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Ancient DNA to help solve mysteries of the Canaanites


However, a new genetic study has found that the Canaanites actually managed to survive this purge of their traditional homeland, passing on their DNA over the centuries to their numerous descendants in modern-day Lebanon. Present-day Lebanese genomes showed some integration with incomers from Eurasia between about 3,800 to 2,200 years ago, accounting for some of the variation in genetic makeup. Lire la suite »

Sanskrit learning centers to be opened by Delhi Government

The course will hold 2 hours thrice a week. "In schools, grammar and forms are taught, but here we want to teach Sanskrit in a way which ordinary people will understand and enjoy", he added. "The objective of this initiative is that the way people learn English and Urdu language to use it in their day-to-day life, in the same way, they can be motivated to learn Sanskrit...the course is being designed for the goal of creating a passion for learning Sanskrit in the general public", the Deputy ... Lire la suite »

IN health dept. warning of increase in whooping cough


Because pertussis tends to be cyclical, ISDH expects to continue to see an increase in cases this year. Older children and adults can have mild cases, however, infants can experience serious illness. Pregnant women are also urged to get one dose of Tdap during each pregnancy to protect the infants. In some cases, people with pertussis will cough until they vomit. Lire la suite »

AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV) Sees Unusual Trading Volume in Its Shares

American National Bank now owns 2,471 shares of the company's stock worth $161,000 after buying an additional 299 shares in the last quarter. Finally, Atwood & Palmer Inc. BMO Capital Markets restated a "market perform" rating and set a $66.00 price objective on shares of AbbVie in a research note on Wednesday, May 17th. Lire la suite »

Distracted driving, how unsafe is eating and drinking while driving?


Officers can only ticket drivers for those actions if they are pulled over for something else, like reckless driving. A secondary offense can be added on as an additional violation if a driver is pulled over for a primary offense. The first E-DUI offense will cost drivers $136. Those tickets cost $99. About 30,000 people have signed a petition urging lawmakers to remove those secondary offenses from the law. Lire la suite »

Wagner 'Will Listen' To Offers For Nahki Wells

David Wagner has confirmed that Huddersfield Town "will listen to serious offers" for Bermudian striker Nahki Wells , who is out of contract at the end of the coming season, according to a story in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner . "Everyone can see how high the quality is of the strikers we have brought in". "There is Mounié, Depoitre and we still have Elias Kachunga and Collin Quaner who are able to play there". Lire la suite »

Pakistan minister says to quit in fresh blow to PM Sharif


Nisar said his biggest privilege was that he was a member of the National Assembly and represented 500,000 people of his constituency. PTI Chief in his message on social networking site twitter said that, 'the dishonesty of PM and some of his ministers that is being revealed is shocking even for those who have known their greed for money. Lire la suite »

What the Allen Crabbe trade means for the Portland Trail Blazers


The Nets wanted him last year and got the Blazers to cough up $75 million (!) over four years. He played 33 games and scored an average of 13.4 points per game while grabbing 8.5 rebounds a night. The Brooklyn Nets have had an interesting and productive offseason to say the least. They won 20 games a year ago when it was Brook Lopez and a dozen average or below-average players. Lire la suite »

Slug Mucus Used to Create Super-strong Glue That Stops Internal Bleeding


Cross-linking makes materials strong, but the slug slime has the added advantage of having two types of cross-link bonds. There was also no tissue damage or adhesions to surrounding tissues when applied to a liver haemorrhage in mice. The adhesive sticks well to a pig's heart slick with blood. The authors said that in experiments in rats simulating emergency surgery and sudden blood loss, the glue's performance was similar to that of a haemostat. Lire la suite »

NPF CEC okays disqualification proceedings against MLAs


The decision was taken at a party meeting held here today. Condemning what is called “unconstitutional action” of the Governor in installing TR Zeliang as Chief Minister without letter of support from the original political party letterhead, the NPF emergency meeting demanded that the President of India should mmediately recall him. Lire la suite »

Delhi government to launch mobile vans to educate traders about GST


A GST officer will be travelling in each of the vans, makinn announcements on the loudspeaker, suggesting their arrival as well as announce meeting points. "Then they will set up camp at a central point and assist traders", said an official. Apart, the government will also tie-up with market associations so that they can inform them of the date and time when the vans will be visiting their markets. Lire la suite »

Un vaccin en essai clinique — Maladie de Lyme


L'évolution est très favorable lorsque la maladie est diagnostiquée et traitée précocement avec des antibiotiques. La maladie de Lyme , ou borréliose de Lyme, est une maladie transmise lors d'une piqûre de tique infectée par une bactérie dénommée Borrelia. Lire la suite »

US President Donald Trump bans trans people from joining US military


It was expected to start allowing transgender people to begin enlisting this year, provided they had been "stable" in their preferred gender for 18 months. In 2016, the Obama administration announced transgender soldiers could serve openly for the first time in history, and in September, the Pentagon said it would also pay for their gender-related surgeries. Lire la suite »

Playing video games found to combat workplace stress


A new study, published by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society , has revealed that playing video games at work could be effective in dealing with the stress, frustration and anxiety that we're all prone to in the office. They were then given a 5-minute break where they engaged in different activities including taking a silent rest break and playing a casual video game called Sushi Cat . Lire la suite »

Globe University loans could become void in Minnesota

Swanson's office maintained the schools charged students up to $42,000 for a two-year degree and $89,000 for a four-year degree. The Attorney General's Office says companies must obtain a lender's license from the Minnesota Department of Commerce before issuing loans. Lire la suite »

Dogs and algae blooms -- a fatal combination


Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) is naturally occurring, and often become visible when weather conditions are calm. Anglers can eat fish they catch - Odell is popular for kokanee and lake trout anglers - but should cut away all organs, fat and skin then rinse the fillets in clean water. Lire la suite »

LVMH Profit Grows at Fastest Rate Since 2011 as Asia Rebounds

In the current climate of geopolitical and economic instability, creativity and quality, the founding values of our group, have more than ever become benchmarks for all. The selective retailing business group posted organic revenue growth of 12 percent or 15 percent on a reported basis and profit from recurring operations was up 8 percent. Lire la suite »

Saudi coalition responsible for refugee boat attack, says UN


The coalition has denied that its forces were operating in the area of Hodeida when the vessel carrying Somali refugees in the Red Sea came under attack. A report released by the United Nations blames the Saudi-led coalition for conducting a lethal raid killing 42 on a refugee boat, reported Al-Jazeera Arabic . Lire la suite »

Macron en baisse, Philippe en légère hausse — Cote de confiance


Dimanche dernier, Le JDD indiquait déjà que le chef de l'État était en baisse de dix points (54%) par rapport au mois de juin, selon le baromètre Ifop. Avec une cote de popularité de 41%, Edouard Philippe voit surtout les opinions négatives augmenter à son égard. 23% (-14) des Français interrogées ne se prononcent pas. Lire la suite »

British baby Gard's parents await decision on final care


Great Ormond Street Hospital said it was not practical to provide life-support treatment for days at the couple's home. Ms Yates and Mr Gard had initially said they wanted Charlie to spend days with them at home before dying. Mr Justice Francis in April ruled in favour of GOSH and said Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity. In Britain, courts make right-to-life decisions, not patients or families. Lire la suite »