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Nintendo Facing Lawsuit Over Switch Design


Accessory manufacturer Gamevice is suing Nintendo over the design of the Switch. Nintendo is accused of infringing U.S. patent number 9,126,119, called " Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge section ". But patent banter aside, what's really interesting about the lawsuit is how much is at stake - Gamesvice is calling not only for damages, but a sweeping ban on Switch sales. Lire la suite »

Dark Arisen dévoile sa date de sortie — Dragon's Dogma


En effet, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen est à considérer avant tout comme un chapitre inédit de la licence de l'éditeur nippon Capcom . Et bien évidemment, cette version proposera une résolution plus importante sur la génération actuelle. Vos alliés combattent ainsi seuls et se développeront tout autant à vos côtés, sachez qu'ils peuvent être partagés ou empruntés en ligne contre des trésors, des conseils et autres monnaies d'échange. Lire la suite »

Ristar disponible gratuitement sur iOS et Android

L'étoile filante la plus cool des années 90 est à portée de téléchargement, sur l'App Store pour iPad et iPhone et sur Google Play Store pour les appareils Android . Cette version mobile comprend toutes les fonctionnalités modernes habituelles, comme les classements en ligne, le support des manettes ou encore les sauvegardes sur le cloud . Lire la suite »

Embarrassing: New York Times Corrects Story about Climate Change Report


The draft report documents recent advances in the ability of scientists to detect a climate change impact on many extreme weather events. The changes are already real and the future risks potentially catastrophic. The report says a sharp reduction in carbon emissions could limit the global average increase in temperatures to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. Lire la suite »

Mmm, this 100-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctica sure looks delicious


The site is notable not only for its role in the discovery of Antarctica but also as the only example left of humanity's first building on any continent. "It's an ideal high-energy food for Antarctic conditions, and is still a favourite item on modern trips to the ice". A team from the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch has recently finished a 14-month project conserving nearly 1,500 artifacts from Cape Adare. Lire la suite »

Use This App to Get the Most from the Coming Eclipse

Over the next hour and a half, it will cross through Oregon , Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri , Illinois, Kentucky , Tennessee, Georgia, and North and SC. Meteorologists at The Weather Channel are starting to get a look at the overall weather pattern that may be in place in two weeks. A partial solar eclipse will be visible right at dawn. Lire la suite »

All and Team Deathmatch modes coming soon to Overwatch's Arcade


Two new modes - eight-player free-for-all, and six-on-six team deathmatch - are coming to the Arcade soon and are available now for testing on the PTR. Additionally, story elements for the character will be sprinkled throughout the map similar to Winston and the Horizon Lunar Colony map. Kaplan explained the Overwatch sniper's home features a mix of open areas, tight corridors, and jump pads. Lire la suite »

Apple iPhone 8 3D sensor could also mute notifications, reveals new leak


Rambo also found suggestions in the code of the HomePod firmware that the next iPhone will be able to recognise when you're looking at it and mute notifications. Zhongsheng is refered to state the yields of the organization's new OLED show on the cell phone are low (60 percent achievement rate), something another report about Samsung's part in the OLED show supply certifies. Lire la suite »

'Damned close' asteroid will miss Earth this time, say astronomers


Dubbed 2012 TC4, the asteroid first passed the Earth in 2012, when it was nearly twice as far away as it will be this year before disappearing off on its galactic path. Estimated to be between 15 to 30 meters in size, the ESA said an asteroid of this magnitude entering our atmosphere would have a similar effect to the Chelyabinsk event. Lire la suite »

Dark Arisen Launching for PS4 and XB1 in October — Dragon's Dogma


A release date for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was provided today by Capcom. Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen is out on October 3 for PS4 and Xbox One. Epic Fantasy Setting - Travel to Gransys and beyond in a vast, richly detailed world, ripe for exploration. This updated version of the release for the previous generation of consoles serves to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the series. Lire la suite »

US Gov't Report Confirms 2016 Was the Hottest Year on Record


The report itself clashes with claims coming from the Trump Administration, with some government officials arguing that climate change is little more than an urban myth. Among the findings , the annual global surface temperature reached a record warmth for the third year in a row, ranging from 0.45° to 0.56° Celsius above the 1981-2010 average. Lire la suite »

China sends "unbreakable" quantum code from satellite


Chinese scientists have successfully sent an unbreakable code from its quantum satellite to the Earth in what is considered to be a major breakthrough in the development of a "hack-proof" global quantum communication network. "Satellite-based quantum key distribution can be linked to metropolitan quantum networks where fibers are sufficient and convenient to connect numerous users within a city over 100 km". Lire la suite »

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to come with 3D Touch


Official release date of Galaxy Note 8 is the 15th of September. The site said both the leaked images and storage information appear to be 100-percent trustworthy. It also indicates that Samsung , like other smartphone companies, has yet to overcome the technical challenges of incorporating a front-facing fingerprint sensor into the glass display. Lire la suite »

BMW launches £2000 diesel vehicle 'scrappage' scheme


Buyers of low-emission BMWs and Minis can get £2,000 off when they trade in their old diesel model. The scheme has already started and will initially run until the end of the year. Would you trade in your BMW or MINI with the promise of a £1,700 discount? To qualify for the discount, customers can trade in any diesel-powered auto from any brand, so long as it's Euro-4 standard or older. Lire la suite »

Microsoft Surface devices fail on reliability, says Consumer Reports survey


Consumer Reports is no longer recommending any Microsoft laptop or tablet. However, Surface is a small part of Microsoft's overall revenue, and Surface revenue has declined year-over-year for the past two quarters. Microsoft said the findings don't accurately reflect Surface owners' "true experiences". This year we looked at more than 90,000 responses from subscribers about laptops and tablets that they had bought. Lire la suite »

Des mots de passe simples et sûrs


L'ex-employé de l'Institut national américain des standards et des technologies Bill Burr a raconté au Wall Street Journal qu'il avait été déçu par son livre consacré au choix d'un mot de passe sécurisé qu'il avait rédigé à l'époque où il travaillait dans cet institut. Lire la suite »

Facebook dit encore adieu à l'une de ses applications — Groups App

Facebook semble vouloir mettre de l'ordre dans ses applications. Mais en l'espace de trois jours, Facebook s'est débarrassé de deux applications. La seconde, lancée en 2014, permettait de créer, de rejoindre ou de participer à des groupes Facebook . En fait, Facebook était auparavant censé travailler sur un nouvel outil appelé Talk qui était également axé sur les adolescents. Lire la suite »

Cassini will take five victory laps before plunging into Saturn


However, if the atmosphere is more dense than expected, the altitude will be slightly raised in the subsequent orbits. Cassini will make the first of these five passes over Saturn at 12:22 a.m. During its final pass on September 11th, the probe will go near enough Titan for the moon's gravity to slow down its orbit, bending its path and marking the beginning of its final days. Lire la suite »

No Android Nougat update for Lenovo Phab 2 series smartphones


Unfortunately, the entire Lenovo Phab series seems to have been excluded from the update list. Definitely, it is a heartbreaking decision by the company as there are many Phab owners out there. What's more shocking is that the company's latest Phab series smartphone Phab2 Pro which is also the first widely-available Tango-enabled smartphone will also remain on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Lire la suite »

Lenovo launches K8 Note starting at Rs 12999


Manufacturers are planning to make this phone available to the users from August 18th, 12 PM through the Amazon India. The smartphone is available in two colors - Fine Gold and the menacing sounding Venom Black which comes with a matte finish. Lire la suite »

WhatsApp beta for Android 2.17.295: what's new?


Instant messaging app WhatsApp will soon change our banking transaction mode if the new feature becomes a reality. WeBetaInfo has tweeted that the Whatsapp UPI Payments beta version for Android is presently under progress. If this report is believed to be true then WhatsApp will surely be a great beneficiary as it has a user base of close to 200 million and it would be interesting to see whether the company will be able to turn its user base into faithful customers or not. Lire la suite »