Jeudi, 9 Juillet 2020
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Doubts over Theresa May´s grip on power as DUP deal talks continue

May's Downing Street office had announced on Saturday that the "principles of an outline agreement" had been agreed with the DUP, only for the smaller party to contradict that account hours later. The election result means businesses still have no idea what trading rules they can expect in the coming years. "May sought a mandate". "I don't see any possibility of Sinn Fein taking their seats", added the Labour leader. Lire la suite »

Quels sont les résultats du 1er tour à Paris — Législatives


Le secrétaire d'État au numérique, Mounir Mahjoubi est arrivé en tête avec 38,08 % des suffrages exprimés, et se retrouve donc en ballotage favorable face à la candidate de La France insoumise , Sarah Legrain (20,84 %). L'ancienne ministre du Logement de François Hollande, candidate écologiste dans la 6ème circonscription de Paris qui comprend une partie des 11ème et 12ème arrondissements de la capitale, a elle aussi été éliminée dès le premier tour avec 14,69 % des voix. Lire la suite »

America's Cup: New Zealand hold final lead after Swedish skipper goes overboard


But after making a crucial error in the first race and allowing New Zealand to get past them, Artemis Racing sailed a near flawless race in their second encounter to level the series. "Just as I was crossing the centre of the boat, we straightened the turn, which had me sliding off the aft beam and into the water". Earlier in the day Team New Zealand won the first race on their smaller foils - a surprise in the lighter conditions. Lire la suite »

Paris 18e: deux candidats proches de Macron en tête dont El Khomri


L'ancienne collègue d'Emmanuel Macron, cible de nombreuses contestations en raison de la loi travail qui porte son nom, recueille 20,23% des voix dans le nord de la capitale. Paul Vannier (LFI) rassemble 16,60%. La République en marche n'avait investi aucun candidat dans cette circonscription. Emmanuel Macron y était arrivé en tête au premier tour de la présidentielle, avec 37,1% des voix, devant Jean-Luc Mélenchon (24,4%). Lire la suite »

Parliamentary elections: Emmanuel Macron's party charging towards landslide victory

The conservative Republicans and allies are projected to win 21 percent of the vote, while the far-left party of Jean-Luc Melenchon is set to pick up 11 percent. The second round of voting, set for next Sunday, will determine the actual number of seats Macron wins in parliament. That's being blamed on voter fatigue, after a long and divisive presidential campaign that saw Macron elected last month. Lire la suite »

British PM turns to NI to save Tory government

Steve Baker, leader of backbench Eurosceptics, was rather alarmist in his appraisal of Corbyn capitalizing on the Conservatives' disarray. The fallout from Thursday's snap general election , which left her Conservative Party bereft of their majority, also prompted her to seek out a relatively tiny ally that could have vast sway over what happens next in the United Kingdom. Lire la suite »

Roland-Garros: le Suisse Wawrinka premier qualifié pour la finale

Il reste un monstre. En finale , il affrontera le vainqueur du choc entre Rafael Nadal et Dominic Thiem. Mais Nadal, s'il n'est encore que quatrième mondial, est le n°1 sur sa surface préféré. Wawrinka tentera lui de prendre sa revanche sur Murray, qui l'avait dépossédé de sa couronne il y a un an au même stade de la compétition. Il a pris tous les risques pour réussir pas moins de 87 coups gagnants, au prix de nombreuses fautes (77). Lire la suite »

L'ex-ministre de l'Intérieur, Matthias Fekl, éliminé dès le premier tour — Législatives

Avec 28,39% des suffrages, le candidat d'En Marche!, Alexandre Freschi, s'est adjugé la première marche du podium. Il affrontera en duel au deuxième tour la frontiste Hélène Laporte (20,38%). Emilien Roso est à 13,75%. Marine Le Pen était arrivée en tête au premier tour de la présidentielle dans cette circonscription lot-et-garonnaise, avec 26,5% des voix, devant Emmanuel Macron (19,8%). Lire la suite »

Counter Protestors Demonstrate at Anti-Islamic Law Rally in St. Paul

The Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam held a "Protest Against Hate" on Saturday at the Peace Plaza, as a counter protest to anti-sharia marches planned for the same day in 26 cities across the U.S. Despite the clashes, the State Patrol reports no injuries. For the second weekend this month, demonstrators have taken to the streets in cities across the country, including Houston . Lire la suite »

The UK election shows voters now value change above all else


After polls in Holland and France saw the electorate reject far-right populist parties that were critical of European Union , the British people too seem to have voted for a more temperate approach to issues such as migration and trade. The result has demolished May's political authority, and she has also lost her two top aides, sacrificed in a bid to save their leader from being toppled by a furious Conservative Party. Lire la suite »

Plane crashes on vehicle in Polk County parking lot


A member of the congregation went outside and said a plane had crashed in the parking lot. Two nurses who were at the church rushed to the plane to help the man in the plane until emergency crews took over. Firefighters responding to a plane crash on Old Bartow Eagle Lake Road/Griffin Road. The Federal Aviation Administration is taking over the investigation of the crash. Lire la suite »

La demande spéciale de Blaise Matuidi

Londres a été récemment frappé par un attentat qui ont fait huit morts (dont trois français). Et d'ajouter: " Si l'hymne de l'Angleterre est chanté, que tout le monde puisse l'accompagner ". A Wembley, le public anglais avait rendu hommage aux victimes des attentats en chantant en choeur une Marseillaise à laquelle avaient appelé les médias anglais. Lire la suite »

Recalé par Garde, le Standard engage Sa Pinto — Officiel


Il avait disputé 21 matches et inscrit deux buts sous la vareuse du Standard . Né à Porto le 10 octobre 1972, formé au FC Porto , Sa Pinto a passé la plus grande partie de sa carrière au Sporting Clube de Portugal, entrecoupée de trois saisons à la Real Sociedad (Espagne). Lire la suite »

Iran and Turkey pledge airlift campaign to supply Qatar

This time, however, the national-security crisis concerns the Arab monarchies straddling the Persian Gulf , which is perhaps the only area of stability in a region that is anything but stable. Qatari investigators said that a cyber attack which saw the publication of explosive "fake news" last month that helped trigger a crisis with the country's neighbours was prepared in April. Lire la suite »

Theresa May's minority United Kingdom government agrees confidence and supply deal with DUP


In an article for the Conservative Home website, Timothy conceded that the campaign had failed to communicate "Theresa's positive plan for the future", and to notice surging support for the opposition Labour Party. Ms Davidson, who became engaged to partner Jen Wilson in May 2016, later told the BBC: "I was fairly straightforward with her (Mrs May) and I told her that there were a number of things that count to me more than the party". Lire la suite »

[Législatives] La participation en nette baisse par rapport à l'élection présidentielle

L'abstention au premier tour des élections législatives atteindrait un taux record de 50 à 51%, selon des estimations publiées par trois instituts de sondage. En 2012, il était de 48,31% à la même heure, contre 49,28% en 2007 et 50,51% en 2002. " Les résultats diront si l'abstention est due à une démobilisation des perdants de la présidentielle, ou si l'électorat Macron est moins allé voter ", relève Frédéric Dabi. Lire la suite »

Bulgarian military helicopter falls into Black Sea, three injured

The defense ministry announced Friday that an AS 565 Panther helicopter plunged into the water seven miles (10 kms) off the coast while carrying out a maneuver during artillery shooting exercises. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies from Europe and the United States have been conducting large-scale joint military exercises in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. Lire la suite »

Iran comes to Qatar's rescue, sends planes of food

Turkish President Erdogan urged talks to end the diplomatic row that has engulfed the whole gulf region. Earlier, reports were coming that Pakistan government has chose to send 20,000 soldiers to Qatar, following Turkey's feet. " An information campaign to demonize Qatar has started all of a sudden ", al-Thani said, claiming that all accusations against Doha have so far been " groundless, improvised " and lacking specifics. Lire la suite »

Labour's Jeremy Corbyn keeps his eyes on Downing Street

Katie Perrior, who quit as May's communications chief in April, said Timothy and Hill were "great street fighters but poor political leaders" and exercised too much power over the prime minister. "It is quite possible there will be an election later this year or early next year and that might be a good thing because we can not go on with a period of great instability", he told the BBC . Lire la suite »

Poroshenko: Visa-Free Regime With EU Is 'Final Goodbye To Russian Empire'


The move boosted the value of the Ukrainian passport, he added. The visa exemption applies to all European Union countries, except the United Kingdom and Ireland, which are not part of the Schengen zone. Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin also cheered on Twitter after passengers on flights from Ukraine were able to enter Warsaw, Budapest, Frankfurt and other airports. Lire la suite »

Trump's lawyer to file complaint against Comey for leaked memos

In a Capitol Hill hearing room, the astonishing tableau unfolded of a former FBI director accusing the White House of "lies, plain and simple" and asserting that when the president suggested dropping an investigation into his former national security adviser, "I took it as a direction". Lire la suite »

Etats-Unis: Drogba réussit ses débuts à Phoenix


Une autre ancienne connaissance de Premier League, Shaun Wright-Phillips, a inscrit le but de la victoire dans le dernier quart d'heure (77e). "Je voulais prendre du plaisir", a insisté l'attaquant qui n'était plus apparu en match officiel depuis les play-offs MLS avec Montréal en novembre dernier. Lire la suite »