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Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth ride to open in Six Flags Sacramento


It goes without saying that DC's upcoming Wonder Woman movie is long overdue and sorely needed now more than ever. Wonder Woman is hitting cinemas in a few week's time and Warner making sure that everyone gets to hear about the DC Extended Universe's very first female-fronted comicbook movie by adding fire to its marketing campaign. Lire la suite »

General Election: Punters react badly to Lib Dems manifesto

Mrs May said the Tory manifesto out later this week will "set out in detail the five great challenges our country faces over the next few years and lay out how we will tackle them", compared to the "fantasy wish list of easy promises paid for with imaginary money" offered by Labour. Lire la suite »

Maternity benefit now pan


The scheme was applicable for the first two live births. The programme is expected to be hugely beneficial for all pregnant women and lactating mothers, especially those who may be working in the unorganized sector. "The government should concentrate on good, quality care for pregnant women and make available the benefts to every woman who reaches a government health care centre", said Tania Sheshadri, an independent community health researcher who works with rural women in Karnataka. Lire la suite »

"Consumer Reports" releases top picks for sunscreens


The researchers observed 2,187 sunscreen users and found just 33 percent of them applied it to all sun-exposed areas of their skin. The study is in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. - Opt for water resistant sunscreen. Those with sensitive skin also should avoid sunscreens that contain fragrance, oils and para-aminobenzoic acid, also known as PABA. Lire la suite »

May 17 is World Telecommunication Day


The theme for WTISD-17 is in line with ITU's work of highlighting the technological developments that have facilitated the emergence of Big Data, developing standards related to Big Data and identifying sources and uses of Big Data, including the use of Big Data technologies for developing and monitoring improvements in information societies. Lire la suite »

Ransomware: Guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre


Tests and scans have been delayed, and patients reported being left in agony because pain relief prescriptions were frozen. A divert remains in place for trauma, stroke and urgent heart attack treatment, where diagnostic services are required, at the Lister Hospital, part of East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust (Midlands & East). Lire la suite »

Record number of migrant children travelling alone


In March, Italy's Parliament approved a law setting out comprehensive standards of care for unaccompanied migrant children who arrive in Italy by sea. "If you try to run, they shoot you and you die". Children make up roughly 28 percent of trafficking victims globally and up to 20 percent of the smugglers moving unaccompanied children across borders are linked to trafficking networks, according to UNICEF. Lire la suite »

VIDÉO - Passation de pouvoir : revivez les grands moments de la journée


Arrivé à l'Elysée 10h00 (08h00 GMT) sous une pluie fine, le président élu a été accueilli par François Hollande , son ancien mentor avec lequel il s'est entretenu pendant plus d'une heure dans le bureau présidentiel. Lundi, le centriste qui prône une Europe à la fois "conquérante" et protectrice doit aussi se rendre à Berlin, son premier déplacement à l'étranger, pour rencontrer Angela Merkel. Lire la suite »

Caffeine-induced cardiac event kills SC teen

A news conference has since been held, where a coroner Gary Watts explained that the "caffeine-induced cardiac event caused a probable arrhythmia", adding that the death was "highly unusual". Cripes autopsy showed no undiagnosed heart conditions and that he was healthy with no medical conditions that could have triggered by the caffeine intake. Lire la suite »

Funding questions hang over Labour's Bradford manifesto launch


The current 40 percent tax rate applies to people earning between £31,500 and £150,000. Britain's opposition Labour Party launched a " radical and responsible " election manifesto on Tuesday, showing a shift to the left to try to capitalize on voters' concerns over education and health before next month's vote. Lire la suite »

Former First Minister Rhodri Morgan has died


Welsh Labour said it had suspended all campaigning "following the death of our friend Rhodri". Lord Hain said: "My deep condolences to Julie and the family on the shock news". Honest condolences to Julie and the family'. The former prime minister Tony Blair said Morgan was an outstanding servant of Wales, the United Kingdom and the Labour party. Lire la suite »

Wisconsin and California lawmakers take aim at 'stealthing'


Lawmakers in the U.S. states of Wisconsin and California are moving to criminalise stealthing - the act of removing a condom or other contraceptive devices during intercourse without the knowledge of the partner. Pohl says while the trend might be picking up in popularity, it is something her organization has seen for years, called reproductive coercion. Brodsky called the act a "grave violation of dignity and autonomy" and explored possible legal remedies now available to victims. Lire la suite »

Nicola Sturgeon urges voters to give her sway in Brexit negotiations


Ms Davidson, who was campaigning in Dumfries ahead of the 8 June general election, said the country's school were "going backwards" and its economy was "one quarter away from recession, whilst the rest of the United Kingdom is growing". 'The fact is that they have had the chance to back the SNP's progressive policies - but instead they opposed them tooth and nail'. He argued: "They haven't been anywhere near as good as many of their supporters had hoped back in 2007". Lire la suite »

Exposed! Senator Isiaka Adeleke died of drug overdose - Pathologist


Taiwo Solaja, the pathologist who carried out an an autopsy on the deceased, had said he died of excessive overdose of analgesics, sedatives and alcohol. Sholaja said after an examination was carried out on Adeleke's body, it was discovered that the drugs which were administered on him in excess quantity caused his death as his breathing was blocked due to a side effect. Lire la suite »

Le fondateur de Fox News est mort


Avec émotion, les journalistes l'ont annoncé à l'antenne. Il avait été contraint de démissionner de la direction de la chaîne en juillet 2016, à la suite de multiples accusations de harcèlement sexuel. Vétéran des médias, qu'il fréquentait depuis le début des années 60, Roger Ailes était aussi un vieux routier de la politique, mais en coulisse. Politiquement engagé à droite, il devient en quelques années pionnier du métier de conseiller en communication télévisuelle, travaillant pour Richard ... Lire la suite »

Chevrolet to pull out of India, South Africa


GM has been in talks with China's SAIC Motor Corporation to sell the plant. The automobile manufacturer said the decision to cease domestic sales follows a comprehensive review of future product plans for GM India , and is part of a series of actions taken by the company to address the performance of its worldwide operations. Lire la suite »

Produire du sang en laboratoire, c'est désormais possible!


Les cellules du sang (globules blancs et rouges, plaquettes) sont fabriquées par des cellules souches présentes dans le corps tout au long de la vie. Ils ont ensuite injecté les cellules obtenues dans des souris irradiées (donc chez qui le système immunitaire et la formation des cellules sanguines étaient inopérants). Lire la suite »

Il existerait plus de 28.000 plantes médicinales dans le monde — Botanique


Un chiffre pourtant considéré comme prudent par les spécialistes, qui notent que moins de 16 % des végétaux utilisés comme remèdes sont cités dans des publications médicales. " Ces feux ne sont pas en soi une mauvaise chose pour de nombreux écosystèmes, parce que la plupart des plantes s'adaptent au feu", tempère cependant Sarah Wyse, une des responsables du rapport , qui ajoute que les incendies permettent à certaines espèces de " se régénérer ". Lire la suite »

1 death as tornado hits Oklahoma subdivision


Danny Ringer, with the Elk City Fire Department, said, "We have approximately 50 to 75 homes that were damaged". Approximately 40 trailer homes were destroyed at the Prairie Lake Estate Mobile Park in Cameron, as well as a nearby turkey farm, according to Wisconsin Emergency Management. Lire la suite »

2 dead after tornadoes hit Oklahoma, Wisconsin


Martin also says several turkey barns in the area were hit hard. The weather service says it received reports of more than two dozen tornado sightings Tuesday night across five states: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Wisconsin . Authorities said it appears he was fleeing his home when his vehicle was thrown several hundred feet. He says hail larger than softballs fell Tuesday. Lire la suite »

Ian Brady dies at 79, refused to reveal victim Bennett's location

It is more than half a century since Brady and Myra Hindley abused, tortured and murdered their five young victims but their crimes are part of the folk history of Britain because of the stark... "As far as I am concerned, Ashworth Hospital can leave him out for the bin men". The couple were caught in October 1965 when Hindley's young brother-in-law David Smith fled and called the police after being forced to watch Brady attack Edward Evans, 17, with an axe, smother him with a pillow and ... Lire la suite »

White House offers muted response on Comey memo

James Comey, whose firing as Federal Bureau of Investigation director last week triggered a political firestorm, wrote a memo detailing how Trump commented to him in February " I hope you can let this go ", referring to the Flynn probe, a source who has seen a memo written by Comey said on Tuesday. Lire la suite »

Florida woman finds iguana in toilet bowl, calls 911


She's done", Quintero said. "I have no idea how it got there". Mullin arrived to the home to find the grandmother, her daughter and grandchildren waiting for him to remove the young lizard. Mullin removed the iguana for the family and turned it over to a local wildlife center, according to the newspaper. Quintero said she plans to check the toilets in her house each time she uses them from now on before sitting down. Lire la suite »

Why Republicans Should Join The Democrats Calling For Impeachment

Trump himself is helping investigators put all of those pieces together, through interviews, tweets and offhand comments to reporters, said Zeidenberg. "I think if you look at the three bombshells we've had", Gergen added, "what we see is a presidency that's starting to come apart ". Amash became the first Republican lawmaker to raise the specter of impeachment. Lire la suite »