Jeudi, 26 Avril 2018
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" "La mention " photo retouchée " bientôt obligatoire

En tout cas, les photos tronquées seront mentionnées comme "retouchées" à l'avenir. Cette obligation concerne les photographies " insérées dans des messages publicitaires " dans la presse, sur des affiches, sur internet ou encore dans les catalogues et prospectus, précise le décret publié vendredi. Lire la suite »

Épidémie d'Ebola déclarée dans le nord-est de la RDC, 3 morts


Trois personnes sont déjà décédées. Selon le communiqué de l'OMS, l'épidémie touche une zone de forêt équatoriale dans la province du Bas-Uélé, frontalière de la Centrafrique. C'est en RDC que le virus Ebola a pour la première fois été identifié en 1976, le long de la rivière éponyme, non loin de la zone actuellement touchée. Lire la suite »

HSE director suggests chocolates as incentive for nurse vaccinations

Dr Kevin Kelleher says worldwide evidence suggests two successful methods including "incentives" like "giving them chocolates" which he claims "works really well". Dr Kelleher pointed to the need for leadership in health facilities to motivate staff to get the vaccine and there also needs to be "leadership from the nurses themselves". Lire la suite »

Congo reports a single confirmed case of Ebola, UN says

The case was confirmed from tests on nine people who came down with a hemorrhagic fever in Bas-Uele province in the northeast of the country on or after April 22, the statement said. "We always take this very seriously", said spokesman Eric Kabambi. In 2014, an Ebola outbreak across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone killed more than 11 000 people. Lire la suite »

Texas debates rejection of non-Christian parents


Frank also said the bill directs state child services to ensure that other outside adoption providers without religious objections are made available to help would-be adoptive parents who get turned away by any who do raise objections. Lire la suite »

EFL Trophy format to remain unchanged


There will be some slight changes but clubs overwhelmingly rejected the chance to revert to the competition in its original 48-team knock-out guise or scrap it completely. The EFL has also moved to make reassurances that the inclusion of Premier League youth teams is not the forerunner to the addition of top-flight B teams to league competition. Lire la suite »

Trump invites S. Korean president Moon to Washington

Beijing also has its own issues with Seoul. "I will urgently try to solve the security crisis", Mr Moon said in the domed rotunda hall of the parliament building. While Moon originally opposed the US deployment of the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defense system in South Korea, he shifted during the campaign to sitting on the fence, saying he was "open to both possibilities" (of deploying or withdrawing THAAD) and would "pass the issue to the next government". Lire la suite »

Hezbollah says it has secured Lebanon's border with Syria


Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently threatened to launch missiles at an ammonia installation in northern Israel, which could kill tens of thousands of civilians - including thousands of Israeli Arabs. Katz also warned against the creation of a territorial continuum from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon and explained that an Iranian military presence in Syria and Lebanon would obligate Israel to allocate a significant amount of resources to enhance its preparedness in ... Lire la suite »

Tesla's solar roof tiles affordable, under warranty forever


According to Tesla, the warranty for the solar roofs will last for as long as the house is still standing and Musk even claimed that the tiles are going to outlive the buildings because of how tough they are. Musk said at the unveiling that Tesla had established a new glass division and that it had worked with SolarCity to design the new solar product. They are virtually indistinguishable from a normal roof. Lire la suite »

Poor mental health affects 20pc of van drivers

SA Mental Health Commissioner Chris Burns has heard the viewpoints of Eyre Peninsula residents about what is needed for a state Mental Health Strategic Plan. Giordano said advocating for mental health treatments can be a challenge, but she and other activists are focusing on the Senate now, which is next to take on health care. Lire la suite »

Sushi lovers at risk of parasites in undercooked fish


Not all sushi is made with raw fish , much of it is cooked. Not all sushi contains raw fish , much of it is cooked, however sashimi, another Japanese cuisine, is exclusively based on raw pieces of fish . "Owing to changes in food habits, anisakiasis is a growing disease in Western countries, which should be suspected in patients with a history of ingestion of raw or uncooked fish ". Lire la suite »

LdC : Atletico-Real, les compos probables

C'était un samedi après-midi en février 2015. Malgré leur victoire 1 à 0 sur Eibar le week-end dernier en championnat espagnol, la mission sera difficile. Cette fois, ce derby de Madrid risque d'être moins bouillant qu'à l'accoutumée. L'Atlético tentera aussi d'éviter l'élimination aux mains du Real Madrid pour une quatrième campagne d'affilée en Ligue des Champions . Lire la suite »

How the BC election could play out


A total of 87 seats in the legislature were in play, and no party achieved the magic number of 44 to form a majority government. Kathryn Harrison says there's no disputing the Greens won two ridings that were previously NDP and may have siphoned off some centre-left votes in at least one other riding, clearing a path for the Liberals to win there. Lire la suite »

Kevin Durant questions importance of National Basketball Association combine, tells players to skip it


However Durant did point out that the Combine could be useful for players who are not top prospects like Lonzo Ball, but are looking to get noticed. Sign up for the online chat with Col. For some players, it brings back fond memories of an age-old process that ultimately leads to accomplishing a dream and signing with an National Basketball Association organization. Lire la suite »

Limogeage du patron du FBI : Trump persiste et signe


Le président américain a expliqué à plusieurs reprises préférer communiquer directement via son compte Twitter pour éviter de passer par les médias qu'ils dit biaisés contre lui. que le candidat républicain avait pourtant lui-même utilisés quotidiennement pour pilonner sa rivale. Le Sénat avait confirmé ce choix de manière écrasante, avec 93 voix pour et une contre. Lire la suite »

Le Real de Zinedine Zidane : encore des records

Le Real Madrid défendra son titre de la Ligue des champions après avoir résisté à son voisin l'Atlético , qui a dominé la demi-finale retour (2-1) sans pouvoir remonter sa défaite de l'aller (3-0). En effet, la réalisation d'Isco a permis aux Merengue d'enchainer un 61e match de suite en marquant au moins un but . Et si les hommes de Simeone n'ont jamais abdiqué, c'est le Real qui a été le plus dangereux en deuxième période avec un but refusé à Ronaldo (66e) ou cette tête de ... Lire la suite »

Long before the dinosaurs, antibiotic-resistant superbugs thrived


In a new study, researchers shed light on the evolutionary history of enterococci , pathogens which evolved almost indestructible properties and have become leading causes of modern antibiotic-resistant infections in hospitals. Sea animals excrete intestinal microbes into the ocean, which usually contains about 5,000 mostly harmless bacteria per drop of water. Other microbes took on a more adversarial role, damaging cells and causing disease. Lire la suite »

" "Jeau Paul Dias se " démakylle " — Politique


Jean Paul Dias a, pour ce qui le concerne, produit un communiqué pour confirmer son ancrage dans la nouvelle coalition de l'opposition. Pour Walfadjri, "Jean-Paul Dias lâche Macky". Pendant ce temps, Le Témoin traite des contreperformances de la direction générale des impôts et domaines au 1er trimestre 2017, et fait état d'une "baisse de 25 milliards des recettes fiscales". Lire la suite »

Pentagon chief, Turkish PM meet after decision to arm Kurds


Erdogan says the "fight against terrorism should not be lead with another terror organization" and that "we want to know that our allies will side with us and not with terror organizations". Earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also denounced the USA move, saying "every weapon that reaches the (Kurds') hands is a threat to Turkey". Lire la suite »

Sexual harassment case leads to leak investigation of UMN regents


Johnson said five to six others outside of the board of regents had access to the information. The University of Minnesota's board of regents has launched an investigation into a leak of confidential information regarding the latest in a long line of sexual harassment allegations to be leveled against the school's athletic department. Lire la suite »

Texas House OKs giving adoption agencies 'religious refusal'


Opponents of the bill, including Cathryn Senior Legislative Counsel for the Human Rights Campaign express that the only rights which would be affected by the law would be those of kids involved. It would allow state-funded adoption agencies to discriminate against couples based on religious belief. "This bill will make more foster care homes available". Lire la suite »

Attorneys say 8-year-old was bullied before killing himself


School officials did not tell the boy's mother about the assault or that he had lost consciousness, only that the boy had fainted, the mother's lawyer says. Instead, they told her that the boy simply fainted briefly without mentioning a word about the assault . "Mom found him [dead] in his bedroom a few hours later". Lire la suite »