Jeudi, 16 Juillet 2020
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SpaceX : Elon Musk dévoile la combinaison de ses futurs astronautes


Mais ce premier visuel permet déjà de se faire une petite idée. Le costume? Dans un matériau blanc d'apparence fin et léger, avec un jeu de découpes et de biais noirs. "Il était très dur de trouver le bon équilibre entre l'esthétique et la fonctionnalité", a-t-il écrit en légende. Cette combinaison pourrait servir pour les premiers vols spatiaux touristiques de SpaxeX autour de la Lune, programmée pour 2018 comme Elon Musk l'avait espéré en début d'année . Lire la suite »

This is Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launches with Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box underneath Samsung's Touchwiz UX, but the phone will receive Android 8.0 Oreo in the future. The Galaxy Note 7 - and others before it - was a popular business tool and has a loyal following. The camera sports a dual-pixel camera . The Note 8 is sleeker, bolder but the biggest deal here is the new camera setup. Lire la suite »

Uber narrows loss to US$645 mil, boosts revenue amid turmoil


Uber may have tanked in the public's eyes, but its highly publicized scandals from the past few months appear not to have had much effect on its business. The company reported $6.6 billion cash on hand, down from $7.1 billion at the last reporting period. The company doesn't even have a CEO right now , but newly released financials suggest that most users don't care. Lire la suite »

Rocket League aura des véhicules Mario et Metroid gratuits — Nintendo Switch


Tout comme certains titres déjà parus auparavant sur Wii U. Rappelons que les capacités de toutes les voitures sont identiques, et que seul l'esthétique les différencie. Ces véhicules seront gratuits dans Rocket League sur Switch, mais ils ne seront pas disponible dès le départ. De même que les Toppers Mario et Luigi seront exclusifs, la version Switch accueillera pour la première fois le multijoueur en local. Lire la suite »

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro details leaked prior to announcement

But we're pretty certain it's going to cost $200 stateside, with the same exact curved 1.5-inch Super AMOLED display as the non-Pro Gear Fit 2 from previous year. The Fit 2 Pro will also let you listen to music via your Spotify subscription (but offline) and sync with the Speedo On app - image via Venture Beat . Lire la suite »

L'iPhone 8 sera- t- il dévoilé le 12 septembre?


C'était le cas en 2012, lors de la présentation de l'iPhone 5, premier smartphone de la marque doté d'un écran plus allongé. Mais s'agit-il vraiment de l'iPhone 8? Autrement dit, la société semble prête à entièrement abandonner sa technologie Touch ID et opter pour la reconnaissance faciale à la place, possiblement avec des caméras infrarouges intégrées dans une barre de capteur au haut de l'écran sans bords. Lire la suite »

The Best And Worst Case Scenarios For Celtic In The Champions League


United's victory in last season's Europa League earned them a place in this season's Champions League , despite Jose Mourinho's men only finishing sixth in the Premier League . The unlikeliest of comebacks was ended by late goals from Olivier Ntcham and Leigh Griffiths as Celtic lost 4-3 on the night, but still progress. Lire la suite »

Bande annonce Switch — LEGO Worlds

Les précommandes sont actuellement disponibles en version physique et dématérialisée. Cette version ne contiendra en revanche pas les deux packs de DLC qui seront vendus individuellement au prix de 3,50€. Briques à foison, couleurs vives et chaleureuses, créations à volonté, la petite séquence montre même des Nintendo Switch faites en LEGO , c'est tout mignon. Lire la suite »

600 ch pour la nouvelle Ferrari Portofino (2017) !


La nouvelle se confirme: la marque au cheval cabré viendra début septembre avec un nouveau modèle d'accès dans ses valises. La répartition des masses est de 46/54 entre l'avant et l'arrière. Cette solution lui permet d'afficher un rapport de démultiplication annoncé comme 7% plus direct par rapport à la devancière. On trouve, sous le capot moteur de la Portofino , une évolution du V8 3,9L biturbo qui produit ici 600 chevaux vapeur et 760 Nm de couple. Lire la suite »

Users have stated problems with access to Facebook


Sounds very basic, we know, but it's an important one to tick off the list right at the beginning. What are the alternatives? In particular, users are not able to see your page . According to the Down Detector data, 39 per cent of users have been left unable to login to the social network. Also, there are no reports of such problems on Instagram and WhatsApp - also owned by Facebook. Lire la suite »

Gamescom 2017 : The Crew 2 sortira en mars 2018


Si vous souhaitez découvrir The Crew 2 en avant-première sachez que les inscriptions pour les phases de beta sont déjà ouvertes , et si vous avez déjà craqué vous pouvez toujours lancer votre précommande qui vous donnera accès au pack Moteurs de Légende incluant la Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016 et la Harley-Davidson Iron 833TM 2017. Lire la suite »

Stunning new Ferrari Portofino to replace California T


Ferrari says the new Portofino - proudly referencing "one of Italy's most attractive towns" - is significantly lighter than the California T , yet a redesigned body structure means it is also more rigid and robust. Ferrari has chosen a particularly evocative moniker for this exceptionally versatile drop-top vehicle, referencing one of Italy's most attractive towns. Lire la suite »

Totality: The Solar Eclipse From Waterloo, Illinois


Totality, when the sun is completely obscured by the moon, lasted for around two minutes in each location along the narrow corridor stretching across the United States heartland to Charleston, South Carolina. The total solar eclipse has officially come to an end, but one question remains: what do we do with our solar eclipse glasses? New Zealand isn't able to see the eclipse - but it will be visible as a total or partial eclipse in North America as well as parts of South ... Lire la suite »

This is what Monday's total solar eclipse felt like in Wyoming

You could buy solar eclipse magnets, bumper stickers, tee-shirts, and more-- all commemorating the biggest day the city of Sweetwater has ever seen! Hopefully by that time those fancy glasses are a bit more stylish. While solar eclipses are not uncommon, today's eclipse was the first to transit the entire USA, from west to east, in 99 years. "In a solar #eclipse, the moon passes between the sun & Earth & blocks all or part of the sun for up to about 3 hrs (sic)". Lire la suite »

Apple scales back vehicle ambitions


In June, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook told Bloomberg News the company was "focusing on autonomous systems" but didn't go into details. The Times' detailed progress (and some missteps) in Apple's self-driving vehicle ambitions, and one of those which still seems on track is a plan to create an autonomous shuttle to ferry employees from one part of its sprawling campus to another. Lire la suite »

SpaceX has published the first suit


Musk shared the photo Monday morning, and noted that the spacesuit featured in the picture wasn't a "mockup" - it is a tested version that "actually works". other spacesuits. This would make it the world's first private company to send humans into space. It faces stiff competition from Boeing, though, which plans an August 2018 date for its first manned mission . Lire la suite »

Meizu releases 5.5-inch M6 Note with advanced cameras


Earlier leaks have revealed that the phone will be having a MediaTek Helio P25 chipset alongside 3 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 32 GB. The phone comes with the dual camera and other good specs. Design wise, the Meizu M6 Note sports an all-metal unibody design with metal curved edges, giving it an overall premium outlook. Meizu even went as far as comparing the camera with that of the flagship Huawei P10. Lire la suite »

Headquarters Revealed for Call of Duty WW2


The preparation in the Firing Range will prove that the gamer is tops in the 1v1 Pit. Headquarters, which is based on the Allied forces creating a center of operations after they secured the Normandy beaches, will allow players to train together at shooting ranges, let solo players hone their kill-streaks through simulations and be an interactive space for groups to gather. Lire la suite »

F1 - Officiel : Vandoorne sera encore chez McLaren en 2018


Désormais, il est totalement éclairci puisque McLaren-Honda a annoncé dans un communiqué de presse que Vandoorne roulera bien pour la structure britannique en 2018, " comme prévu " peut-on lire dans cette annonce. "Enfin, je veux remercier les partenaires et les fans de Mclaren pour leur loyauté et leur enthousiasme, ils sont les meilleurs et je tiens également à remercier les directeurs du Comité Exécutif de McLaren, le Cheikh Mohammed et Mansour Ojjeh, qui continuent à croire en moi". Lire la suite »

Father: 'Everybody loved' United States man killed in Spain


A man says his son, a California resident, is among the dead in a truck attack in Barcelona , Spain. Julian Cadman, a seven-year-old British boy, was among those killed in the attack . The couple was married a year ago. They have not yet been named. The emergency services in Catalonia said Friday that 24 doctors had worked through the night conducting autopsies. Lire la suite »

Lamborghini Alpha-One made with the finest materials launched at $2500


Exciting news for the high-end consumer of mobile phones as the luxury vehicle maker Lamborghini has launched a smartphone, " Alpha One " which is android based. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5, and there's "liquid alloy" metal for the frame, which is supposedly stronger than titanium. In the storage department, the phone boasts a 64GB Internal memory. Lire la suite »