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How lack of sleep could be making you ugly


Participants were asked to get a good night's sleep for two consecutive nights and then a week later, they were required to only give themselves four hours sleep for two nights in a row. If you're struggling to get enough sleep, she recommends stopping work on your phone or computer an hour before bed, keeping your bedroom just for sleeping, and trying to have regular sleep hours. Lire la suite »

Hackers could access Mar A Lago wifi in five minutes


However, Trump has held private discussions at his properties and hosted heads of state, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe . This server is running software that was released nearly 13 years ago". Still, the White House admitted in April 2015 that Russians may have penetrated sensitive parts of its computer system, the report notes. Lire la suite »

The Liberal Democrats want legalised cannabis and another Brexit vote

Mr Macron defeated far-right candidate Mrs Le Pen. The Lib Dem manifesto set out plans to fight hard Brexit, ban diesel cars and help young people buy their first home. He has taken over the Conservative Party. 5 Sanctuary for 50,000 Syrian refugees over the lifetime of the next parliament and reopening scheme to take in 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children from Europe. Lire la suite »

Édouard Philippe à Matignon, une nomination qui "casse la droite"

Le nouveau Premier ministre dispose d'un solide ancrage local. Très apprécié au Havre, il a d'ailleurs été réélu à la mairie en 2014 dès le premier tour. "Le ciment, c'est l'idée qu'il faut recomposer la vie politique (.) C'est un ciment puissant (.) Ce qui nous importe" dans la composition du gouvernement qui sera dévoilé mardi après-midi, "c'est de trouver les bonnes personnes qui partagent cette ambition pour la France et ce refus du sectarisme", a-t-il insisté. Lire la suite »

Tornado watch issued in Wyandotte County

The strongest storms should start to exit the KETV viewing area by 6 or 7 p.m. More severe thunderstorms are expected on Wednesday and Thursday as storm systems move out of the Rockies and into the volatile Plains states where boundaries are set up between cold and dry air to the west and warm and humid air to the East. Lire la suite »

Une souris avec des ovaires imprimés en 3D a donné naissance


Ces nouveaux ovaires ont permis à la souris d'ovuler, de concevoir et enfin, d'accoucher, poursuit-il, indiquant que " la clé du succès réside dans le matériau utilisé pour l'imprimerie 3D ." . Ces résultats redonnent des espoirs de grossesse aux femmes qui souffrent de problèmes de fertilité, notamment après des traitements contre le cancer. Lire la suite »

NVIDIA Corporation Shares Plummet As Google Unveils New AI Processors


More recently, the technology has been applied to machine learning models used to improve Google Translate, Google Photos, and other software that can make novel use of new AI training techniques. A single TPU pod contains 64 of these latest Cloud TPUs and can therefore provide up to 11.5 petaflops of compute power for machine learning models. Lire la suite »

'Fat and frail' seniors benefit from right exercise combo


DeBakey VA Medical Center . "The prevalence of obesity in the elderly population is rapidly increasing, and the appropriate management of obesity in the elderly is still controversial", said first author Dr. To be eligible for the study participants needed to have evidence of mild to moderate frailty, meaning their Physical Performance Test score had to be at 31 or less. Lire la suite »

IPL 2017 | Pune seal their playoff date against Mumbai Indians in style


Stokes flew back to the United Kingdom after the final league game of the Indian Premier League season, in order to prepare for an ODI series against South Africa and then the ICC Champions Trophy. Saha played one (good) innings, Manan Vohra played one innings but apart from that none of the others played responsibly. Dhoni walked in to join Tiwary and did not take long to hit his first six, depositing a half-volley off Karn Sharma over deep midwicket. Lire la suite »

Clapper: US government 'under assault' by Trump after Comey firing

Rosenstein has come under intense criticism from Democrats for writing a memo criticizing Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation - a document that was initially cited by White House officials as the reason for Comey's ouster, before Trump acknowledged that he had already planned to fire the director. Lire la suite »

One Man Dead and Others Injured After Elk City, OK Tornado


ET, 20 tornadoes have been reported to the Storm Prediction Center. Helicopter video from WCCO-TV and KARE-TV shows extensive damage at the trailer park, with several homes reduced to rubble. Amazingly, Nolan escaped with just a couple of scratches, he said. Samuelson's daughters suffered minor injuries, and the mother suffered a gash on her head, but he said all are expected to be fine. Lire la suite »

Une fillette se retrouve à l'hôpital à cause d'un "spinner"

En regardant dans son rétroviseur, elle a vu sa fille en panique. Sa mère a immédiatement arrêté son véhicule en bordure de la route. Sa fille de dix ans a failli s'étouffer. Étonnamment le médecin qui a pris soin de Britton avait appris le matin même l'existence des fameux "fidget spinner". On a pu retirer l'objet de l'œsophage de Britton en pratiquant une intervention chirurgicale par endoscopie. Lire la suite »

Le Petit Prince fait escale à Toulouse avant des enchères parisiennes


Cette collection unique, qui appartenait à un collectionneur toulousain , sera visible ce jeudi 18 mai à l'Hôtel Dumay, au musée du Vieux Toulouse. Sept lettres de Saint-Exupéry seront également montrées au public: six sont issues de sa correspondance avec Sylvia Hamilton, son amie de coeur new-yorkaise, dont le visage et les mains ont inspiré le renard du "Petit Prince". Lire la suite »

Trump, Erdogan Put on Friendly Face, Downplay Tensions

The US leader said it was a "great honor" to welcome his guest and the Turk responded by thanking him and declared: "I believe today's meeting will strengthen our longstanding alliance and strategic partnership". Gulen has denied involvement in the coup and remains in the United States. Earlier this year, he met with U.S. Embassy officials while in prison and called on Trump to fight for his release. Lire la suite »

Pain Killers, Heart Attacks Linked in NSAIDs Study


There was a 20 to 50 percent climb in heart attack risk in general with NSAID use versus those not taking the medications. Ibuprofen, naproxen and celecoxib are among the most commonly used drugs in the U.S. "There's a perception that (painkillers) are benign", Bally said , per CBC News . "Use for eight to 30 days at a high dose was particularly harmful for ibuprofen ( more than 1200 mg/day)", they wrote. Lire la suite »

Lawmaker criticized for online misogynistic forum resigns


A New Hampshire legislative committee is recommending that no action be taken against a Republican lawmaker who created a misogynistic online forum and a Democratic lawmaker accused of making offensive comments on Twitter. They urged lawmakers to expel Fisher. He later admitted he helped create the forum, but still denied his current involvement during a public inquiry last week. Lire la suite »

Emmanuel Macron dévoile son premier gouvernement — France


Le gouvernement de Philippe, le premier du quinquennat du président Macron , est resserré. Il va être encore mieux depuis qu'Edouard, le pote de droite, est arrivé à Matignon . Gérard Collomb , le maire de Lyon, hésitait encore hier. La volonté d'Edouard Philippe , explique-t-elle, était initialement de revenir sur son action en faveur de la culture et de la lecture en tant que maire du Havre. Lire la suite »

Kulbhushan Jadhav case: International Court of Justice to give verdict today

Arguing before the 11-judge bench at the ICJ, which included former Supreme Court Judge Dalveer Bhandari, India's counsel Harish Salve stressed that not granting consular access and not giving legal representation of Jadhav's choosing amounted to a "miscarriage of justice" and a "violation of his right" to defend himself from concocted charges in a "farcical trial". Lire la suite »