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Phobos photobombs Mars in Hubble view


The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope took the images of Phobos orbiting Mars on May 12, 2016, when the planet was 50 million miles from Earth. The Hubble space telescope was observing and taking photos of Mars at that time because it was expected to orbit closer to Earth than it had in the past 11 years. Lire la suite »

Facebook working on 'modular' hardware device

A patent application , published on 20 July, details " modular electromechanical devices, more specifically electromechanical devices having their functions defined by the combination of modules attached to a chassis". Modular consumer hardware allows users to swap different components onto a device, much in the way lego pieces can be snapped together or separated. Lire la suite »

MacGill settles pay dispute with Cricket Australia


The cricketer was also suing for more than $900,000 in interest. The Australian Associated Press reported Friday that the parties had reached an agreement, but no details were released. The $2.6 million claim came from $1.6 million in lost match payments and prizemoney, and nearly $1 million in interest, plus costs. Earlier, Stuart MacGill was advised by a Victorian Supreme Court judge to obtain legal advice after he appeared nervous and failed to articulate his case against Cricket Australia. Lire la suite »

Of-Its-Kind Breakthrough Tracks Down 'Majorana Fermions' In a Topological Superconductor


However, in 1937 an Italian theoretical physicist, Ettore Majorana, predicted the existence of a unusual class of particles called fermions that were their own anti-particles. This made the electrons flow one way along one edge of the surface and the opposite way along the opposite edge. The results of these experiments are not likely to have any effect on efforts to determine if the neutrino is its own antiparticle, noted Stanford physics professor Giorgio Gratta, who played a major role in ... Lire la suite »

Nokia 2, entry-level Android smartphone leaks along with Nokia 3


Looking at the leaked image, it gives an impression that the alleged Nokia 2 may sport rounded edges much like the Lumia 620. Images of the device are surfacing on China's Baidu . According to VentureBeat, the Nokia 8 [pictured above] will be running Android Nougat, and will have a 5.3 inch display with 2.5D curved glass front. Lire la suite »

Une nouvelle faille de sécurité, protégez vos comptes — Facebook


Si vous avez changé de numéro de téléphone récemment et que vous utilisez Facebook , ces quelques lignes devraient vous intéresser, car il est question de sécurité. Martindale a fait cette découverte assez alarmante par hasard, en changeant de carte et de numéro de téléphone. Facebook permet de réinitialiser un mot de passe avec un simple numéro de téléphone, et ce n'est pas le seul: nous avons fait le test et cela fonctionne parfaitement sur Twitter. Lire la suite »

Les résultats progressent au premier semestre mais la rentabilité s'effrite — PLASTIC OMNIUM

L'équipementier Plastic Omnium a publié mercredi un bénéfice net part du groupe en hausse de 35,4% au premier semestre, à 210 millions d'euros, et prévoit des résultats "en forte progression" pour l'ensemble de l'année 2017. Par zone géographique, la croissance est tirée par l'Amérique du Nord (+25,9%, 1 milliard d'euros), l'Asie (+23%, 650,1 millions d'euros) et l'Amérique du Sud (+70,9%, 129,1 millions d'euros). Lire la suite »

Did Trump Intend to Fire FBI Director James Comey All Along?


When he was named special counsel, "I said, 'What the hell is this all about?'" Trump said. The Times asked Trump if Mueller's probe would cross a " red line " if it expands to look at his family's finances beyond Russian Federation, and Trump responded, "I would say yes". Lire la suite »

OJ Simpson cried during his parole hearing but no one's buying it


His conviction came 13 years after he was acquitted of the murders of his Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman , in what's been called the " Trial of the Century ". David Smith , a spokesman for the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners, told CNN that if paroled, Simpson could be released as early as October. Lire la suite »

IOS 10.3.3 : une mise à jour de sécurité importante


Elle affecte les iPhone 5 et suivants, les iPad de 4e génération et suivants, et les iPod Touch 6G. Cette nouvelle faille permet aux hackers de contrôler les iPhone. Devant l'ampleur de la menace, Apple a réagi sans attendre . Rendez-vous dans l'app Réglages Général Mise à jour logicielle pour faire la mise à niveau en OTA. Lire la suite »

Astronaut Neil Armstrong's moon bag sells for Dollars 1.8mn at auction


Neil Armstrong , the first human to plod on the moon, stuck the purse-like pouch in a pocket of his spacesuit and used it to hold rocks he plucked from near where the Eagle lunar module touched down. OK, so there's not a grain of truth to the conspiracy theories that say the Moon Landing was a hoax (more on that in the next paragraph). A nonprofit group called For All Moonkind agrees with NASA that priceless artifacts like the moon bag are a precursor to the future exploitation of space ... Lire la suite »

Microsoft sur un nuage — Trimestriels


Le bénéfice par action se monte à 0,80 dollar (0,98 dollar non GAAP). Pour les seules activités dans le "Cloud", la progression du chiffre d'affaires est de 11% à 7,4 milliards de dollars. Sur l'ensemble de l'année fiscale, le chiffre d'affaires (GAAP) se monte à 90 milliards de dollars (+5%) pour un bénéfice net de 21,2 milliards (+26%). Lire la suite »

Raving Donald Trump Bashes Jeff Sessions And Robert Mueller


In May, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey , citing various reasons including his handling of the probe into Hillary Clinton's private email server, as well as the Russia-related investigation. "So Jeff Sessions takes the job, gets into the job, recuses himself", Trump told The New York Times . That follows comments by President Trump, who said he wouldn't have appointed Sessions had he known Sessions would recuse himself from the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump ... Lire la suite »

Domino's Pizza Inc (NYSE:DPZ) Given Average Recommendation of "Hold" by Brokerages

MCF Advisors LLC raised its position in Domino's Pizza by 0.5% in the first quarter. Retirement Systems of Alabama raised its position in Domino's Pizza by 5.3% in the first quarter. Analysts anticipate that Domino's Pizza Inc will post $5.46 EPS for the current year. The company also recently disclosed a quarterly dividend, which was paid on Friday, June 30th. Lire la suite »

Seadrill Limited (NYSE:SDRL) Short Interest Update

Going toward to the 50-day, we can see that shares are now trading 51.23% off of that figure. This trading sentiment put the stock on Most Active spotlight. Market Capitalization if basically the market value of the company's shares outstanding. Where the relative strength index (RSI) is a technical momentum indicator that compares the magnitude of recent gains to recent losses in an attempt to determine excess buying & selling conditions of an asset, it is one of the most popular technical ... Lire la suite »

YouTube Redirects Searches For Extremist Videos To Anti-Terrorism Playlists


YouTube today announced another step in its initiative to end terrorist content on the site: redirecting people away from violent extremist propaganda and pointing them instead in the direction of videos that debunk its mythology. Going forward, YouTube plans to grow the list of search queries so that it can also redirect users who are searching the platform in languages other than English. Lire la suite »

Meizu Pro 7: Its second screen is unveiled in a new image


We all know that Meizu Pro 7 gets a secondary display on its back. There's no word on the size or resolution of the secondary display, but at the front will be a 5.2-inch Full HD display. It's worth noting that the X30 is the first 10nm chip from the MediaTek. The Pro 7 will arrive with a 5.2-inch screen while the Pro 7 Plus is speculated to have a 5.5-inch screen or larger. Lire la suite »

Singer Greyson Chance comes out as gay


Although he acknowledged that it took him a while to decide on publicizing his sexuality, Chance encouraged those who are still hiding in the closet to find courage in embracing who they are. "Hell, for me, it took years to write this message", Chance writes. Greyson's cover was so popular that he was invited onto the Ellen Degeneres Show - which, as everybody knows, is the moment you officially become an online star; and even bagged himself a record deal with Ellen's label, Eleveneleven . Lire la suite »