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Struggling with its own terrorism crisis, Iran lashes out at Saudis, Trump


The intelligence ministry , meanwhile, said Friday that 41 people suspected of being "agents of Daesh (IS)" had been arrested in the aftermath of Wednesday's attacks . "The terrorists first went by the auto to the mausoleum and after dropping two of them, went to the city center to attack the parliament", the police said in a statement published on state media. Lire la suite »

Nancy Pelosi is Now Officially on Cher's Bad Side


Pelosi has represented her San Francisco area district in the House since 1988 and has been the top House Democrat since 2006, when she was elected House majority leader. A defiant Pelosi told reporters Thursday that she was "very confident" about the support that she had from fellow Democrats who now number 193. " Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason that Ossoff lost". Lire la suite »

Pyongyang releases United States student as Rodman kicks off non-official visit


Surrounded by North Korean guards, Warmbier delivered a highly scripted "confession" that appeared to have been written for him, and after an hour-long sham trial in March 2016, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labor . A White House official says the May meeting in Oslo was attended by Joseph Yun , the US envoy to North Korea . "Everybody feels a sense of relief that he is coming back to the United States", resident Amy Mayer said before he arrived. Lire la suite »

Trump again faults Obama for not acting during Russian election meddling


WHY?" US intelligence officials have been pointing at Putin since October, when the Obama administration released a statement declaring that the stream of embarrassing emails and other material being posted online by WikiLeaks and other sites were tied to Russian hacking efforts that "only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized". Lire la suite »

White House Responds to Committee on 'Tapes' By Referring to Trump's Tweets

Trump's admission on Thursday that he never made or possessed any such recordings appeared to acknowledge that he purposely misled the public. Shortly after, The New York Times reported details of a private dinner between the two men. He later claimed that he did not tape his meetings with the former Federal Bureau of Investigation boss, although his adviser Kellyanne Conway told CNN that the President was leaving "open the possibility that they may exist". Lire la suite »

UK Environment Secretary Confirms Cross-Party Talks on Right Approach to Brexit


The Scotsman reports former chancellor George Osborne's comments that the prime minister is a " dead woman walking " who could be ousted in a "matter of days". "And those negotiations start in a week's time ". Barwell studied physics at Cambridge and previously served as Lord Commissioner of the Treasury and last July was appointed Minister for Housing. Lire la suite »

Sixers Officially Move Up to No. 1 in Trade With Celtics


Barring any other changes before Thursday, the first four spots in this year's draft order would mirror the first-four from last year: Philadelphia at No. In return, the Celtics got shooting guard Bill Sharman, who had just joined the Pistons through the dispersal draft following the shuttering of the Washington Capitols franchise. Lire la suite »

South Korea Tests Missile Capable of Reaching North Korea


The Hyunmoo-2 ballistic missile has an estimated range of 800 kilometers, easily reaches over North Korea's territory, and will be deployed after two more tests. Citing an anonymous US official, it reported Thursday Washington time that the North appeared to have conducted the test "within the past 24 hours". Lire la suite »

Sheriff: Teen injured after fall from Six Flags 'Sky Ride'

The girl's exact age is not clear however, but Warren County Sheriff's officials said she is believed to be a teenager. "The safety and security of our guests is our top priority", she said in an email. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article. Be Civil - It's OK to have a difference in opinion but there's no need to be a jerk. Lire la suite »

UK Parliament hit by cyberattack

Friday's incident comes just months after a man barreled his vehicle into pedestrians on nearby Westminster Bridge and then charged into a Parliament courtyard, stabbing a police officer to death. The Houses of Parliament in London have been hit by a cyber security attack. The threat follows reports in British media, including the Times , that hackers were selling passwords for MPs online. Lire la suite »

China Tried But Failed To Help On North Korea

It was unclear whether his remark represented a significant shift in his thinking in the USA struggle to stop North Korea's nuclear program and its test launching of missiles or a change in US policy toward China. "We now are maintaining constant communication with all sides and encouraging them to return to talks as soon as possible and work hard to advance consultations to promptly solve the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula", Geng Shuang, China's Foreign Ministry spokesman said. Lire la suite »

LSU forces Game 13 against Oregon State

Nothing LSU encounters in the College World Series championship series will be any more daunting than the task the Tigers had to complete to get there. It was blatantly obvious from the first inning on that the strike zone was going to be wide, and Gilbert exploited it, getting multiple called strikes on pitches that literally were in the righthanded batter's box. Lire la suite »

ICC confirms plans for World XI series in Pakistan


Meanwhile West Indies captain Stafanie Taylor accepted her team needed a different approach compared to the one that served them so well in Twenty20 cricket. PLANS for the full resumption of worldwide cricket in Pakistan moved forward Friday when the sport's global governing body, the worldwide Cricket Council ( ICC ), at its meeting in London stated it wanted to send a World XI team to the country later this year. Lire la suite »

Trump pitches 'solar wall' for Mexican border


Bloomberg also noted that analysts were skeptical, saying it could take more than a century for solar panels to generate enough power to cover the cost of the wall. Citing figures of the United Nations for 2014, the foreign ministry claimed that in Latin America alone, countries such as Honduras, Venezuela, Belize, Colombia and Brazil had homicide rates of 90.4, 53.7, 44.7, 30.8 and 25.2, respectively, per 100,000 inhabitants, while Mexico had a rate of 16.4, well below numerous countries ... Lire la suite »

Militants hit Indonesia police; 1 officer, 1 attacker dead


The men wielding a knife and a machete stormed the police headquarters in North Sumatra's provincial capital of Medan and stabbed to death an officer who was at his post, said National Police spokesman Setyo Wasisto. The police has been on high alert ever since, mobilising thousands of officers to safeguard the country as millions of Muslims mark the end of the Ramadan this weekend. Lire la suite »

Iran holds annual anti-Israel rallies, displays missiles


Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Rouhani said " the message of Quds Day is that of hatred towards the occupying and usurping regime as well as support for the oppressed nation " of Palestine. Be Civil - It's OK to have a difference in opinion but there's no need to be a jerk. Rouhani told reporters on Friday that Al-Quds Day is an global event and its message to the world is "detestation of the occupying regime (of Israel) and support for the great nation of Palestine", official ... Lire la suite »

Jordan condemns failed terror attack against Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia


Momani, who is also the government spokesperson, reiterated Jordan's call for united worldwide efforts to fight terrorists and terror organizations. After refusing to surrender, a suicide bomber traded fire with security forces and then set off explosives after they surrounded him in a house near the Grand Mosque, Reuters reported. Lire la suite »

U.S. officials say North Korea tested rocket engine that could power ICBM


When Moon won South Korea's presidency last month, he was seen as likely to return to the "Sunshine Policy" of engaging with North Korea through dialogue and economic aid. In March, Jang reportedly said in Japan that there was no reason for the North to stay away from the Olympics, but that the games would be hosted by South Korea. Lire la suite »

Puerto Ricans vote overwhelmingly to apply for USA statehood


Ricardo Rossello campaigned for statehood as the best avenue to boost future growth for the island, which has $70 billion in debt, a 45 percent poverty rate, woefully underperforming schools and near-insolvent pension and health systems. The referendum was Puerto Rico's fifth such plebiscite since 1967, with the latest unsuccessful attempt being made in 2012. As a territory, the island has very little power and hardly any voice in government. Lire la suite »

US lawmakers urge Trump to press PM Modi on trade, investment


Counter-terrorism would be another major area of discussion. "At the same time, India has imposed several new significant barriers that have harmed U.S. The visit will also demonstrate the strong people-to-people ties, the White House official said. "Only through concrete actions that remove actual barriers to trade and investment can the US-India economic relationship flourish", according to a letter to Trump signed by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, the ranking ... Lire la suite »

Trump to restrict business with Cuban military, limit travel

Godinez is a professor in the department of theatre at Northwestern and the resident artistic associate at the Goodman Theatre, where he is the director of the Latino Theatre Festival. "This is one way to ensure that individuals who travel to Cuba are participating in their itinerary and not just sitting on the beach", an official said. Lire la suite »