Dimanche, 20 Août 2017
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Emmanuel Macron, un président sur les Champs-Elysées


La météo, qui se sera acharnée pendant tout son quinquennat contre François Hollande, s'est à nouveau montrée facétieuse. Emmanuel Macron a tenu à instaurer l'image d'un président protecteur. Il doit ensuite passer en revue les troupes dans le jardin de l'Élysée, alors que 21 coups de canon seront tirés depuis l'esplanade des Invalides. Une cérémonie d'hommage au Soldat inconnu se déroulera à l'Arc de Triomphe entre 12h15 et 12h35. Read More »

Pope canonizes siblings behind Fatima visions

Francis proclaimed Francisco and Jacinta Marto saints at the start of Mass marking the centenary of their visions. Francisco and Jacinta, aged 9 and 7, and their 10-year-old cousin, Lucia, reported that on March 13, 1917, the Virgin Mary made the first of a half-dozen appearances to them while they grazed their sheep. Read More »

Another Global Cyber-Attack Likely On Monday: UK Experts

Europol director Rob Wainwright said the attack was unique in that the ransomware was used in combination with "a worm functionality" so the infection spread automatically. The security holes it exploits were disclosed several weeks ago by TheShadowBrokers, a mysterious group that has published what it says are hacking tools used by the NSA. Read More »

Trump says he will make 'fast decision' on Comey replacement

At least six contenders were expected to interview on Saturday: Sen. White-collar defense attorney Alice Fisher interviewed for about 90 minutes with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein. White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters the president would fill the job "as soon as he finds a candidate that fits the qualities that he feels are necessary". Read More »

Trump warns former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief against talking to the media


The FBI probe and parallel congressional investigations have hung over Trump's presidency since he took office in January and threaten to overwhelm his policy priorities. He had argued that his surrogates can not be expected to "stand at podium with flawless accuracy". In an interview with Fox News's Jeanine Pirro on Friday, the president complained about hostility and unfair treatment at the hands of the media, suggesting for the second time in one day that he might just cancel the ... Read More »

Renault seule victime française répertoriée à ce stade — Cyberattaque

Le site de Douai n'avait pas été paralysé car il ne produit pas pendant le week-end. Concernant l'Europe, un porte-parole de Renault en Espagne a indiqué qu'il n'y aurait pas de fermeture d'usines lundi dans le pays. " La crainte, c'est notamment que lundi matin, on ait des mauvaises surprises, lorsque les gens vont allumer leurs ordinateurs ". Le parquet de Paris a par ailleurs ouvert une enquête pour " accès et mantien frauduleux dans des systèmes de traitement automatisé de données ", " ... Read More »

North Korea fires missile from test site, U.S. officials confirm

Japan said the missile flew for 30 minutes before dropping into the sea between North Korea's east coast and Japan. North Korea fired a ballistic missile on Sunday in defiance of calls to rein in its weapons programme, South Korean and US officials said, days after a new leader took office in the South, pledging to engage it in dialogue. Read More »

Adverts are coming to the Amazon Echo, sort of


We as people need to realize the risk to our privacy also. On May 9, 2017, Amazon announced its newest product, the Amazon Echo Show, which is set to start shipping on June 28, 2017, and has already received a lot of popularity and preorders. Read More »

French president Macron's top quotes at inauguration


Macron won after a bitter campaign against a strong far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen, who delivered the best-ever result for the country's far-right party after her furious denunciations of immigration and open borders. Macron, a 39-year-old centrist, took the reins of power from Socialist Francois Hollande at the Elysee Palace a week after his resounding victory over far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Read More »

Cyber-attack: Europol says it was unprecedented in scale


Europol said a special task force at its European Cybercrime Centre was "specially created to assist in such investigations and will play an important role in supporting the investigation". The country's banking system was also attacked, although no problems were detected, as was the railway system. Nissan UK confirmed it was affected , but said there had been "no major impact". Read More »

Vivek Oberoi's company donates 25 flats to families of CRPF bravehearts


A list stating the families that have already been allotted the flats has been issued by the organisation and the rest of the list is said to be released soon. The Centre has assured action against the perpetrators of the "cold-blooded murder' in Sukma". This is not the first time that a Bollywood celebrity is coming forward to help families of martyrs. Read More »

US calls for stronger sanctions against N Korea


Further dialogue would be impossible without a change in behaviour, he said . Russian President Vladimir Putin is now in Beijing for a two-day "Belt and Road" conference hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The White House said with the rocket landing "so close to Russian soil. the president can not imagine that Russia is pleased". Spicer said the North has been a "flagrant menace for far too long". Read More »

We'll reunite released Chibok girls with parents next week - FG

She said all the girls would resume the new academic session in September, including the recently released 82 Chibok girls, adding that they will undergo skill acquisition and ICT. Alhassan said the girls were given adequate care by the Federal Government to enable them live a normal life. In the CNN video, Ms Aisha Yesufu, one of BBOG's leaders, said the government had not been transparent with its rehabilitation efforts since the girls were rescued last October. Read More »

At least 74 countries impacted in 'biggest ever' cyber attack

He and others say the malware takes advantage of an exploit purportedly identified by the National Security Agency. Many canceled all routine procedures and asked patients not to come to the hospital unless it was an emergency. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said all but six of the NHS trusts back to normal Saturday. In Britain, the National Cyber Security Center said it is "working round the clock" with experts to restore vital health services. Read More »

Windows 10: Microsoft reveals new look for its flagship OS

Coming to end users with the Fall Creators Update, the new design language looks sexy and has garnered a lot of attention. While Microsft didn't demonstrate how'd the new fluent design would look on Project Scorpio, we can assume Microsoft will use the design across all their platforms. Read More »

'Everybody' has better healthcare than U.S.


The President's strong declaration came after he told Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull Thursday evening that "you have better healthcare than we do" - prompting guffaws from progressives who pointed out that Australia's single-payer government-run healthcare system is like the one they'd want in an ideal world for the U.S. Read More »

Moon Jae-in investi comme président

Le président russe s'est entretenu avec son homologue sud-coréen au téléphone, ont précisé les services de la présidence à Séoul. Le président de la fédération de RUSSIE a exprimé sa certitude que c'est dans " l'intérêt fondamental de amicale des peuples de nos pays, agit dans le cadre de la consolidation de la paix, de la sécurité et de la stabilité sur la péninsule Coréenne et en Asie du Nord-est en général. Read More »

Korea challenges South's new leader

Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said North Korea might have launched a "new type of missile", given the altitude and duration of its flight. A missile launched near the city of Kusong, in western North Korea, flew across the country and into the Sea of Japan/East Sea, hitting the water about 60 miles from Vladivostok in eastern Russian Federation, according to USA officials. Read More »

China voices opposition to North Korea's missile launch


The U.S. military's Pacific Command said it was assessing the type of missile that was sacked but it was "not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile". David Wright, co-director of the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said the missile could have a range of 4,500 kilometers (about 2,800 miles) if flown on a standard, instead of a lofted, trajectory - considerably longer than Pyongyang's current missiles. Read More »

China's Xi pledges $14.5 billion for 'Belt and Road' globalization initiative

The United States and other governments have said "Belt and Road" is a natural outgrowth of China's status as the biggest global trader, and USA officials have said they want to work with Beijing on infrastructure. The Belt and Road will not be built in a day. State leaders and heads of governments from 29 countries, ranging from neighbouring Russian Federation and Pakistan to Greece and Kenya, are attending the meeting, as well as United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, World ... Read More »

China opposes latest N. Korean missile test

The missile flew more than 700 kilometres before landing in the Sea of Japan. South Korea needs to show the North that even though talks are possible, it will only be possible if North Korea changes its attitude, the President told staff at the meeting. Read More »

North Korea fires missile: South Korea military


North Korea is widely believed to be developing an intercontinental missile tipped with a nuclear weapon that is capable of reaching the United States. The forum also raises the possibility of officials from North Korea, China , United States, Russia, South Korea and Japan holding informal discussions on the sidelines of the event. Read More »

Donald Trump threatens James Comey on Twitter after firing him


Thursday: "Oh, I was going fire regardless of recommendation. he made a recommendation, he's highly respected, very good guy, very smart guy, the Democrats like him, the Republicans like him, he made a recommendation but regardless of recommendation I was going to fire Comey ", Trump said in an interview with NBC's Lester Holt. Read More »

Scottish Tories in U-turn to back free prescriptions


Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Conservative's shadow finance minister, said: 'The SNP has already made Scotland the highest-taxed part of the UK. He said that between the 1979 and 2014 referendums, that was about a generation. The SNP leader warned a greater Tory majority at Westminster following next month's General Election would lead to "an even greater burden of needless austerity". Read More »