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Lonely teenagers more likely to sleep poorly


Researchers from King's College London in the United Kingdom sampled data from a cohort of about 2,232 18-19 year-old twins born in the UK. They may also have poor which includes more time taken to fall asleep, total duration of sleeping, and also disturbances while sleeping. Read More »

Government pushes on with company tax cuts


A further tax office crackdown on multinationals is set to reap $4 billion this year, with other tax measures - including allowing fewer deductions for negative gearers - to boost revenue by $2.1 billion over four years. "The ACCC will monitor them and consumers can move their money to a regional and smaller bank". Mr Hartzer commented: "Yesterday, $14 billion of value was wiped off Australian bank shares because of speculation around this new tax". Read More »

At least 100000 groups in 150 nations hit by cyberattack


Europe's police agency said the attack has hit at least 100,000 organisations in 150 countries. WannaCry takes advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. But Michael Gazeley of the Hong Kong-based cybersecurity firm Network Box told the Reuters news agency that there are still "many "landmines" waiting in people's in-boxes" in Asia, with most of the attacks having arrived via e-mail. Read More »

England's emergency units open 'as normal' again after cyber attack


They should immediately update their Windows operating system and back up their data. The extortion attack , which locked up computers and held users' files for ransom, is believed to be the biggest of its kind ever recorded, disrupting services in nations as diverse as the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Spain and India. Read More »

Israel to maintain strong military ties with US

He said he would give the Federal Bureau of Investigation a week and then "if we need a subpoena, we'll do it". Republicans outside the administration didn't mince words. White House aides refused to say whether the information pertaining to the group's bombmaking capabilities was classified. And staffers have grown exhausted and upset about stories of a staff shake-up. Read More »

Dépistage de la trisomie 21 : de nouveaux tests bientôt remboursés


La HAS propose ainsi l'intégration de ces nouveaux tests génétiques dès le premier trimestre de la grossesse pour certaines femmes à risques. Un arrêté doit maintenant être pris par le ministère de la Santé pour permettre leur introduction effective dans le dispositif officiel et donc leur remboursement. Read More »

Jour J pour le premier gouvernement du quinquennat Macron

Leur profil approuvé, les nouveaux ministres "s'engageront à exercer leur fonction gouvernementale de manière irréprochable", selon l'Elysée , alors que 75% des Français pensent qu'élus et dirigeants politiques sont plutôt corrompus, selon un récent sondage. Read More »

Just 14 days of physical inactivity can raise risk of chronic disease


He said people who do not exercise risk obesity and illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes. All participants underwent extensive health checks before and after the study, and activity trackers were worn throughout. The adults had a mean body mass index (BMI) of 25, and they were all physically active, clocking up an average of 10,000 steps every day. Sarah James, Sports Nutritionist and Health Information Manager at World Cancer Research Fund, said: "Fitting more exercise into each day, whether ... Read More »

Many Troops Recently Discharged For Misconduct Had Mental Disorders


A report from the Government Accountability Office looked at more than 90,000 service members who were separated for misconduct between 2011 and 2015. Interviews conducted by the GAO revealed that Army officers may not have been trained to identify mild TBI symptoms. The Army and Marine Corps, meanwhile, may not follow to their own screening, training and counseling policies, according to the GAO. Read More »

La première action de groupe est lancée — Dépakine


Il s'agit de la première action de groupe dans le domaine de la santé. En près de 55 ans, jusqu'à 100 000 femmes ont été potentiellement exposées à la Dépakine ou à sa molécule, le valproate de sodium, pendant leur grossesse, avec des conséquences pour leurs bébés. Read More »

Union County mental health group to hold public meeting May 23


More than half of the van drivers with poor mental health said that increased time pressures (52 per cent) and increased workload (50 per cent) are factors affecting their mental health, with one in three believing that job uncertainty is contributing to their poor mental health and 17 per cent of delivery drivers adding that road congestion is impacting on their state of mind. Read More »

Korea on US missile defense system


Speaking at a meeting of the National Assembly's defense committee on Tuesday, Han Min-koo stressed the importance of the US missile defense system. The North defends its weapons programmes as necessary to counter US hostility and regularly threatens to destroy the United States . Read More »

No substantial impact of WannaCry ransomware on Indian systems: IT Secy

There are the companies, universities, hospitals and other organizations that didn't install Microsoft's fixes and take other precautions, such as backing up data. Avivah Litan, a cybersecurity analyst at Gartner, agreed that the government is "is negligent not doing a better job protecting companies", but added that it's not like "you can stop the USA government from developing cybertools" that then work as intended. Read More »

L'annonce du gouvernement Macron reportée à mercredi — France


Le temps de faire quelques vérifications, fiscales notamment. Ces deux instances devront s'assurer "que les personnalités qui sont pressenties au gouvernement font l'objet d'une première vérification de leur situation fiscale " et devront vérifier que ces personnalités "ne se trouvent pas dans des situations de conflit d'intérêts au regard des informations dont dispose la HATVP", selon l'Élysée. Read More »

American Teenager Dies After Drinking Excessive Caffeine

In the USA state SC was killed by a teenager who drank too many drinks that contain caffeine. The Associated Press reported that Cripe consumed a large caffeinated soda, latte and energy drink before he collapsed at school and was rushed to the hospital. Read More »

Bhabananda is the BJP candidate for RS seat


The by-poll to Rajya Sabha seat on May 25 will see a straight contest between the BJP and Congress as only two candidates filed their nomination papers till the last hour of allowing filing nomination. Read More »

Merrick Garland to remain a judge; won't be FBI director


South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy took himself out of consideration on Monday. McCabe on Thursday contradicted the Trump White House when he called the probe into the possible Russian meddling in the U.S. Trump and Senate Republican leaders are hoping to avoid such a conflict. Compared with the other choices interviewed by Sessions and the Department of Justice over the weekend, Cornyn is well-known to his former senators. Read More »

Chinese newspaper slams India for OBOR summit boycott


What kind of positive attitude does the spokesperson want China to hold? A day before the Summit, Baglay had said in New Delhi that, "Guided by our principled position in the matter, we have been urging China to engage in a meaningful dialogue on its connectivity initiative, "One Belt, One Road", which was later renamed as "Belt and Road Initiative". Read More »

'Healthy Obese' May Be a Myth


There is no evidence to support the idea that it is possible to be healthy yet obese, say scientists, following a study of 3.5 million NHS patients. Folks dubbed healthy obese don't have metabolic problems typically associated with obesity - such as high cholesterol, poor blood sugar control, diabetes or high blood pressure. Read More »

Yemen cholera death toll mounts to 209


The cholera outbreak in Yemen has so far infected 14,000 people, with at least 186 related deaths since April 27, according to the statement tweeted by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday on its official Twitter account. Yemen, an impoverished Arab country along the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, has been involved in a civil war for the past two years. According to United Nations officials, more than 10,000 Yemenis have been killed in the conflict to date, while more than ... Read More »