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SC teen dies after drinking too much caffeine, coroner rules

Watts said the boy was doing something he thought was totally harmless, but an excessive amount of caffeine can be extremely unsafe. " He didn't do any of that ". Instead, it was an energy drink". Witnesses could not identify which energy drink Davis drank, but confirmed it was in a large soft drink can, Reuters reported. Lire la suite »

Fans thankful to see 'Greatest Show on Earth' a final time

A spokesman for the circus says homes have been found for the animals that were owned by Ringling, including the tigers, horses and camels. Feld said Sunday that while he is melancholy about closing the production, he feels the performers are energized to "go out on top". Lire la suite »

Trump to address Muslim world in speech against terror

Yet Trump himself backed away from the term Sunday as he stood before the region's leaders. Several jets then flew overhead leaving a red, white and blue trail. "Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted". Trump and his wife, Melania, had on Friday embarked on their first foreign travel since he took office in January. Lire la suite »

Retour au Havre pour Edouard Philippe qui abandonne son fauteuil de maire

Conscient des réticences d'une partie de l'opposition et de l'opinion vis-à-vis de la méthode de l'ordonnance, Edouard Philippe l'assure: " une discussion avec les organisations syndicales" est "indispensable", annonçant également que la discussion parlementaire "aura lieu à l'occasion du vote de la loi d'habilitation qui permettra au gouvernement de prendre des ordonnances dans le cadre défini par le Parlement". Lire la suite »

Mumbai Indians chase 3rd title against Rising Pune Supergiant in Maharashtra derby

Registering 10 wins in 14 matches , Mumbai had topped the table with 20 points. The final will take place in Hyderabad . Back to the present, Mumbai have a quite a few positives going for them in the current season. "I am quietly confident", the Pune coach commented. In MS Dhoni , Steve Smith and Ajinkya Rahane, the Supergiant have men who are not afraid of taking up responsibility. Lire la suite »

FDA Approves Keytruda for Certain Bladder Cancer Cases


Pembrolizumab was administered every 3 weeks at a 200-mg dose in all patients. Overall, 542 patients were randomized to Keytruda (200 mg IV) every three weeks for two years versus chemotherapy consisting of either paclitaxel (175 mg/m), docetaxel (75 mg/m) or vinflunine (320 mg/m) every three weeks for two years. Lire la suite »

Saudi king says Iran at forefront of global terrorism


ExxonMobil, the company formerly lead by Tillerson, is the largest single investor in the country, the foreign minister also said. On Saturday, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Trump signed a almost $110 billion agreement to bolster the military capabilities of Saudi Arabia. Lire la suite »

Raytheon to set up new company in Saudi Arabia


Trump had previewed his remarks before leaving the United States during a commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, saying he would challenge Muslim leaders "to fight hatred and extremism, and embrace a peaceful future for their faith". Lire la suite »

FBI's Russian Federation probe implicates top White House official


An FBI spokesman declined to comment. Mr. Trump later acknowledged that he planned to fire Mr. Comey all along, regardless of Mr. Rosenstein's recommendation. In another Twitter post Thursday, Trump said: "With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel (sic) appointed". Lire la suite »

US Summons Turkey Envoy Over DC Clashes During Erdogan Visit

The U.S. State Department has also expressed its official concern "in the strongest possible terms". Turkey has told the United States it will not join in any military operations that include Kurdish fighters in Syria, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today, while vowing to strike the US -backed Kurds if they threaten Turkey's security. Lire la suite »

Cholera in Yemen: More than 200 dead in three weeks


The World Health Organisation said almost 23,500 cholera cases have been recorded in Yemen in just three weeks, as the rising death toll surpasses 240 in the war-torn country. Shortly after the outbreak of the conflict, the Saudi-led coalition of mostly Persian Gulf countries launched airstrikes against the Houthis at Hadi's request. Lire la suite »

"Des progrès encourageants" en Arabie saoudite, juge Ivanka Trump


Outre les rencontres bilatérales, dont celle avec le roi Salmane, M. Trump a axé la première de ses deux journées à Ryad aux investissements avec l'annonce d'une série de contrats gigantesques. Comme c'est le cas depuis son arrivée au pouvoir, Donald Trump s'est gardé de toute critique sur la question des droits de l'Homme, devant un parterre de dirigeants dont nombre d'entre eux sont régulièrement montrés du doigt par les organisations internationales. Lire la suite »

Singapore naval drill in South China Sea shouldn't hurt us: China

China and ASEAN committed to drafting the code 15 years ago, and while it should, in theory, tame how they behave in the South China Sea , it remains an open question whether Beijing will be willing to slow construction of artificial islands and pursuit of effective control over disputed territory. Lire la suite »

Méga-contrats pour Trump en Arabie saoudite


Problème: dans un un tweet posté, le 29 janvier 2015, sur son compte personnel, Donald Trump avait écrit: " De nombreuses personnes disent que c'était merveilleux que Mme Obama refuse de porter un foulard en Arabie, mais [les Saoudiens] ont été insultés". Lire la suite »

Trudeau photobombs prom photo shoot in Vancouver


Speaking the CBC , one of the students explained what happened. "And then we started yelling for Trudeau to get in the photo". It was also yet another in his series of " Canadian prime minister surprises citizens in odd places" photos. And he also appeared in a selfie shared by a Canadian family later that month, after they bumped into him in Quebec's Gatineau Park. Last summer, he was photographed shirtless and standing with a surfboard in the background of a wedding on a beach in ... Lire la suite »

Washington et Ryad signent une série d'accords pour 380 milliards de dollars

Donald Trump , s'était alors fendu d'un tweet très critique."De nombreuses personnes disent que c'était merveilleux que Mme Obama refuse de porter un foulard en Arabie Saoudite , mais (les Saoudiens) ont été insultés". Washington compte ainsi voir Ryad jouer un plus grand rôle dans la lutte contre les groupes djihadistes comme le groupe Etat islamique (EI) et Al-Qaïda. Lire la suite »

Corruption. Enquête sur une vente de sous-marins au Brésil

La justice française enquête sur des soupçons de corruption dans le cadre d'une vente de sous-marins au Brésil. Le Brésil avait, entre autres contrats, commandé quatre sous-marins Scorpène. En avril dernier, le président de DCNS Brésil, Eric Berthelot, avait assuré à l'AFP que ces enquêtes ne "touchaient qu'Odebrecht elle-même". La semaine dernière, Eliane Houlette, le procureur national financier, s'est rendue en compagnie d'un de ses adjoints et du patron de l'office central de lutte ... Lire la suite »

Corbyn says May's manifesto aims to 'pitch young against old'


Corbyn then spoke about Labour's plans for economic development, pledging investment into infrastructure, sustainable energy and industries. Mrs May has insisted the plans are meant to ensure fairness across generations and ensure the long-term sustainability of the social care system. Lire la suite »

Melania Trump s'affiche sans voile en Arabie Saoudite

Le président américain Donald Trump , en visite en Arabie saoudite pour son premier déplacement à l'étranger , et le roi Salmane ont entamé samedi des entretiens officiels à Ryad, a rapporté un journaliste de l'AFP. Ivanka Trump, la fille et conseillère du président, descendue discrètement par l'arrière d'Air Force One avec son mari Jared Kushner, pour ne pas gêner la cérémonie protocolaire, est elle aussi apparue sans voile. Lire la suite »

Passe de trois pour Mir


De quoi conforter sa place de leader du championnat. La première course de la journée au Mans a mal démarré, suite à une énorme crash collectif causé par de l'huile répandue dans le virage de la Chapelle par la Peugeot de Jakub Kornfeil qui avait chuté peu avant. Lire la suite »

West Memphis Police searching for two men


The two were being sought on charges of attempted capital murder, discharging a firearm from a vehicle and engaging in violent criminal group activity, the department said. The officer's vehicle was struck by the gunfire but continued following the suspects until they wrecked their auto and fled on foot. The suspects should be considered armed and unsafe. Lire la suite »