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Loss in Georgia underscores Democratic Party's challenges

Democrats convinced themselves that neophyte politician Jon Ossoff had a chance to win in Georgia's 6th District, which would have seriously hampered Trump's agenda, and so they dumped an unbelievable amount of money into the race - almost enough to buy every Ossoff voter an Apple Watch. Lire la suite »

Colorado to take $15 billion hit under Senate health care bill

He said he wouldn't vote for a bill that that "takes insurance away from tens of millions of Americans", which is sort of the bread-and-butter of Republican health policy. AHIP represents Anthem Inc, one of the largest sellers of health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges, and Cigna Corp, among others. In a statement , the American Academy of Pediatrics said, "The bill fails children by dismantling the Medicaid program, capping its funding, ending its expansion and allowing its ... Lire la suite »

Senate to vote to repeal Obamacare

Now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is planning a vote next week. McConnell has acknowledged that he's willing to change the measure before it's voted on. Sens. Paul Rand, Ted Cruz , Ron Johnson and Mike Lee said they weren't weren't "ready" to vote yes, but were open to negotiating. As he has multiple times since the ACA's passage in 2010, Obama conceded that the bill was less than flawless and vowed to support any Republican-backed bill that "is ... Lire la suite »

Democrats secretly met to plan the ouster of top party leader

That was painfully evident in Georgia , where Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff failed to win this week, despite spending upwards of $30 million in what ended up being the most expensive House election in USA political history. The loss in the high-profile, costly race was only exacerbated by a second defeat Tuesday night in a race that flew mostly under the radar: Democrats also lost a special election in SC. Lire la suite »

Rep. Pete King: Georgia Win Should Tell Trump 'Don't Bother Tweeting'

King has criticized the Trump's tweeting habits before. Democrats say Jon Ossoff's showing means they're actually making progress toward making Georgia a genuine battleground. "If we don't, then I think it's incumbent upon her and all of us to reassess who our leadership should be". The House minority leader has served as the face of House Democrats since she helped engineer her party regain control of the House of Representatives in 2007 to become the first female speaker. Lire la suite »

Today's Brokerage Rating: Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DAL), Laredo Petroleum, Inc. (LPI)


The stock rose 0.38% or $0.2 reaching $53.01. Its up 6.41% from 3.37 million shares previously. Redwood Investments Ltd Llc stated it has 0% of its portfolio in Delta Air Lines, Inc. Pacad Investment Ltd. bought a new position in Delta Air Lines during the fourth quarter valued at approximately $398,000. On Thursday, April 28 the stock rating was maintained by Morgan Stanley with "Overweight". Lire la suite »

Hope Dems Don't Force Pelosi Out, Would Be 'Very Bad' for GOP


Moulton is one of the House Democrats who has been most vocal in calling for a new generation of leadership. In a press conference, Pelosi said she felt "very confident" in her support in the Democratic caucus, despite some assessments that Democrats have lost a number of special elections in red districts this year because of Republicans' successful ability to demonize Pelosi and link Democratic congressional hopefuls to the minority leader. Lire la suite »

One week. 52 senators. Can Mitch McConnell get it done?

Like the House, the Senate wants to leave up to the states whether policies must cover such services as emergency, maternity and mental health care. Meaning, lower-income people could get less coverage and less subsidies to pay for that coverage. A vote from Collins, who has been willing to break from her party in the past, would be key to ensuring the bill's passage. Lire la suite »

Guest Editorial…Comey's testimony exposes the 'lies, plain and simple'


The President himself appears paralyzed by the controversy and has devoted little attention to anything else. But Comey said a lot. He had explained to the President how important it was that the independent. He is not some child of nature. Comey said he was confused and concerned by Trump's changing explanation for firing him. But no sensible person can deny that Trump - with his obsessive tweeting and aphasic outbursts - has done nearly everything he can to make that cloud thicker ... Lire la suite »

Health Care gains in danger!!

Heller's position potentially adds to the difficulties the GOP faces in changing the plan to secure votes from at least 50 of its 52 members. Hillary Clinton won the state by 2.4 percentage points, or 27,272 votes. With four GOP senators saying they can't support this version, McConnell is a couple of votes short and has his work cut out for him. Mr McConnell said Democrats chose not to help frame the bill. Lire la suite »

Four dead, 10 injured in Pakistan blast

Officials said emergency had been imposed in all hospitals across Parachinar, the capital of Kurram agency. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the attack, saying that terrorists involved in the attack will be taken to task and all out efforts will be taken to eliminate terrorism . Lire la suite »

Cuba rejects Donald Trump's 'hostile rhetoric'


Responding to Trump's announcement, the Cuban government said in a statement that American attempts to fundamentally change the island were unlikely to succeed. But Bennet, who visited Cuba with a congressional delegation in February, called Trump's move "disappointing" and said it stands to stymie potential export markets for Colorado businesses and agriculture producers. Lire la suite »

Jurors set to return for 5th day in police shooting retrial

Dozens of people demonstrated in steady rain outside the Hamilton County courthouse. "The message that is being sent is, if you are black, all the police officer has to do is say they were in fear of their life and they get away with murder because the victim (is) black", the local NAACP said in a statement. Lire la suite »

More than two dozen people killed in multiple Pakistan blasts


Army and paramilitary personnel have set up checkpoints on all routes leading to the town and visitors and vehicles go through extensive search and identification process. Nine security officials were among the wounded, said Fareed Sumalan, a doctor at the hospital. Islamic State Khorasan Province, the Middle Eastern group's affiliate in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been known to work with the myriad of Pakistani militant groups in previous attacks, including with JuA. Lire la suite »

Pelosi Insists She Won't Step Down as Leader


Trump's statement comes as some elected Democrats are urging a turnover, especially in the House, following Tuesday's bruising defeat in a Georgia special congressional election that Democrats had thought they would win. The House Minority Leader is feeling the pressure from all sides after Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in a special election in Georgia . And after she predicted incorrectly that Democrats were poised to take back the House past year, some of Pelosi's colleagues ... Lire la suite »

At least 100 missing in Sichuan after Chinese landslide

China has been experiencing weeks of heavy summer rains that often cause flooding and trigger landslides in rural and mountainous regions. A rescue mission in the southwest village is underway. A previous slip in 2014 killed 11 people and damaged vehicles on the No 213 national highway in Maoxian county, Sichuan province. It occurred in a hilly area of Sichuan, inhabited by Tibetans and another minority, the Qiang people. Lire la suite »

Another court rules out Donald Trump's travel ban


US President Donald Trump's renewed attempt to temporarily ban travel to the States from six Muslim-majority countries has been blocked by an appeals court. She said she did not expect the Supreme Court to consider the case before the fall, making it hard for the administration to defend its argument that the travel ban was urgently needed. Lire la suite »

Trump signals he will work with Republican holdouts on health bill

No Democrat will support the plan which means Republicans can only afford to lose two Republican votes in the Senate or else the bill will fail. Critics say most of the benefits of the tax breaks will go to affluent Americans. Beginning in 2020, under the Republican proposals, the feds for the first time would put a cap on how much funding they'd offer states on a per enrollee basis (with the option for states to instead take a lump sum payment, known as a block grant). Lire la suite »

Dean Heller becomes fifth Senate Republican to oppose GOP health care bill

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican Sen. The GOP-led Senate yesterday released a bill it hopes will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare . That makes him the fifth senator to say so, the other four being Texas Sen. Rand Paul , who has rejected the plan along with fellow Republican Senators Ted Cruz , Mike Lee and Ron Johnson , said fundamental problems remained that would leave taxpayers subsidizing health insurance companies. Lire la suite »

IOS 11 'Share Your WiFi' Feature Allows Connections Without A Password


Apple just unveiled iOS 11 and its slew of exciting new features . iOS 11 features improved camera software, expansion of Apple Pay and a new Apple Maps version. A public iOS 11 beta is coming later this month. He's also shared a small video on how it works on the iPhone, and it seems that the feature works within apps only, and there's no "spring loading" as seen on macOS. Lire la suite »