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La Nasa diffuse une nouvelle image de Jupiter


Mais tout cela ne doit pas faire oublier le travail de Juno, une sonde de la Nasa qui tourne autour de Jupiter, et qui tente d'en explorer les mystères. On distingue notamment à la surface de multiples tourbillons résultant de la présence d'orage. Cette photo a été prise le 11 décembre 2016 à 9h44 à une altitude de 52,200 kilomètres. Lire la suite »

500M Windows 10 devices, half of 2018 goal

The only way to go If you want to install your own apps from the Internet on the Windows 10 S device you have is to upgrade the license key to the Windows 10 Pro . Windows 10 was pitched originally as a tool to break the company out of its dependence on the personal computer, software that could bridge the gap between laptops, smartphones, Xbox consoles and other devices. Lire la suite »

Galaxy Note 8 Is Coming This Year, Samsung Confirms

The designer gave the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 concept a 6.4-inch QHD+ Infiniti Display screen that will be fitted with a 16MP dual camera and a 13MP front camera. This represents the highest-ever operating profit for the January to March period for the company and makes Q1 2017 Samsung's second-best quarter ever. Lire la suite »

Amazon sweeps US market for voice-controlled speakers


The photo was first published by Amazon hardware blog AFTV news, before renowned mobile device leaker Evan Blass came forward with additional, better-quality images. A study by research firm eMarketer showed that Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices will claim a 70.6 percent share of the US market this year, well ahead of Google Home's 23.8 percent share. Lire la suite »

LEGO Star Wars May the Fourth Build: Grand Admiral Thrawn's

The company celebrates the day by releasing new videos (like a 2-D animated clip of BB-8) and partnering with other companies to offer Star Wars Day shopping deals . Butera is not a huge " Star Wars " fan ("I've seen a few of them", he said), but he knows enough about the two sides of the Force. "I could get all philosophical and political about the story because Lucas did a great job of creating dialogue and commentary about our world and society within Star Wars , but I won't!" What ... Lire la suite »

Tuned Land Rover Range Rover Velar Spied At The Ring


The Range Rover Velar goes on sale this summer, but a fresh crop of spy photos reveals that the brand apparently has a hotter SVR tune of the stylish crossover already under development at the Nürburgring. Spotted by sharpshooters outside Jaguar Land Rover's Nurburgring testing facility, the heavily camouflaged Velar SVR sports a new front clip, larger air intakes, and bigger brakes, while SVR's signature quad-tipped active exhaust is tucked out of sight behind the rear bumper. Lire la suite »

Next Final Fantasy 15 Update Detailed


Simply put, the game will utilize Pro's features to ensure a stable framerate throughout the experience; the exact words were "stable framerate and comfortable play". Several DLC's have already been released for the RPG, with the character-focused "Episode Gladiolus" being the latest. New auto stickers added for Regalia customization. Lire la suite »

Microsoft pulls of Windows 10 upgrade for smartphones


An example of this is Spotify's recent announcement that they will be leaving the Windows 10 Mobile, which will give people who love the music streaming app less reason to switch to the "Surface Phone". The main thing that separates a regular Windows from a Windows Cloud is that Windows Cloud will only be able to run apps downloaded from the Windows Store. Lire la suite »

Un homme avalé en entier par un python géant — Indonésie


Une disparition inquiétante . Akbar, 25 ans, avait quitté sa maison dimanche à Mamuju, sur l'île des Célèbes (centre), et n'était pas rentré chez lui. C'est ce qui a mis la puce à l'oreille de certains villageois, qui ont décidé de tuer l'animal et de l'ouvrir en deux. Ils lui ont alors ouvert le ventre et ont récupéré le corps du jeune homme. Lire la suite »

Jaguar Land Rover now offering $20 per month unlimited data plan


InControl is Jaguar Land Rover's proprietary app and media platform, offering integrated support for such popular apps as Tile, the Bluetooth-enabled item locator, music streaming service Spotify, Cityseeker, Hotelseeker, Audiobooks, Rdio, Parkopedia, offline Global Positioning System service Sygic, location sharing service Glympse, Stitcher streaming radio, Mileage Tracker Pro, and more. Lire la suite »

IPad Pro 2: April/September 2017 Release Date, Latest Specs, Rumors And More


The iPad range has been consolidated, with an iPad Mini (4), a 9.7-inch iPad or iPad pro versions at 9.7- or 12.9-inches now on offer. Among the notable features of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is an advanced bezel-free Retina Display, which would enable the device to have the same footprint as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 despite being equipped with a significantly larger screen. Lire la suite »

OMB Dir. Mulvaney Defends Budget Blueprint That Won't Balance


Petri describes the budget's name as "an exercise program where you eat only what you can catch, pump up your guns and then punch the impoverished in the face". Trump calls this a " skinny budget ", but that's a generous description of a spending document that will still total roughly $4 trillion and is not likely to reduce by very much the anticipated $488 billion deficit. Lire la suite »

Zacks Rank on Freeport-McMoran, Inc. (FCX) based on Estimated Earnings


The consensus estimate for current quarter is $0.19 and for the current fiscal year, the estimate is $1.09. The growth estimate for the next five years is 44.55 percent (per annum). Finally, Barclays PLC reissued an "equal weight" rating and issued a $14.00 price objective on shares of Freeport-McMoRan in a report on Monday, January 30th. Lire la suite »

Décès d'Anthony Delhalle lors d'essais à Nogaro


Touché notamment aux vertèbres cervicales, il n'a pas survécu à ses blessures malgré l'intervention immédiate des secours, qui n'ont pas pu le ranimer. Voilà, c'est brutal, c'est dégueulasse, c'est injuste, Motoservices présente ses condoléances à sa famille, ses amis et son team, nous sommes toujours dévastés par la brutalité d'une mort en circuit. Lire la suite »

Le jeu sortira-t-il sur Nintendo Switch ? Blizzard répond — Overwatch


Si Jeff Kaplan parle de défi, c'est que Blizzard a certainement étudié la faisabilité de la chose. La Switch offre de nombreuses possibilités et notamment celle de pratiquer des parties multijoueurs sans la moindre contrainte. Dès lors, une version Switch de ce dernier n'apparaît pas comme irréalisable. Reste a savoir si les fans de Nintendo sont intéressés par ces jeux compétitifs. Lire la suite »

Gamestop to Restock on the Nintendo Switch

According to GameStop , the Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful gaming console launches the company has experienced in years. But the question remains: will Nintendo be able to keep up with demand for the Switch, or will retailers once again face a shortage of consoles. Lire la suite »

Horizon Zero Dawn: Is There New Game Plus?


You'll need a lot more than a bow and some arrows to survive in this world. I'll have far more to say about it once I'm done and there's a full review, but this opening to the game is superb. You can imagine, then, the surprise that they would be working on a completely new IP, one that features giant robot dinosaurs, a female protagonist, and a relatively heavy amount of role-playing mechanics. Lire la suite »

Nintendo Switch : Toutes les informations


Mais cela devrait vite s'améliorer: on sait déjà que 44 jeux seront disponibles pour la Nintendo Switch d'ici la fin 2017. Ce qui équivaut entre 16,39-24,58 euros (17,62-26,44$). Une bizarrerie d'autant plus surprenante que la Switch comporte bel et bien une entrée micro / casque... C'est Tatsumi Kimishima , le président de Nintendo lui-même, qui a donné la première fourchette de ce futur service de jeu en ligne. Lire la suite »

Giant alligator strolls past tourists without a care in the world

It may be nature at its best, but visitors should be cautious and stay a safe distance away from the animals. The alligator got its nickname because of his huge , curved back. Kristi Buckley was also there, snapping pictures just feet from the massive gator. "Very exciting to see", she said, adding that she was in the right place at the right time . Lire la suite » a fermé ses portes — Streaming


L'ALPA a en effet déposé plainte au début de l'année contre l'administrateur du site. L'association de lutte contre la piraterie audiovisuelle vient de le prouver une fois de plus avec une action qui a abouti à la neutralisation de, une plateforme qui proposait de visionner des films et des séries télévisées sans en avoir le droit. Lire la suite »

Game Mode, décryptage de cette nouvelle fonctionnalité pour Windows 10


Parmi les nouveautés figure un nouveau " Game Mode " qui va permettre aux utilisateurs d'améliorer les performances des jeux, à la fois les jeux traditionnels Win32 et les nouveaux jeux UWP (Universal Windows Platform) de Windows Store. Des commandes de musique de fond sont ajoutées, et Cortana arbore un nouveau design. Concrètement, ce mode permettra à Windows 10 d'accorder la priorité d'accès aux ressources du système pour un jeu en cours d'exécution en réduisant les tâches effectuées en ... Lire la suite »