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Pakistan wants peace, stability in Afghanistan: FO Spokesman


At least eight Afghan security guards at Bagram Air Base, the United States' largest military base in Afghanistan , were killed in an ambush by the Taliban while on their way to work, an official said on Tuesday. The addition of the 3,800 troops will allow the Americans to train and assist Afghan forces at the tactical level on the ground, just as the USA military is now doing in Iraq with the Iraqi forces fighting against ISIS. Lire la suite »

This tick bite makes you allergic to red meat, doctors say


Alpha-gal is a red meat allergy that researchers believe is caused by a tick bite. The ticks are spreading to new locations, where they're making people allergic to even a single bite of meat. Researchers from the University of Virginia determined that something in the tick's saliva hijacks humans' immune systems, causing it to red-flag alpha-gal, and trigger a massive release of histamines whenever red meat is consumed. Lire la suite »

State Dept. Investigating Clinton, Could Yank Clearance


But here's what might strike some as odd. The department is formally investigating whether Clinton and her team violated protocols for handling classified information by using a private email server, Fox reported . During the FBI's investigation of Clinton's use of top-secret and classified information on her private server, Comey said there were seven email chains on Clinton's computer that were classified at the "Top Secret/Special Access Program level". Lire la suite »

Time To Rake In Healthy Returns From Clovis Oncology, Inc. (CLVS)

The current market capitalization of Clovis Oncology Inc (NASDAQ: CLVS ) stands at 3.97 Billion. Finally, Endurant Capital Management LP increased its position in Clovis Oncology by 73.1% in the first quarter. The business had revenue of $7.05 million during the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $6.04 million. Over the last 5 years, Clovis Oncology , Inc. Lire la suite »

United Kingdom oil and gas optimism increasing, report finds


The percentage of firms anticipating job cuts within the next year is down from almost one-third (32%) in 2016 to fewer than one-fifth (19%) this time. Close to a third of firms said the weak oil price hit their business "severely or quite badly" in the past year, the report said. "There is evidence that the tide looks like it is starting to turn on employment in the North Sea and firms are planning for growth". Lire la suite »

10 children suffer chemical burns at water park


The overly chlorinated water left 10 children with leg and arm rashes that eventually blistered. Letta says the park didn't have necessary permits, inspections, water samples and functioning equipment when it opened last Thursday in the town of Porter, about 40 miles southeast of Chicago. Lire la suite »

Trump returns to Iowa and unhappy independent voters

The bill will be brought to the Senate floor once the CBO has assessed its cost and impact, "likely next week", McConnell said . Mr McConnell has made clear that he wants to have a vote on the legislation before senators leave Washington DC for the Fourth of July. Lire la suite »

House of Thaller recalls hummus products


The Food and Drug Administrations says so far no illnesses have been reported in relation to this product or recall. You can see the long list of lot codes and expiration dates for these products, along with pictures of product labels, at the FDA web site. Lire la suite »

Senate GOP steers toward showdown vote on health bill

The AHCA would effectively end Medicaid as a guaranteed benefit based on need by placing a per-capita cap on overall spending. An analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office - issued after the Republican-controlled House approved the measure - said the bill, if it were to become law, would in 10 years leave 23 million more Americans without health insurance than would be the case if the ACA were to remain in place. Lire la suite »

24-hour suspension proposed in Ohio officer head-kick case


The recommendation by Columbus police chief Kim Jacobs against officer Zachary Rosen was made public Wednesday. Video recorded by a witness and then posted to social media showed Rosen stomping on 22-year-old Demarko Anderson's head as he lies on the ground pinned down by another officer on a sidewalk. Lire la suite »

France : le MoDem quitte le gouvernement

Fasquelle dans les couloirs de l'Assemblée. Suite au témoignage de Matthieu Lamarre, le parquet de Paris a ouvert une enquête préliminaire pour "abus de confiance" et "recel" . Brice Hortefeux refuse de voir dans ce nouveau départ un signal positif pour Emmanuel Macron, qui se débarrasse ainsi d'une difficulté dans le gouvernement d'Édouard Philippe. Lire la suite »

Special election losses leave Democrats divided, searching

DUNWOODY, Ga. (AP ) - Republicans can enjoy some breathing room after winning a Georgia special congressional race that morphed from an afterthought in the usually conservative Atlanta suburbs into an expensive national proxy for Washington wars ahead of the 2018 midterm elections . Lire la suite »

Georgia official to be reprimanded for 'racist pig' comment


Hunter's spokesman, Seth Weathers, criticized the board's decision. "Spineless politicians do spineless things". News outlets report the decision on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, followed the recommendation of Gwinnett County's ethics board, which voted earlier in June to sustain the ethics complaint against the Commissioner. Lire la suite »

Macron remporte la majorité absolue — Elections en France

Lors du scrutin du 18 juin, La République en marche et son parti allié, le Mouvement démocrate ( MoDem ), ont décroché 350 sièges sur 577 avec 49 % des voix. Le numéro 2 de son parti, Florian Philippot , est en revanche battu. S'il quadruple le nombre de ses députés, le FN échoue cependant à constituer un groupe parlementaire de 15 députés. Lire la suite »

Greek stocks hit 2-year high after new deal


The agreement gave enough clarity to investors on how Greece can manage its crushing debt burden that it should be able to borrow on the market again " in due course " after effectively relying on bailout support from other sovereigns since 2010. Lire la suite »

Is Biden the Democrat's trump card for 2020?


Almost three-quarters of Democrats viewed Biden favorably, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll released Monday. Sen. Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA is in second place, and represents the most popular of the now active politicians included in the survey. Lire la suite »

Philadelphia 76ers Talking Draft Pick Trade

Once Boston landed the No. 1 pick in the May 16 draft lottery, Colangelo said he expressed his interest in the top selection to Zarren. The Philadelphia Sixers' trade up to the top of Thursday's NBA Draft is now officially behind us. Lire la suite »

Modernizing government focus of meeting

The administration drew a mix of flattery and policy requests from the assembled technology leaders and university officials. And Tim Cook said that the USA should make coding a requirement in schools. The worries deepened when the president signed the "Buy American and Hire American" executive order on April 18, calling to "rigorously enforce and administer the laws governing entry into the United States of workers from overseas". Lire la suite »

Fenland raises flag for Armed Forces Day


The Armed Forces Day programme will also include live music provided by the Border Concert Band and a Cadet Drill competition at 11am. Borough mayor Carol Bower said: "I am honoured to observe British Armed Forces Day in this way as a mark of deep respect for our serving personnel and veterans". Lire la suite »

The night the lights went out in Georgia (for Democrats)

Some defenders online seem to think Trump Jr. meant "Republican" when he wrote "Rep" in his tweet. Tuesday night's outcome in a special House race in Georgia was a triumph for the GOP, and the most recent and devastating illustration of the Democrats' problems - from a weak bench and recruiting problems to divisions about what the party stands for today. Lire la suite »

China talks focusing on North Korean threat

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi co-chairs the dialogue with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Representatives from Beijing and Washington will meet on Wednesday in Washington to discuss regional issues at the U.S. Lire la suite »

Pennsylvania court ruling on police videos to be short-lived


Although it recognized there may be situations when police videos can not be released because they are part of investigations, the Supreme Court found there's no blanket rule against releasing such recordings. "There are significant public access problems with Senate Bill 560", she said. "PSP simply does not explain how the video portion of the (recordings) captured any criminal investigation", Dougherty wrote. Lire la suite »