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TN Ministers meet amid talk of merger

Sasikala who the was the interim General Secretary of the party, is now i serving her term in jail after being convicted for having assets disproportionate to her known sources of income. "We have made a decision to keep the Sasikala family away from party affairs", Jayakumar had told after the meeting. The prospects of the merger of the two warring groups of the AIADMK brightened by Wednesday with TTV Dinakaran , the beleaguered deputy general secretary of the Sasikala faction giving ... Read More »

China urges diplomatic solution to US-N Korea feud


Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the Demilitarized Zone dividing the Koreas and warned Pyongyang that "the era of strategic patience is over". A day after North Korea said it would regularly test missiles, the U.S. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi repeated China's line that the crisis could only be resolved by diplomacy. He said the Trump administration's plans to simplify the US tax code and cut the corporate tax rate will "benefit every business represented here today". Read More »

North Korea prepares for battle with US


China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs told CNN the Chinese government opposes any form of cyber attack, and fights against all form of hacker activity. The commander of U.S. Pacific Command said North Korea doesn't have a weapon that can threaten the group. The officials weren't authorized to speak publicly about plans for the closed-doors briefings and requested anonymity. Read More »

Macron défie Le Pen sur ses terres — Présidentielle française

L'entreprise avait annoncé en janvier dernier sa volonté de recentrer la production de sèche-linges d'Amiens, à Lodz, en Pologne. Objectif déclaré: bénéficier de "plus fortes économies d'échelle" et ainsi "sauvegarder sa compétitivité" dans un contexte "de plus en plus concurrentiel". Read More »

Twitter shares soar on strongest user growth for more than a year

Twitter's stock is up more than 11% in early trading this morning, which is one of the biggest bumps it's seen since talks of acquisition of the company popped up. An earnings beat won't be too surprising, given that Twitter has beat on non-GAAP EPS in the past 4 quarters. The stock appeared -37.35% below its 52-week highs and is up 8.80% for the last five trades. Read More »

Treasury Sec'y Mnuchin Intros Trump Tax Plan, Lies Immediately Aftewards

Watch the interview today around 8 a.m. ET on "CBS This Morning". Some owners might decide to pay down their companies' debt or put the money toward personal uses like funding children's college education, he said . For individual US taxpayers, the Trump plan would simplify tax returns by reducing the number of tax brackets to three (10 percent, 15 percent and 35 percent) from seven and double the standard deduction available to taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions. Read More »

Europe, Nation: Macron et Le Pen poursuivent leur affrontement à distance

Par ailleurs, Marine Le Pen est perçue comme celle qui pourrait le plus améliorer la situation des ouvriers si elle accédait à l'Elysée (48%), contre 46% pour Emmanuel Macron, favori du second tour. Voter Macron , "ce n'est pas un chèque en blanc", a souligné le secrétaire général du Parti communiste, Pierre Laurent. Tous droits de reproduction et de représentation réservés. Read More »

Thiessen: Trump's first 100 days have been fine

It exposes Trump's fundamental lack of understanding of how democracy and worldwide affairs work, the nature of what the issues are, why problems don't have simplistic answers, and, despite claiming to be the great deal-maker, how to get bills passed. Read More »

Seoul rejects Trump demand it pays for THAAD missile system

Beijing has objected to the rising USA military presence near the Korean peninsula, especially the installation-still in progress-of a land-based missile defense system known as Thaad. Seoul already sees moves by Beijing to retaliate, including limits on Chinese tour group visits to South Korea, which is increasingly dependent on Chinese tourism and demand for its industrial products. Read More »

Trump urges United Nations to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea


The THAAD system is meant to intercept and destroy short and medium-range ballistic missiles during their final phase of flight. Mr Trump has intimated he is willing to ramp up U.S. "I'm encouraged. And I believe Kim Jong Un has noticed that there's a change afoot with regard to China, and I think that's important", Harris said. Read More »

Tillerson says China asked N. Korea to stop nuclear tests

They view the anti-missile system also equalising as their nuclear deterrents. Beijing "frankly has to put economic leverage on North Korea", spokesman Mark Toner yesterday said . president in Florida earlier this month. He said it was his decision "to pull the Carl Vinson out of Singapore, truncate the exercise it was going to do south of Singapore, cancel its port visit to Australia and then proceed north". Read More »

Congress hears plan to press North Korea


North Korea threatened nuclear retaliation after Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the secretive nation would be subject to further Australian sanctions over its program. Although the statement emphasized diplomacy, Democratic Senator Christopher Coons told reporters after the White House briefing that military options were discussed. Read More »

Far-right to rally in Berkeley after Coulter talk canceled

Numerous protesters have "Build That Wall" or "Trump" stickers across their helmets and several are concealing their identities wearing mirrored ski goggles over their eyes. "This is a university, not a battlefield", Dirks wrote. A series of rallies are scheduled today at Berkeley's Civic Center Park. Another group called the International Socialist Organization is gathering for a news conference to speak out against the "alt-right", an offshoot of conservatism characterized by white ... Read More »

Saddening to see fraud sites of my initiative, says Akshay


Akshay has send a voice message and appealed to help Sukma Martyr's of CRPF and deposit the amount in correct government website.It is known that Rajnath Singh had inaugurated a website on 9th April named www.bharatkeveer.gov.in which allows common people to make monetary donations to families of paramilitary troops killed in action, with an upper limit of Rs. Read More »

Youth protest against French election ends in violence

In my political family, some are wrong to neglect the risk and not to take the second round more seriously", he said. Emmanuel Macron is a new face , a 39-year-old who only briefly served in François Hollande's government, and is with a new movement, En Marche! But Le Pen is waging a media-savvy campaign for support from disgruntled workers and the unemployed. Read More »

L'Union européenne "s'unit contre nous", dénonce Theresa May — Brexit


Jeudi, Angela Merkel a en effet durci le ton, jugeant que les Britanniques ne devaient s'attendre à aucune mansuétude de l'Europe dans les négociations. Cette facture a été évaluée, côté européen, à environ 60 milliards d'euros. Une de ces conditions concerne le problème des obligations financières en cours du Royaume-Uni vis-à-vis de l'UE qui doit être résolu avant que ne soit abordé tout autre cadre des relations futures. Read More »

Trump warns of "major, major conflict" with North Korea

Trump is aware that another US option - a preemptive strike against North Korea - should be a last resort, in large part because of the artillery Kim's regime could unleash to devastate Seoul, Republican Senator John McCain said in an interview. Read More »