Dimanche, 17 Octobre 2021
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Sushma targets Meira with 2013 video


Swaraj posted a tweet , which she later pinned to her Twitter page, that carried a YouTube video showing a Parliamentary session from 2013 when Kumar was the Speaker of Lok Sabha and Swaraj the Leader of Opposition. "Incidentally it was agreed at the all-party meeting that half an hour time will be set aside for Swaraj and others who would like to make a speech", The Pioneer reported. Lire la suite »

Presidential Election: Opposition asks 'secular forces' to support Meira Kumar


The Kovind-Meira Kumar contest brings to the fore the role and responsibility of the President, independent of his his/her erstwhile political affiliations or ideological indoctrination. He will later visit other states to seek support from MPs and MLAs who form the electoral college for the presidential contest. "It is business as usual, BJP versus Congress. Lire la suite »

Erdogan rejects Arab demands; Turkish troops stay in Qatar


Turkey has offered support to Qatar after Saudi Arabia and several other countries severed ties with Qatar over accusations of funding terrorism and fomenting regional instability. In the past, Qatar has denied similar allegations. Qatar officials have acknowledged receipt of the list, and said it is preparing a response. Lire la suite »

Tech CEOs to Visit White House; Kushner Speaks

Kushner , who is President Donald Trump's son-in-law, said the goal is to "work to modernize the government's technology infrastructure". The CEOs and White House also planned to discuss Trump's review announced in April of the US visa program for bringing high-skilled foreign workers into the country. Lire la suite »

Israeli policewoman stabbed to death in Jerusalem

Malka was part of a group of officers who responded to shots heard in the area of the attack. "I have instructed the police to reinforce security arrangements and checking procedures in the plaza around Damascus Gate", he said. A shopkeeper said this would normally be one of the busiest nights of the year. All three were from the West Bank village of Deir Abu-Mashal, near the city of Ramallah, the Times of Israel reported . Lire la suite »

Police commander, 10 others killed in Mexican state


The governor said armed gunmen shot and killed civilians in the port city of Coatzacoalcos, including two adults and four children, while two women were killed in the city of Orizaba. Some cases may include multiple homicides, and the number of murder victims reported in May was 2,452, the highest for any month in a separate series of data that only goes back to 2014. Lire la suite »

Gal Gadot Was Pregnant While Shooting Part of 'Wonder Woman'


While this is only the sampling of one kindergarten in one town in the US, a Twitter user pointed out that it's likely a "similar list could be compiled by pretty much every kindergarten teacher in the country". "My producer just sent me this". She describes the practice zone as 'women wrestling other women, kickboxing, doing pull-ups and practicing with spears - just a lot of stuff that in the real world is very male-dominated'. Lire la suite »

Iran detains Islamic State linked group


On June 7 twin attacks in Tehran killed 17 people, in the first assault in Iran to be claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group. Intelligence Ministry agents "were able to arrest a group linked to Daesh (Islamic state) that meant to carry out terror operations in religious cities ... Lire la suite »

LSU headed to to CWS after 2nd straight win over Oregon State


He'd give another example and say, 'It's just one game.'. "Two-seams and four-seams, sinking it a little bit and sticking the outside corner". Tyler Holton tagged the ball three pitches later to deep right, but Deichmann drifted back and hauled it in just in front of the fence - the wind helping Poche that time. Lire la suite »

Le PS a mis son siège en vente — Marseille


La Fédération socialiste des Bouches-du-Rhône va devoir déménager. Le bien est estimé entre 3,2 et 3,6 millions d'euros. " Après des discussions entre le bureau local (à Marseille, NDLR) et la direction nationale pour savoir quelle était la meilleure des solutions ", les socialistes ont décidé de vendre ce bien immobilier acquis il y a 35 ans , avait précisé le secrétaire général PS dans le département, confirmant une information de BFMTV . Lire la suite »

Assists: Liverpool Want this Star to Replace $19million Player


Robertson's quality is Premier League and global caliber, and he deserves to play for a solidified top-flight club. "His record in Italy has been outstanding and he possesses qualities that will enhance our team and squad". With Liverpool set to spend a reported £40m on Salah, the club's supporters will be recleived to learn that Klopp still has more money left in his transfer budget. Lire la suite »

Boris Dilliès succède à Armand De Decker à Uccle


Boris DILLIES remercie chaleureusement son groupe pour la confiance accordée et salue Marc Cools qui a toujours fait preuve de professionnalisme et de rigueur. Il a joué un rôle important dans son engagement. En 1994, à 21 ans, il est candidat pour la première fois lors d'une campagne, organisée dans le garage de ses grands-parents entouré de quelques amis, et manque son élection à.5 voix près. Lire la suite »

Mourners in OH remember United States student held prisoner by North Korea

The KCNA news agency Friday said that Warmbier was treated in accordance with domestic law and said that allegations that he may have been tortured during almost 18 months in detention were "groundless". He had been in a comatose state since at least April 2016, according to two MRI scans that were on a disc that arrived with the student from North Korea, Dr. Lire la suite »

Jury votes revealed in Tensing murder retrial


Brian Taylor of the Black Lives Matter movement in Cincinnati calls the mistrial in Officer Ray Tensing's case "blatant injustice" and a "textbook example" of institutionalized racism at work. His first trial had 10 white people and two black people. The shooting is among those across the nation that have raised attention to how police deal with blacks. Lire la suite »

Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman appointed Crown Prince: SPA


The king's move reflects Mohammed's "calling the shots" in the kingdom, said Andreas Krieg of the Defence Studies Department at King's College London. He also extended the end-of-Ramadan Eid Al-Fitr holidays until July 9 for civil servants. On Wednesday Trump telephoned the new Saudi crown prince to congratulate him on his appointment. Lire la suite »

Spain fights forest fire in Donana UNESCO nature reserve


More than 150 firefighters and 21 air units were deployed to combat the blaze on Sunday after images on Spanish TV showed trees being engulfed by flames overnight. Still, Diaz said fighting the fire was proving hard due to hot, dry weather, with temperatures reaching 39 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit), and shifting winds. Lire la suite »

18 protesters arrested after Philando Castile court decision

A jury acquitted Yanez Friday after five days of deliberation. "He didn't deserve to die the way he did", Philando Castile's sister, Allysza, said . The video that Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, filmed as he lay bleeding and dying in the passenger seat, drew worldwide attention to the case unlike anything in Minnesota's recent history, and it also helped bring many previous politically inactive youth to their first street protests. Lire la suite »

Supreme Court Rules Denying Offensive Trademarks Violates First Amendment


But the Federal Circuit, ruling on the Slants' case in December 2015, overturned that precedent, declaring that the rule penalized unpopular speech by denying the substantial benefits of a trademark registration. The trademark office also denied registration to a group called "Abort the Republicans" and another called "Democrats Shouldn't Breed", according to NPR . Lire la suite »

Wolf, Casey call on Senate Republicans to save Medicaid


By contrast, the Affordable Care Act , which has been attacked for being rushed and overly partisan, was subject to six months of hearings before several committees after it was introduced, and was debated on the floor of the Senate for 25 straight days before it passed . Lire la suite »