not supposed to be partisan, it was undeniably political. The march puts scientists, who generally shy away from advocacy and whose work depends on objective experimentation, into a more public position. They chanted "Money for science and education, not for wars and climate adjustment". Read More »

Record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson inspiring young Iowa students

With astronaut Kate Rubins and daughter Ivanka Trump by his side, Mr Trump said: "Well that's what we like: great American equipment that works". "Scientists on the ground are looking at if they can proliferate stem cells better or differently in zero gravity", Whitson said. 8-year-old Samuel Macias said, "Now I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!" At present, however, NASA doesn't seem to have much of a plan beyond its stated goal of sending people to Mars by 2030. Read More »

Trump Wants to Get To Mars Sooner Rather than Later


At the moment of breaking the record, Whitson spent 534 days, 2 hours, and 49 minutes in space . "It's really not as bad as it sounds", Ms Whitson told Mr Trump about the recycling program on the International Space Station that converts astronaut urine into drinkable water. Read More »