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U.S. special counsel probing Trump for possible obstruction

Comey prepared multiple contemporaneous memos documenting conversations with Trump that made him uneasy in the weeks before his May 9 firing. His tweet about a "WITCH HUNT" conducted by "bad" people is just a Trumpian version of what appears to be the official White House line that this is somehow a partisan attempt to delegitimize the Trump presidency. Lire la suite »

What If Donald Trump Doesn't Sink the Republican Party?


The apparent effectiveness of that messaging suggested to some that the 77-year-old Californian could be a liability for Democrats as they aim to regain their majority. So it's time for change. As Lachlan McIntosh, a Democratic strategist, told The Times: Democrats "can't ignore how very unpopular their leadership is with many voters. Lire la suite »

North Korea tests suspected ICBM rocket engine


It's the first engine test since the hermit kingdom conducted three in March as it works towards its aim of having a nuke capable of reaching the west coast of the United States. Trump's defense secretary, Jim Mattis, said last month that any military solution to the North Korea crisis would be " tragic on an unbelievable scale ". Lire la suite »

NKorean taekwondo team in SKorea for 1st time in 10 years


South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Saturday invited North Korea to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, saying sports could serve as a peace maker. His defection came after another North Korean soldier swam across a river to defect to South Korea on June 13, with styrofoam pieces strapped to both shoulders to stay afloat. Lire la suite »

President Trump appears to confirm he's under investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also under investigation as a member of the Trump campaign, leading Sessions to recuse himself from the case and allowing Rosenstein to appoint Mueller to head the investigation, reports Fox News. Meanwhile, members of Trump's transition team were ordered to preserve documents and other material related to the Russian Federation investigation, the New York Times reported . Lire la suite »

Jeremy Corbyn veut de nouvelles élections — Royaume-Uni


Avec 317 sièges sur 650, le Parti conservateur de Theresa May doit désormais compter sur le soutien des dix députés du petit parti très conservateur nord-irlandais pour atteindre la majorité absolue à la Chambre des Communes. Le chantre de la gauche britannique a commencé son intervention en faisant référence au drame de la tour Grenfell , un immeuble londonien de 24 étages ravagé par un incendie qui a fait au moins 79 morts dans la nuit du 13 au 14 juin. Lire la suite »

Donald Trump Takes Victory Lap In Iowa After GOP's Georgia Win


Ryan ran for the position of House minority leader last fall but he fell short. "But her time has come and gone", Kathleen Rice , a Democratic congressman from NY, said on MSNBC yesterday morning. The news peg for these recriminations, of course , is the Democrats losing Tuesday's special election for a House seat in Georgia. While party leaders claim that Tuesday's result represented a moral victory , after throwing tens of millions dollars into their effort to wrest the district ... Lire la suite »

North Korea Officially Denies Torturing Otto Warmbier


North Korea said on Friday the death of US university student Otto Warmbier soon after his return home was a mystery and dismissed accusations that he had died because of torture and beating during his captivity as "groundless". Although the exact circumstances surrounding Mr. Warmbier's ordeal in North Korea remain murky, the USA has made it clear that they hold the regime fully accountable for his death. Lire la suite »

Special Elections Results Mean 'Republicans Are in Trouble — Vox Writer


The response from some: It better be. A dozen or so House Democrats want Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to go after a dispiriting loss in a House election in Georgia . So it's time for change. "But her time has come and gone", Rep. Kathleen Rice , D-N.Y., said Thursday on MSNBC. Perez said the Democratic candidates in the SC and Kansas special elections also narrowed the gap before discussing the 2018 races to take back the House. Lire la suite »

Family of Pastor Imprisoned in North Korea Concerned After Otto Warmbier's Death

Sentenced to hard labor early a year ago for stealing a political poster from a North Korean hotel, Warmbier was medically evacuated to the United States in a coma last week after almost 18 months in captivity. While Pyongyang accepted US demands for Warmbier's return on humanitarian grounds, Washington "totally distorted this truth and dared to clamor about "retaliation" and "pressure" on "dignified" North Korea, the spokesman told KCNA . Lire la suite »

United States jets shoot down "Iranian drone" in Syria

Handel, 55, will become the first Republican woman to represent Georgia in the U.S. House, according to state party officials. The U.S. military says it shot down an Iranian-made, armed drone in southern Syria . US Central Command says he was killed by an air strike on 31 May in the eastern town of Mayadin. Despite bouts of relative calm, the pro-Assad Iranian-backed forces have continued to encroach, at one point moving along the periphery of the deconfliction area to the Iraqi ... Lire la suite »

Driver crashes into Paris police auto, taken into custody


Mr Collomb said the man's auto was carrying weapons and explosives that could have caused a blast. "The threat is extremely high", Minister of the Interior Gerard Collomb told reporters. "Bomb squads were deployed to the scene and the Paris prosecutor's counter-terrorism unit opened an investigation into what is suspected to be a deliberate act", France24 says. Lire la suite »

Other Views: Bad day for the Democrats

Meanwhile, the knives seem to be out for Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi , who was demonised by the GOP side in the Georgia race. "'That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin" Chuck stay!' But it's also clear that many Democrats in the House, if not the large majority, don't see it that way. Lire la suite »

Donald Trump could win 2020 presidential election, here's why


WASHINGTON (AP) - A dozen or so House Democrats want Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to go after a dispiriting loss in a Georgia House election. "That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin' (Senate Minority Leader) Chuck (Schumer) stay!" Despite the districts long Republican ties, the fact remains the district was winnable for Democrats, with Trump having won the district by only one percent. Lire la suite »

You can now play Pokemon GO Raid Battles at level 25


Announced earlier this week , these are exactly what they sound like: co-op battles against Pokemon so powerful that players need to band together to defeat them. Maybe the good rewards are the only thing this particular Pokemon is appearing as a boss in the game. Another way Niantic could convince players to indulge in the game's combat more often is by adding PvP battles. Lire la suite »

Funeral for USA college student who died after North Korean detention

The article published by the official Korean Central News Agency was Pyongyang's first reaction to Otto Warmbier's death in a USA hospital on Monday after North Korea released him for what it said was humanitarian reasons. Rob Portman , a Republican from the Cincinnati area. "When I used to get in trouble with my parents, Otto would call them from Charlottesville and try to convince them I wasn't the frightful child they thought I was", Austin, causing mourners to chuckle. Lire la suite »

Protesters Arrested During Health Care Bill 'Die


Amid chants of "Don't Touch Medicaid! " and signs suggesting the same, many of those protesting the Senate bill were either elderly or in wheelchairs, offering a stunning visual as police tried to remove them from the hallway. In a lengthy Facebook post on Thursday afternoon, President Barack Obama called for an end to the partisan bickering over health care and wrote that "The Senate bill, unveiled today, is not a health care bill". Lire la suite »

62 die in forest fire still raging in Portugal


According to the Portuguese national news agency, Lusa, the official death toll now stands at 61, but they expect the number to rise as fire crews are able to safely douse the fires. Locals and experts alike talk of an unholy combination of extremely hot weather, an unusually dry year and ferocious winds that created a sort of hurricane of fire. Lire la suite »

I bluffed Comey on 'tapes' to keep him honest


Mr Trump showed concern about that situation as well, telling Fox that Mr Mueller is "very, very good friends with Comey which is bothersome". "The people that have been hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters". But there's been no collusion and no obstruction, and virtually everybody agrees to that. This morning, Fox News aired a new interview with Trump, asking about his bogus tweet , and after whining about the Obama administration for a while, the president argued that he was ... Lire la suite »

Trump attorney: There's no investigation of the president, period

Cuz the special counsel under the special counsel regulations reports still to the Department of Justice-not an independent counsel. According to a source familiar with the situation, the White House reached out to CBS News on Thursday and asked if the network would be interested in a Sunday morning interview with Sekulow. Lire la suite »

Restaurant owner, teen daughter brutally attacked over cold chicken


Norris described the female customer as allegedly going "berserk", however, and that she and her companion started beating on the windows of the restaurant. Norris asserted about the Thursday incident. The two suspects then drove off in a tan Cadillac Escalade. "The camera surveillance footage that we put out tells it all", he said. Lire la suite »

Counter-protests outnumber anti-Muslim hate marches across the US


After the residents were heated, the two rallies merged and law enforcement was called in to keep things civil. Officers quickly positioned themselves between the two groups. The tensest moment came later in the afternoon when Anti-Sharia law protesters broke the windows of Anti-Trump counter protesters as they attempted to leave. Lire la suite »