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Wet weather can't dampen spirits at Relay For Life events


Funds raised help the American Cancer Society provide free information and support for people facing the disease today, and fund cancer research that will help protect future generations. At its peak, Nanaimo's Relay for Life drew about 600 participants. "It amazes me, year-after-year, the dedication of the teams and the survivors". Lire la suite »

Nantes. Préavis de grève à la cuisine centrale du CHU


Et ça parait d'autant plus incroyable qu'ils sont destinés à des patients, mais il y a des blattes et des rats dans cette cuisine! Quand on transporte les chariots de légumes et de viande, il nous arrive d'écraser une cinquantaine de blattes! Ils profitent qu'il y ait moins de bruit pour se promener. Lire la suite »

Oil Rises 2 pct after Saudi and Russia Back Longer Supply Cut

Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia said Monday May 15, 2017 , they want to extend oil production cuts through the first quarter of 2018, in a move the two major producers say would support the market price. Libya's crude production has risen to more than 800,000 barrels a day as fields restart, the most since 2014. United States energy firms added oil rigs for a 17th week in a row, extending a 12-month drilling recovery, energy services firm Baker Hughes Inc said on Friday. Lire la suite »

Dayton, Republicans Resume Budget Talks


Few are uttering the dirtiest "s" word in state government yet, but the prospect of another painful shutdown is looming. Then the real work begins. House Speaker Kurt Daudt says, "We purposely left enough time to make sure that we didn't end up in this kind of end-of-session mad rush, but the governor obviously thinks that that's what gives him the advantage in negotiations". Lire la suite »

Amidst global ransomware attack, new versions of WannaCry emerge

Ransomware attacks are very hard to defend against - backups are really the only defence, Beazley said. "The global reach is unprecedented and beyond what we have seen before", Rob Wainwright, director of the Netherlands-based Europol said Sunday "The latest count is over 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries, and those victims, many of those will be businesses, including large corporations". Lire la suite »

7 students kill themselves; school removes '13 Reasons Why' book from library


However, he does not condone the decision to remove the books without due process, noting that " people have been writing about suicide because it happens". Whatever the case may be, "13 Reasons Why" is a series that splits everybody right down the middle. "I believe it is our duty to follow that process, because censorship is a slippery slope ..." "I think that we're not planting it in their minds, that's key, but if they had not made it so graphic, and it's really more fictional", he ... Lire la suite »

How major US stock market indexes fared on Tuesday


The UK's FTSE 100 Index climbed 0.9 percent, led by gains in shares of Vodafone Group. The security industry was reeling after the WannaCry ransomware cyber attack that has infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries since Friday.The energy sector was the biggest percentage decliner after rising sharply in Monday's session. Lire la suite »

These states have the most workers using illegal drugs


Alabama and OR had the highest rates (6.3 percent), followed by Arkansas (6 percent), North Carolina and Vermont (both 5.7 percent), and Louisiana and SC (both 5.6 percent). Sample. Recreational marijuana use is legal in OR - and legalization is beginning to drive increases nationally, with detections of marijuana use climbing almost 10% since 2015. Lire la suite »

14-year-old boy fatally shot in Princeton


The victim, Eric Nelson, was identified Tuesday, by his family and Princeton Schools Superintendent Julia Espe. "My baby was a strong willed kid", said Laurie Blegen-Nelson, Eric's mother. Police have provided few details about the shooting. The incident is still under investigation, and police say there is no reason to believe there is any danger to the public. Lire la suite »

Senators still answering questions on stipend payments


The actual chair of the Senate Education Committee is state Sen. The New York Times acquired emails between the comptroller's office and senate staff, in which each senator was misidentified as being the chair of each committee they actually vice-chair. Lire la suite »

Parasitic Worms Are Showing Up in Sushi


The only reason doctors found it was because he had been suffering stomach pain, vomiting and fever for a week. Blood test results showed he had mild inflammation and the area below his ribs was tender. If by chance someone does encounter a parasite while eating raw fish, some can experience a tingling sensation after or while eating the undercooked fish or squid. Lire la suite »

Cyber attack 'could come back this morning' as people return to work

The ransomware worm dubbed WannaCry that locked up more than 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries had slowed, but cybersecurity experts said the respite might only be brief. The NSA keeps a chest of cyberweapons to itself so it can hit targets, but Microsoft has long argued that this is unsafe. CERT-In has advised users to maintain updated antivirus software on all systems and check regularly for the integrity of the information stored in the databases. Lire la suite »

Worked through night to counter cyber attack on health service - minister


Chinese local authorities from traffic police to industry regulators were hobbled on Monday by a massive global ransomware attack , but the spread of the WannaCry worm in the country appeared less aggressive than initially feared. As of 9pm Monday Thailand time (1400 GMT) the total value of funds paid into anonymous bitcoin wallets the hackers are using stood at just $55,169, or less than 2 million baht from 209 payments, according to calculations made by Reuters using publicly available ... Lire la suite »

Sheriff: Body is missing 8-year-old South Carolina girl

Harrington also faces charges of kidnapping, armed robbery and possessing a weapon during a violent crime. "An autopsy conducted at the Medical University of SC in Charleston today is providing additional information for the ongoing investigation", Lemon said. Lire la suite »

Les travaillistes promettent nationalisations et hausses de salaire — Royaume-Uni


Dans un discours à l'université de Bradford, au nord de l'Angleterre, le leader de la principale formation d'opposition britannique a affirmé qu'il s'agissait d'un "programme de l'espérance" visant à "gouverner pour le plus grand nombre". Sa réforme de l'impôt sur le revenu concernerait 5% des contribuables les plus riches et viserait à créer deux nouvelles tranches d'imposition. L'impôt sur les sociétés serait augmenté progressivement de 19 % à 26 %. Lire la suite »

Labour eyes tax on companies with "excessive pay"

Expensive pledges include £11.2 billion to scrap university tuition fees, £6.3 billion extra funding for schools, £5 billion for health and £2.1 billion for social care, and £4 billion to lift the Conservatives' 1% cap on public sector pay increases. Lire la suite »

AIR QUALITY: Code Orange conditions expected Tuesday


As a result, the air quality may become unhealthy for sensitive individuals, especially active children, the elderly, and anyone suffering from lung disease or other serious health problems. Indianapolis has issued about 15 air-quality alerts over the past five years, with the most in 2016. An Air Quality Index (AQI) reading at or above 101 is deemed "unhealthy for sensitive groups". Lire la suite »

S Korea's Moon to send delegation to China amid frayed ties

Tension has been high for months on the Korean peninsula over North Korea's nuclear and missile development and fears it will conduct a sixth nuclear test or test another ballistic missile in defiance of U.N. Moon is a liberal who advocates a more conciliatory approach to North Korea compared with his conservative predecessor. "President Trump and President Moon agreed to continue to strengthen the United States-Republic of Korea alliance and to deepen the enduring friendship between our two ... Lire la suite »

Moors murderer Ian Brady has died aged 79

The information in this file potentially still retains value in assisting the police to achieve this aim. A combination of handout pictures created in London shows undated police handout photographs released by Greater Manchester Police of "Moors murderers" Ian Brady and Myra Hindley . Lire la suite »

Governments Must Treat Cyber Attack as 'Wake-Up Call — Microsoft President


That's why it's called ransomware. Newer versions of Windows can be inoculated against WannaCry by running Windows Update and applying all outstanding patches . Despite this, computers in the police department at Nagpur and few other field offices were infected with WannaCry , a type of malicious software (malware) that blocks access to a computer system until money is paid. Lire la suite »

85% of Iowa's corn crop planted

Iowa farmers took advantage of agreeable weather and made significant planting progress this past week. Not that all observers see this as a wise idea. Informa raised its forecast of US 2017 soybean plantings to 89.662 million acres, above the USDA's March figure of 89.5 million acres. Wheat , corn and soy USA cents/bushel. Lire la suite »

Medical marijuana patients report benefits


The study was based on patient surveys and other data. Asked to rate the benefits of medical cannabis in their treatment on a scale of 1 (no benefit) to 7 (great deal of benefit), 64 percent of patients gave the therapy a 6 or 7. Minnesota has among the strictest programs of almost 30 states with medical marijuana laws. The state bans the plant form and restricts marijuana pills and oils to patients with a handful of severe conditions. Lire la suite »