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FM Radio Club to hold Field Day


The field day will take place at the Lakeland Little League field at 20 Sparta Road in Stanhope on June 24 and June 25. Local hams operating out of the Flagler Beach fire station are mindful of recent flooding and tornadoes in the middle of the country, forest fires in Alberta, Canada and even the natural disaster in Nepal, all of them finding Ham Radio operators ready to provide emergency communications with unprecedented and extraordinary capabilities. Lire la suite »

Tell your senators to kill secret health care bill


Senate Republicans just released the text of their health care bill Thursday and liberals and Democrats are already predicting thousands of deaths if the bill is passed. The Senate legislation would phase out extra federal money Nevada and 30 other states receive for expanding Medicaid to additional low earners. Heller, facing a competitive re-election battle next year, said he was opposing the legislation because of the cuts it would make in Medicaid. Lire la suite »

Qatar Airways seeks 10 pct stake in American Airlines

The CEOs met earlier this month during an airline-industry event in Mexico, according to an American spokesman. The U.S. prevents foreign ownership of airlines to less than 25 percent. Kerr sold 104,223 shares of American Airlines Group stock in a transaction on Friday, June 2nd. Credit Agricole S A's holdings in American Airlines Group were worth $5,354,000 as of its most recent SEC filing . Lire la suite »

Tories admit timetable defeat on day 1 of Brexit negotiations


The British and EU Brexit negotiators agreed how to organize talks on Britain's divorce at a first meeting in Brussels on Monday, where both sides stressed goodwill but also the huge complexity and tight deadline. The discussions set to take place this month will mostly focus on three major aspects - citizens' rights , financials and other issues related to the separation process. Lire la suite »

Le MoDem voulait "recaser un maximum de salariés" — Bayrou

En échange de la présidence d'une commission prestigieuse, comme celle des affaires étrangères, Marielle de Sarnez pourrait renoncer à la présidence du groupe. Le président français Emmanuel Macron a remanié mercredi son gouvernement, intégrant des personnalités peu connues du monde politique, après le départ inattendu de quatre ministres en trois jours, rattrapés par des affaires . Lire la suite »

Turkey refuses closing military base in Qatar upon Arab states' demand


The United Arab Emirates on Friday warned of "divorce" with Qatar unless it takes seriously a list of demands including the closure of Al-Jazeera television, as a diplomatic crisis drags on. Qatari officials have yet to reply to the demands. The four countries say that the list will become void if Qatar fails to comply in the 10-day period. Lire la suite »

Putin jokes he'd offer Comey asylum like he did with Snowden

Speaking on his annual Direct Line program, in which he answers screened questions from viewers all over Russian Federation live on all major state TV channels , Putin weighed in on the rift between Comey and U.S. As Putin spoke, live text messages flashed on the screen. "If I mention ages and names, they would be identified and never left alone". He said he doesn't want to give details about his family for fear of hurting their privacy. Lire la suite »

London council evacuates tower blocks as fire fallout widens

The action is being take in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire last week in which a total of 79 people are now known to have died. But it was not fitted to the standard it had commissioned. The fire spread quickly through the tower block, leading to concerns that cladding on the building did not meet fire safety rules. "We will work with and support the emergency services and relevant authorities to safeguard the public", she said. Lire la suite »

Senate's version of health care plan is very bad

He said he wouldn't vote for a bill that that "takes insurance away from tens of millions of Americans", which is sort of the bread-and-butter of Republican health policy. "While we are still waiting for final numbers, every indication is that the plan unveiled by Senate Republicans will be even more devastating". Paul said, "My hope is not to defeat the bill". Lire la suite »

Macron et le nouveau gouvernement Philippe II

Parmi les nouveaux visages du gouvernement Philippe 2, qui graviront pour la première fois les marches du palais figurent cinq ministres de plein exercice. "M. Macron s'est servi de M. Bayrou pendant la campagne présidentielle et, maintenant qu'il a une majorité sans le MoDem, il le jette comme un vieux torchon", a raillé Marine Le Pen , présidente du parti d'extrême droite Front national (FN), battue par Emmanuel Macron au second tour de la présidentielle. Lire la suite »

Russia After Downing of Syrian Warplane Warns US

The coalition reiterated that it remains committed to fighting ISIS in Syria, and that it does not seek to fight Syrian, Russian, or forces partnered with them. In a statement, the Syrian military described the downing of its plane as an act of "blatant aggression" on the part of the United States and accused the U.S. Lire la suite »

Pelosi on calls for new leadership: 'I'm worth the trouble, quite frankly'

Speaking with reporters on Capitol Hill two days after Democrat Jon Ossoff's stinging loss in Georgia's 6th District, Pelosi said to her critics: "I think I'm worth the trouble". Said Rice: "The Republican playbook has been very successful". After being challenged for the post of minority leader in November by members who said they didn't feel like they had enough input, Pelosi created more positions within the party leadership. Lire la suite »

Senate Health Care Bill: 5th Republican Senator Comes Out Against GOP Plan

Molina also said that the bill's proposal to tie cost-sharing subsidies to the lowest-level "bronze"-rated healthcare plans will make coverage less affordable, not more , by raising customers' out-of-pocket costs". Though Trump lauded its passage in a Rose Garden ceremony, he called the House measure "mean" last week. Another example: The Senate bill appears to be kinder than the House bill to millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, who can not be denied coverage under the ... Lire la suite »

Senate healthcare overhaul: Hopes and hurdles

Medicaid - the program created to help poor Americans get healthcare - will stop being expanded by 2021, meaning millions of them will not be able to access treatment. Dean Heller says he "simply will not support " the bill, which he says is "not the answer". He's particularly concerned about spending cuts to Medicaid included in the bill. Lire la suite »

Iran Calls Missile Attack on ISIS Targets in Syria a Wider Warning


Khamenei also said that there is no determination by the United States and its allies to counter terrorists in the region, as the Islamic State (IS) "rose from their backing and money". Senior Iranian officials, however, have pointed a finger at Saudi Arabia, Iran's Sunni regional rival. The U.S. -led coalition in Syria meanwhile is keeping a close eye on Iran's military involvement with the Syrian regime. Lire la suite »

Mattis Issues Stark Words To North Korea Over Otto Warmbier's Death

A former senior State Department official said the United States had made repeated requests for Mr Warmbier's release on humanitarian grounds under Mr Obama, including via the North Korean mission at the United Nations, via the Swedish mission in Pyongyang, at unofficial talks with North Korean officials involving former USA officials, and via third parties. Lire la suite »

Deaths from Venezuelan anti-government protests up to 75


Human Rights Council and the Organization of American States. The Foreign Ministry has been silent so far on Jamaica's voting position on the failed Venezuela resolution pushed by the United States and Mexico at this week's Organisation of American States ( OAS ) General Assembly. Lire la suite »

Nevada's Heller opposes GOP health bill

Fixing the bill to save Medicaid's expansion theoretically wouldn't convince any of them to change their vote, while further cuts could alienate other so-called " moderate " Republicans like Heller. Sens. Dean Heller of Nevada, facing a competitive 2018 re-election battle, Rob Portman of OH and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia expressed concerns about the bill's cuts to Medicaid and drug addiction efforts. Lire la suite »

President Trump to Announce Changes to Cuba Policy in Miami

Engage Cuba, an impact group dedicated to keeping Cuba borders open has pointed out that the impact of completely closing off Cuba travel could mean an impact of 12,000 jobs and 6.6 billion dollars to American businesses. A tour bus of Transgaviota drives past the USA embassy in Havana, Cuba June 13, 2017. Worldwide human rights groups say, however, that reinstating a USA policy of isolating the island could make the situation worse by empowering Cuban hardliners. Lire la suite »

Korea denies torturing United States student Warmbier

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman says North Korea must be held accountable for what happened to an American college student who was detained there for over a year and died after being returned home to OH in a coma. North Korea has been accused of of using foreign detainees to try to win diplomatic concessions. The spokesman, who was not named, said that U.S. Lire la suite »

House says Trump tweet meets Comey tapes records request


And if you look further back, before he heard about that, I think maybe he wasn't admitting that" Trump said without specifying to which of Comey's past statements he was alluding. The absence of recordings nearly certainly elevates in significance to investigators the notes made by Comey at the time. Spicer echoed Trump's comments, saying the reference to "tapes" in Trump's tweet simply reflected Trump's desire for "the truth to come out". Lire la suite »

Maryland, DC sue Trump, accuse president of profiting from office

But by still owning a stake in those businesses, and profiting from them, many ethics experts have said that the president's plan did not go far enough. Trump did not fully divest from his global business empire after being elected president, instead retaining ownership and handing over control to his two adult sons to run the day to day operations. Lire la suite »

Trump approves $2B sale of drones to India ahead of meeting

Modi's first meeting with Trump has been scheduled to take place at the White House on June 26. Prime Minister Modi during the round-table discussion with the CEOs is expected to discuss Indian economic reforms such as the forthcoming Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill apart from convening deliberations on exploring India as a prospective market for two-way investment opportunities. Lire la suite »