Jeudi, 9 Juillet 2020
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Ford recalls 15600 cars in South Africa over fire risk


While none of the vehicles had caught fire in South Africa, Ford reportedly said that 16 cases had been reported globally. If the fluid comes into contact with the car's exhaust system, it can result in smoke and fire. Ford said there would be no charge for the replacement hose and labour costs. Next month, Ford will invite 4,556 Kuga owners whose vehicles were recalled to have a sensor installed in their cars that alerts the driver when the coolant drops, The Times reported . Lire la suite »

San Francisco to ban sales of vaping flavored liquid


However, San Francisco is the first to initiate a ban on this substance. Sale of tobacco-flavored vaping liquid will still be allowed. "There is a great deal of evidence that flavors are critical to helping adults quit smoking by helping them disconnect from the taste of tobacco ", said Conley, who quit smoking in 2010 with the help of watermelon flavored "e-liquid", the liquid used in electronic cigarettes. Lire la suite »

Radiohead release video for previously unreleased track Man Of War


To Radiohead diehards, none of the songs are entirely new-" I Promise ", " Man of War " and " Lift " have all been played live throughout the years. Opening with a subdued guitar and a subtle synth, the following four minutes incrementally layers rhythms, guitars and strings. Man Of War received its radio premiere in the United Kingdom today, and now has an official video up on YouTube . Lire la suite »

EBay Launches Price Match Guarantee Initiative


EBay claims that 90 percent of its deals are new items. Sellers include smaller merchants looking to grow their consumer base as well as major consumer brands. 'Our eBay Deals selection has grown exponentially since being launched in 2011. "The vast majority of our deals are already lower priced or equal to our competitors, but if a shopper finds it for less, we'll gladly match the price of our competitors", says eBay exec Hal Lawton. Lire la suite »

Nicolas Lunven (Generali) remporte la 48e Solitaire du Figaro


Le skipper français signe sa 2e victoire dans l'épreuve, après celle de 2009. Après un début d'étape où le scénario s'annonçait pour lui catastrophique, Nicolas Lunven s'est repris à Wolf Rock et trouvé le bon tempo. C'est sa neuvième participation à la Solitaire. " J'ai bossé comme un fou! " confiait t'il à son arrivée victorieuse à Concarneau lors de la troisième étape. Lire la suite »

Trump says he supports Senate healthcare bill

It abolishes two of the law's central mandates - that individuals must show proof of insurance when filing their taxes, and that firms with 50 workers or more must provide health coverage - while providing less money for moderate and low-income Americans buying insurance on the individual market. Lire la suite »

La sécu des étudiants confiée au régime général


Emmanuel Macron n'a jamais fait mystère de son intention de supprimer le RSI mais les administrateurs du régime dénoncent une décision non concertée, l'assimilant à un "49-3 social ". Le barème des cotisations des indépendants ne sera cependant pas aligné sur celui des salariés du privé, ce qui les aurait fait bondir de plus de 50 %! Pour les professions libérales, la réforme sera invisible. Lire la suite »

Police officer stabbed at Michigan airport

The FBI said the man made references during the attack to people being killed in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. MLive is reporting the officer was stabbed in the neck. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver , quoted in a news release from city hall, said in a statement, "My thoughts and prayers are with all of our law enforcement officers who work to service and protect us each and every day". Lire la suite »

Osinbajo : Acting President condemns violent attacks in Taraba


ARG in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Kunle Famoriyo noted that this is the first time in the history of the country that Nigerians are witnessing honest confrontation of social malady through dialogue and democratic means. So, we should address fundamentally these areas of poverty, unemployment and hardship. Over the course of one week, the Acting President has met with traditional rulers from the North and the South East in a series of consultations on the issue of ethnic ... Lire la suite »

School has ceremony at hospital so dying mother sees daughter graduate

Her mother, Patricia, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and a rare auto-immune disease 10 months ago. My mom sometimes wouldn't be home a week at a time, and it was really hard. "I went in there and like all of a sudden my mom was back you know not having the cancer affecting her", Samantha Parrotte said. Two graduations for one young woman. Lire la suite »

US airstrike kills al-Qaida commander, 2 others, in Yemen


The U.S. Central Command said that the senior al-Qaida leader was killed in Yemen's Shabwah governorate by a June 16 U.S. airstrike. "In conjunction with our Arab allies, the USA will continue to support their efforts and fight terrorist organizations like AQAP", said the US Central Command. Lire la suite »

Awareness of women's CV health, CVD risk low among patients, physicians


Almost half of a thousand surveyed women said they'd postponed or canceled doctor's visits because they wanted to lose weight first. She said even in doctors' offices female patients face gender stigma. Can you name the No. 1 killer of women in the U.S.? Limitations to their analysis include a relatively small sample size, although Bairey Merz and colleagues maintained that survey respondents were representative of the US population. Lire la suite »

Vigo County official charged with voting outside precinct


Kesler was taken to Vigo County Jail and was released after 10% of his $5,000 bond was posted. Kesler used to live in Vigo County and moved to Edgar County, Illinois back in 2010. He now faces two Class D felonies of Voting Outside Precinct Residence. Police say that this is an isolated incident and not related to any other voter investigations that may be ongoing in Indiana. Lire la suite »

Cycling to work reduces stress, researchers find


Based on responses from 123 employees at Montreal's Autodesk, those studied were asked to complete a web based survey upon arriving to work. What if you cycled to work? If you drive to work or take public transportation, you may be at a disadvantage compared to your bike-commuting coworkers. Lire la suite »

Teens: More Contraception, Less Sex, CDC Reports


According to the report, there was a significant decrease in teens who reported having sex in 2011 through 2015 compared to those who reported doing so in 1988. In a phone interview, Abma said the level of sexual activity among teenagers fell sharply until about 2002 and had since gradually declined, while the use of contraceptives had steadily increased. Lire la suite »

Electric vehicle maker to buy AM General plant in Indiana


The company has ambitious plans in the USA, which include establishing an EV clean mobility brand based on the West Coast that will source its parts primarily in the US and create a supply chain in the country. Both companies confirmed the transaction in a press release today. "This transaction puts the (plant) on solid ground to keep the assembly lines running, providing our tremendously talented and dedicated employees new opportunities as part of SF Motors and its plans to produce ... Lire la suite »

Sanford Health and Mid Dakota Clinic have plans to merge


The agencies announced Thursday, June 22, that they will seek a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to stop the deal pending an administrative trial, scheduled to begin November 28. Sanford Health was formed in 2009 when Sanford in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, merged with Meritcare in Fargo, North Dakota. Sanford now bills itself as one of the largest health systems in the nation, with 45 hospitals and almost 300 clinics in nine states and four countries. Lire la suite »

Bernie Sanders calls Senate Obamacare replacement 'worse than expected'

It would also eliminate federal funding of Planned Parenthood for a year and allow states to decide what constitutes an " essential health benefit ". "People will die", she said. "She has a number of concerns and will be particularly interested in examining the forthcoming CBO analysis on the impact on insurance coverage, the effect on insurance premiums, and the changes in the Medicaid program", Clark said. Lire la suite »

Basket: les Françaises contre les Slovaques en quarts de l'Euro


L'équipe de France féminine de basket a décroché jeudi sa qualification pour les demi-finales de l'Euro disputé en République tchèque . Si les Slovaques ont été bien plus dangereuses en attaque, les deux équipes ont fait jeu égale et c'est logiquement qu'à la pause elle menait 39-24 sur un dernier tir de Céline Dumerc . Lire la suite »

Americans and guns: It's really complicated, survey shows


About half of gun owners (54%) say they think if more Americans owned guns there would be less crime in the USA; 23% of adults who do not own guns say the same. One key and defining characteristic of gun owners is the extent to which they associate the right to own guns with their own personal sense of freedom - 74% of gun owners say this right is essential, compared with 35% of non-gun owners. Lire la suite »

Owner, director of compounding pharmacy face federal charges


Elmer and 62-year-old Caprice R. Bearden are charged with distributing over- and under-potent drugs, defrauding the government and interfering with and obstructing the Food and Drug Administration. The indictment says Bearden discussed the out-of-specification test results with Elmer, a licensed pharmacist, and Elmer determined that Pharmakon should not contact any clients-including hospitals-who received the drugs, nor conduct product recalls before FDA intervention. Lire la suite »

Men Are Demanding the Right to Wear Shorts By Wearing Skirts Instead

In Nantes, a city in western France, bus drivers argued that the sweltering temperatures make wearing long trousers miserable, especially while driving during long, hot summer days with no air conditioning. We've been asking for this since 2013", he added. Pascal Bolo, the president of the bus company said the management introduced lighter "summer trousers" past year for drivers. Lire la suite »

Text of Senate GOP health care bill released

There was a stark difference in reactions from Florida's USA senators to Thursday's reveal of the long-awaited Senate health care bill , with Democrat Bill Nelson extremely critical and Republican Marco Rubio cautious but so far not expressing any major reservations. Lire la suite »