Jeudi, 28 Octobre 2021
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Iran says missile strike targeting ISIS was warning to US, Saudis


The Deir ez-Zor province would provide the Iranian Regime with a key border crossing in order to facilitate the movement of weapons, money and troops between terrorist groups across the Middle East and Iran . The battle for Rasafa, a key town southwest of the city of Raqqa, triggered clashes with the Kurdish forces and led to the downing of a Syrian fighter jet by a us warplane. Lire la suite »

The Supreme Court has a chance to restore democracy to redistricting

The high court case could affect pending legal disputes over Republican-drawn maps in North Carolina and Pennsylvania and a Democratic-drawn map in Maryland . Both political parties do it when they can. Redistricting happens every 10 years to reflect population changes recorded in the census. The process of redistricting relies on "wasted votes", a process pointed out by a law professor of the University of Chicago and a lawyer for the challengers. Lire la suite »

Le juppéiste Gilles Boyer nommé conseiller à Matignon


C'est un lot de consolation en forme de promotion pour Gilles Boyer qui avait été battu par un candidat LREM, Jacques Maire, au second tour des élections législatives dans les Hauts-de-Seine (8ème circonscription), un territoire historiquement marqué à droite où le sortant, Jean-Jacques Guillet (LR), ne se représentait pas. Lire la suite »

'The View' Hosts Do Not Handle Democrats' Latest Election Loss Very Well


Wasserman also notes, interestingly, that races that attract huge turnout, such as the Georgia contest, show the capacity of Republicans to get their base to the polls when the stakes are considered high. Democratic congressional leaders tried to project confidence after two election losses this week, but bubbling anger from the party's rank-and-file on Capitol Hill yesterday spurred demands for new leadership - including some calls for Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi's ouster - as the ... Lire la suite »

Pyongyang denies torturing United States student who died after release from North Korea

The comments published by KCNA were North Korea's first reaction to Otto Warmbier's death in a USA hospital on Monday [Tuesday NZ Time] after it released him for what it called humanitarian reasons. North Korean officials, however, say that he was in his "normal state of health" upon his return to the United States. His death heightened the conflict between the North and the United States already aggravated by North Korea's defiant missile launches and two nuclear tests since early a ... Lire la suite »

Pentagon chief blasts N.Korea over USA student who died

The White House could do such a thing unilaterally, but a full travel ban would require Congressional approval. Portman's six-minute speech contrasted Warmbier's academic accomplishments and love of travel with North Korea's "complete failure to recognize fundamental human rights" in its treatment of him as a prisoner. Lire la suite »

Funeral to be held for US student imprisoned by N. Korea

Mattis echoed that, saying China "continues to work these issues". "The smear campaign against (North Korea) staged in the USA compels us to make firm determination that humanitarianism and benevolence for the enemy are a taboo and we should further sharpen the blade of law", the spokesman added. Lire la suite »

Tillerson, defending Trump policy, contradicted by his words


Tillerson said in prepared testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee . The legislation would also give Congress the power to review and potentially block President Trump from easing or lifting Russian Federation sanctions, including penalties imposed by President Obama at the end of past year. Lire la suite »

Les citoyens de l'UE devraient pouvoir rester au Royaume-Uni — Brexit

Elle s'est exprimée lors de son arrivée jeudi à un sommet de l'UE à Bruxelles. L'Union à 27, ébranlée par le vote il y a exactement un an en faveur du Brexit, a réussi depuis à afficher son unité. "Nous appelons les entreprises de médias sociaux à faire tout ce qui est nécessaire pour empêcher la diffusion de contenu terroriste sur internet", a déclaré M. Lire la suite »

Thousands of mourners bid farewell to Warmbier

He said he suspected Warmbier was denied basic medical care while detained in the reclusive country. Katina Adams, a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department's East Asia Bureau, said Washington had repeatedly requested the release of Warmbier under the Obama administration. Lire la suite »

North Korea denies torturing U.S. student Otto Warmbier

North Korea issued its first official statement after the death of US student , Otto Warmbier . Trump called Warmbier's death "a total disgrace" and blamed China and former President Barack Obama for not putting enough pressure on North Korea to free the student as he spent 17 months in secret captivity. Lire la suite »

Portugal Mourns Following Wildfire Tragedy


Firefighting aircraft has also been promised by the European Union. "Obviously, certain things that should have been done had not been done - especially in terms of communicating with the population, telling them about the danger levels, areas to be avoided". Lire la suite »

Weather service says Cindy winding down


She kept her remarks brief but she reminded everyone that even though Alabama has weathered the storm pretty well so far, we still need to stay weather alert. In Gulfport, Mississippi, Kathleen Bertucci said heavy rains Wednesday sent about 10 inches (250 millimeters) of water into her business, which sells and installs granite countertops. Lire la suite »

Dem loss in Georgia underscores party's challenges


The Carolina outcome was closer than in Georgia but drew little national attention. In response to Ossoff's completely undebatable suggestion that many working people have a hard time making ends meet, she said , "That's the difference between conservatives and liberals; I don't believe in a livable wage". Lire la suite »

Collapse? Six insurers eye return to Florida's 2018 Obamacare market


Insurance plans for individuals might again start to look as they did in the days before Obamacare, when they typically excluded coverage for maternity, mental health and substance abuse, health policy experts said . Subsidies to pay for private insurance would be based on age and income under the Senate proposal as opposed to basing it exclusively on age as proposed in the House plan. Lire la suite »

Cristiano not planning to pay alleged debt before testifying

And, although it is believed his stance has softened slightly after being backed by Madrid president Florentino Perez this week, his future remains shrouded in mystery. It comes a week after Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of evading €14.7m (£12.9m) in tax through offshore companies between 2011 and 2014. Lire la suite »

GOP turnout confounds pollsters in Georgia election


Instead, he said Democrats need to focus on developing a message that wins over voters in Republican-leaning districts. Democratic lawmakers said that Rep. She's a favorite foil of Republicans, and ads like these blanketed the Atlanta media market in the lead-up to Tuesday's election. "His vote held, so this is a deserved victory lap". Lire la suite »

North Korea Defends Otto Warmbier's Treatment


Doctors in the U.S. said Warmbier had severe brain damage and was in a state of "unresponsive wakefulness". But it's unclear how he came to be in that state. More than 2,500 family, friends and well-wishers gathered for his funeral in OH on Thursday. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman says he and his representatives begged North Korean leader Kim Jong Un three times to release American college student Otto Warmbier , who died just days after being released from captivity in the country. Lire la suite »