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Cigarettes Now Banned In Several Indoor Locations


The devices, which are also called vaping pens, contain a liquid that produces vapors. "These products are marketed as a healthier alternative to cigarettes but the reality is they also carry long-term risks to the health of users and those around them", Cuomo said in statement. Lire la suite »

Nevada Gun Shows Linked to Spike in California Firearm Injuries


But in some states, unlicensed sellers at gun shows don't have to follow the same rules. This uptick translates to 30 more firearms-related deaths or injuries in the California border region following 161 Nevada gun shows. More than 4,000 gun shows are held in the United States each year, and experts estimate that they're responsible for 4% to 9% of the nation's firearms sales. Lire la suite »

Un homme avec 500 grammes de cocaïne dans le ventre interpellé — Avignon


Cet homme, venu du Ghana et muni de papiers espagnol, doit à présent "expulser" toute la drogue sous l'œil avisé des enquêteurs, qui chercheront à savoir à qui cet homme voulait revendre cette marchandise. L'un d'entre eux a pu se déchirer et provoquer le malaise. Ils veulent maintenant l'entendre pour déterminer s'il était en transit ou s'il venait approvisionner un réseau vauclusien. Lire la suite »

World's biggest genetic study finds 72 new breast cancer markers


Cancer survivor Josie Dietrich, 43, said had she known about her genetic make-up, she could have prevented a lengthy and severe battle with an aggressive case of breast cancer . However, not all cancer cells carry this receptor - these are known as oestrogen-receptor negative. The QIMR study, which analysed data from more than 250,000 women around the world, found the risk-prone genetic variants are not linked to any physical characteristics. Lire la suite »

Bipasha Basu reacts after getting trolled for condom ad — Doing Nothing Wrong


Speaking to Mid-Day, the Raaz actress spoke about the ad and why she thinks there is nothing wrong in endorsing condoms. The "monkey couple" was bashed and told to behave in a "decent" way like other Bollywood couples. It's so aesthetically shot that it doesn't even look vulgar or horny. With condoms, you can have planned pregnancies and protected sex , which can curb HIV and STD cases. Lire la suite »

Ontario government announcement sees 56 hospital beds coming county-wide


The Liberal government has been facing mounting calls in recent months to act on overcrowded hospitals, where patients have ended up in hallways, boardrooms and even cafeterias when regular beds fill up. An additional $40 million is being spent on home care to prevent people from being admitted to hospital in the first place and to care for others after they have been discharged. Lire la suite »

India skipper Virat Kohli seeks December break from cricket citing personal reasons


But the prolific batsman could finally spend some scheduled time out of the team when Sri Lanka arrive for three Tests, three ODIs and three Twenty20 internationals in a series starting next month. Meanwhile, the Indian pacer Ashish Nehra will play only for the first T20 match of the series and Shreyas Iyer and Mohammed Siraj will make their global debut in the 3 match T20 series against New Zealand . Lire la suite »

Adele Rumored to Be Offered $500000 Per Show for Las Vegas Residency

And even though Adele was forced to cancel shows in the United Kingdom recently after damaging her vocal chords, the Wynn Hotel say they're not anxious. Brit is in her final year performing in Vegas. A year ago saw Celine, who earned $US475,000 ($607,000) per show, celebrate her 1000th Vegas performance. Lire la suite »

New Study Shows Link Between Gut Bacteria And Breast Cancer


However the discovery of 73 new genes not known about previously now put the total contribution of our genes to a breast cancer diagnosis at 18 per cent. "We think that this ability to pinpoint the genes associated with risk of breast cancer will eventually enable us to develop more effective screening interventions and even risk-reduction medications and treatments", Dr Beesley said. Lire la suite »

State to crack down on pillion riders on below-100cc bikes


Additionally, bikes with pillion riders can not be "permitted to travel" as it would violate the Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.As reported earlier, the department is seeking to amend the rules to prohibit pillion riders on bikes with less than 50cc engine capacity, rather than 100cc being enforced currently.Monday's order comes in the background of the HC case between Hemanth, who suffered disability after a traffic accident in which he was in the pillion seat in Mysuru in 2009, and New India ... Lire la suite »

More Evidence Ketamine Could Alleviate Migraine Pain

And it could be most powerful for patients who have not been helped by other treatments. An estimated 15 percent of people suffer from migraines. Beginning in early adulthood, most people only have a migraine occasionally but for others they can occur up to several times a week. Lire la suite »

Indira Canteen food gives them the creeps


The CCTV footage from the cameras installed inside the canteen supposedly showed Hemanth putting the cockroach in the food which he brought along with him. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the city civic body which is executing the programme, handed over the video footage to police and lodged a complaint against Hemanth and his friends. Lire la suite »

World Health Organization hurt itself with Robert Mugabe decision - Zimbabwe govt


Mr Tedros said he had consulted with the Zimbabwean government and decided that rescinding Mr Mugabe's position was "in the best interests of" the WHO. The WHO late last week named the 93-year-old leader as its ambassador for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). "We have listened carefully to all the concerns that have been raised", World Health Organization head Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement explaining why President Mugabe's appointment was canceled. Lire la suite »

Conjoined Twins Are Doing OK After Separation Surgery


The twins were having craniopagus condition in which twins are conjoined at the cranium. "Nearly five months after separation, we are happy to announce that both Erin and Abby Delaney are doing well as they continue to recover from this very complex surgery", Gregory Heuer, the girls' neurosurgeon who led the 30-member surgical team, told Fox29. Lire la suite »

Courts Reverse Johnson Baby Powder Settlements for almost $500 Million


The ruling by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maren Nelson marked the latest setback facing women and family members who accuse J&J of not adequately warning consumers about the cancer risks of its talc-based products. "In the cases involving non-resident plaintiffs who sued in the state of Missouri, we consistently argued that there was no jurisdiction and we expect the existing verdicts that we are appealing to be reversed", Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman Carole Goodrich said in a statement. Lire la suite »

Doctors baffled by woman who 'sweats blood'


Tests revealed her blood count and clotting functions were normal and she was diagnosed with hematohidrosis, a condition so rare some doctors don't even know about it. In a few examples it is thought the battle or flight reaction can crack modest blood vessels all through the body, called vessels. Our patient had become socially isolated owing to embarrassment over the bleeding and she reported symptoms consistent with major depressive disorder and panic disorder. Lire la suite »

Second bacteria found in Northeast Louisiana mass food poisoning


In Louisiana, food poisoning in jambalaya at a fundraiser on October 16 is being blamed for more than 120 becoming ill, the Louisiana Department of Health told CNN. "When we got the samples, we continued to test for toxins", Jaberi said. "Everybody knows somebody who is sick", he said. "The Louisiana Department of Health urges anyone who purchased food from the fundraiser to throw away any food that has not yet been consumed". Lire la suite »

Plus de 100 morts, dont un Français résident — Peste à Madagascar


Il ne répondait plus au traitement", affirme le Dr Raymond Rakotoarimanana, directeur régional de la Santé publique d'Atsinanana, interrogé par le journal L'Express de Madagascar . À Toamasina, le Français est le douzième patient à décéder des suites de la peste pulmonaire, extrêmement contagieuse. Selon un rapport du ministère malgache de la Santé publique, 107 personnes sont mortes après contamination par la bactérie. Lire la suite »

Elton John condemns comments on suggested HIV quarantine by Rep. Betty Price

Reports indicate Rep Betty Price often accompanied her husband on these luxurious private flights funded by taxpayers. Price, a Republican whose district includes parts of Atlanta's northern suburbs, asked the head of the Georgia Department of Public Health's HIV Epidemiology Section about stopping the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Lire la suite »

9 killed in Al Qaeda attack on S Yemen military base

He said security forces shot dead four bombers, who ran out from the auto and towards the base before they detonated their explosive belts. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has flourished in the chaos of Yemen's civil war pitting the Saudi-backed government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi against Shiite Huthi rebels. Lire la suite »

Postpartum depression less likely in winter, spring births


Zhou is from Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston . No less than 10 for each penny of ladies experience the ill effects of uneasiness or depressive issue following labor, with side effects including misery, anxiety and additionally disturbance and diminished fixation. Lire la suite »

Trump Continues Attack on Protesting NFL Players


Roughly 22 players knelt to show their solidarity with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's protest against racial injustice, according to a headcount from the Associated Press. "I think what these players are doing is absolutely wrong", Jeffress said. Carter was surprisingly defensive on behalf of Trump in the interview with Dowd, telling her that the media is "harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I've known about". Lire la suite »

Gas Prices Down in Washington, Up in Wenatchee


The metro areas with the largest weekly discounts in the state were in Cleveland (-10 cents), Chattanooga (-9 cents), and Kingsport-Bristol (-5 cents). Experts say prices are expected to decline in the coming weeks, as gas inventories continue to heal after Harvey. Gas prices in Florida continue to drop as the Sunshine State puts the impacts of hurricanes behind it. Lire la suite »