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In future, kids may be born from '3D-printed ovaries'

One of the mouse pups born to a female who was implanted with a 3-D printed ovary, which contained follicles tagged with green fluorescent protein. However, the cow ovary matrix couldn't support the growth of the cells, Loranda said. Hydrogels are a mixture of 99 percent water and a little bit of polymer , which means they can tend to be quite soft, but the Northwestern team was able to manipulate their gelatin ink to give it a flexible but firm quality. Lire la suite »

Alert researcher, teamwork helped stem huge cyberattack

Britain's defense minister, Michael Fallon, told the BBC on Sunday that the government was spending about $64 million to improve cybersecurity at the National Health Service, where many computers still run the outdated Windows XP software, which Microsoft had stopped supporting. Lire la suite »

Rep. Quinn accused of misconduct in office


Quinn also is accused of filing fraudulent campaign disclosures and improperly benefiting from campaign donations by steering those funds to his and his father's firms. He's accused of soliciting business from other legislators. Quinn said the the "investigation has been unfair to me and to my family". He's also said he was told it was legal for his firm to do work for the GOP caucus. Lire la suite »

UN, Microsoft Announce $5M Partnership on Human Rights


According to Microsoft, the main focus of the partnership is the "development and use of advanced technology created to better predict, analyze and respond to critical human rights situations". This includes direct support for the development and promotion of corporate principles for tackling LGBTI discrimination in the workplace in line with worldwide human rights standards. Lire la suite »

Cholera outbreak death toll in Yemen rises to 180 -ICRC


They have urged citizens to exercise hygiene precautions as lack of access to clean water, a shortage of medical supplies and understaffed clinics leave experts struggling to contain the spread of the disease. Cholera-infected Yemenis receive treatment at a hospital in Sana'a, Yemen, 12 May 2017. The ongoing, fierce conflict in the country has left 18.8 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and placed overwhelming strain on the country's health system. Lire la suite »

15.000 euros, c'est le montant de la retraite de François Hollande !


Alors qu'on lui demandait dans quel état d'esprit il serait au moment de transmettre les clés de l'Elysée à son ex-ministre, M. Hollande a affirmé son intention de "tout faire pour que ce soit simple, clair et amical ". Ce projet de plus grand campus de start-up au monde abritera le siège de la fondation " La France s'engage ", voulue par le président sortant. "Après avoir glissé son bulletin dans l'urne, François Hollande en a profité pour visiter une maison", rapporte le Figaro ... Lire la suite »

Army identifies soldier killed in Hawaii training accident


The military tractor-trailer had been towing heavy equipment to a dock on Hawaii Island and no other vehicles were damaged in the incident, the Army said. Major General Christopher Cavoli, commander of the 25th Infantry Division, said it is a tragedy to lose a soldier. To read this article in one of Houston's most-spoken languages, click on the button below. Lire la suite »

Huit Français sur dix ramènent leurs médicaments non utilisés en pharmacie

Selon les chiffres transmis par l'association et qu'a consultés Le Figaro, la masse totale de médicaments conservés dans les foyers français est passée de 23 500 tonnes en 2010 à 19 000 tonnes en 2016. En moyenne, 181 grammes de médicaments ont été rapportés dans les pharmacies par chaque Français en 2016, selon Cyclamed (185 l'an passé). Une fois déposés chez le pharmacien, les traitements sont regroupés puis éliminés dans 55 incinérateurs qui récupèrent l'énergie dégagée lors de la ... Lire la suite »

Taking abortion pill at home as safe as in a clinic


Abortion laws in both the Republic and Northern Ireland are among the most restrictive in the world, according to the US -based Center for Reproductive Rights . The data recorded in the study was obtained from women who had used WoW's service and filled out an evaluation form four weeks after taking the medication. Lire la suite »

South Carolina catcher Cullen, shortstop Stokes out


Flora suffered a broken right wrist after he was hit by a pitch in Saturday's game at Missouri. If Stokes remains out by this projected timeline, he would miss most of the postseason. Team officials also will also be without catcher Chris Cullen. He batted.276 with five home runs and 18 runs batted in. Earlier this year, Gamecocks ace Clarke Schmidt was lost for the season after tearing a ligament in his elbow. Lire la suite »

Évasion à la prison centrale de Makala à Kinshasa — URGENT


Un journaliste a aussi vu des soldats interroger les jeunes hommes circulant aux abords du domicile de Ne Muanda Nsemi dans le quartier de Ngaliema, à Kinshasa, et arrêter certains d'entre eux. L'accès au pénitencier était interdit par un imposant cordon de dizaines de policiers et militaires. Un détenu en cavale a affirmé à l'AFP être parvenu à s'enfuir à la faveur de violents combats ayant opposé les assaillants aux gardes de la prison en ce jour férié commémorant la chute, il y a vingt ans ... Lire la suite »

A Comey Tape is Interesting But Because it's Subpoenable — Maddow

Garcia sits on the New York Court of Appeals, the state's highest court. Garcia, a former NY prosecutor, held high-level positions in the Commerce Department, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. And 48 percent said Trump's handling of the Russian issue gave them less confidence in the president, compared with 13 percent who said it gave them more confidence. Lire la suite »

Un homme poignardé en centre-ville de Rouen


Pascal Darmon, ancien dirigeant du Football club de Rouen (FCR) devenu restaurateur a été mortellement poignardé par des coups de couteau. Localisé grâce à des témoins, il a été interpellé une demi heure plus tard sans opposer de résistance. Lire la suite »

L'eau pétillante pousserait à manger plus


Qu'on l'aime avec des fines bulles ou non, l'eau gazeuse ne serait pas une alliée minceur. C'est en tout cas la théorie avancée par des scientifiques de l'université palestinienne de Birzeit. Résultat, la sensation de satiété arriverait plus tard. Même constat chez les hommes. Les rats qui ont consommé des boissons gazeuses, avec ou sans sucre, ont beaucoup plus grossi (20% de plus que les autres ) que ceux qui ont bu des boissons sans gaz. Lire la suite »

Hawaii senator plans surgery for kidney cancer


Hirono was first elected to the Senate in 2012, and before that served in the House for six years. "During a routine pre-operative physical for my eye surgery, my doctor discovered an abnormality on my chest x-ray", she said in a statement. Lire la suite »

Sturgeon asks for a seat at the Brexit negotiating table


On a visit to the Highland Foodbank in Inverness, she said: "The growth of food banks is a damning indictment of just how damaging Tory austerity has been to communities across Scotland". SNP ministers should hang their heads in shame. The Scottish First Minister acknowledged that she faced challenges in growing the nation's economy and improving standards in schools, in the wake of declining literacy figures. Lire la suite »

Could More People Under 25 Voting Swing The Election Result?


May has made protecting ordinary working people a theme of her leadership, frequently criticizing irresponsible behavior by companies and pledging to help people who are "just about managing". Lavery added: " Theresa May is taking working people for fools". Liberal Democrat former business secretary Sir Vince Cable said: "The Conservatives tried to ban workers from striking and were blocked by the Liberal Democrats in government". Lire la suite »

WannaCry 2.0: Get Ready For a New Round of Ransomware Attacks


In China, state media said more than 29,000 institutions there had been infected along with hundreds of thousands of devices. The attack quickly spread across the world, until a cybersecurity researcher accidentally found a kill switch in the code - an unregistered domain name that he purchased for $10.69 to halt the WannaCry hack, at least temporarily. Lire la suite »

Excessive caffeine caused death of "healthy teen", coroner says

A SC coroner is warning about the dangers of excessive caffeine consumption after a 16-year-old student was pronounced dead from a caffeine overdose. Watts did not specify which energy drinks were consumed, but in general, a 24-ounce energy drink can contain as much as 500 milligrams of caffeine . Lire la suite »

3 mois de prison avec sursis pour Julien Cétout — Nancy


Interpellé par la police le 2 mars dernier pour violences conjugales présumées ayant entraîné une invalidité de quatre jours, Julien Cétout a été reconnu coupable ce mardi par le tribunal correctionnel de Nancy. Julien Cétout dans la tourmente au cœur d'une semaine décisive pour le maintien de Nancy en L1. Conformément à la procédure, le joueur est passé devant un juge du ministère public qui a décidé d'une peine, en accord avec le prévenu et son avocat, avant de passer devant un juge du siège ... Lire la suite »

Nouveau tir de missile de Pyongyang — Corée du Nord


La batterie de sanctions internationales depuis une décennie n'a jamais entamé la détermination de la Corée du Nord à se doter de missiles balistiques susceptibles de porter le feu nucléaire sur le sol américain. La Corée du Nord a tiré dimanche un missile balistique qui a atterri en mer du Japon, à proximité de la Russie. L'opération survient quatre jours après l'entrée en fonction du nouveau président sud-coréen, partisan d'une reprise du dialogue sur le dossier nucléaire nord-coréen. Lire la suite »

Israel was source for some of information shared with the Russians

With his shoot-from-the-hip tweets targeting United States spies and alleged Oval Office leak of secrets to the Russians, President Donald Trump has damaged White House relations with American and allied intelligence agencies and put national security at risk, current and former officials said Tuesday. Lire la suite »