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US President Donald Trump says travel ban ruling comes at 'dangerous time'

They upheld an earlier court ruling, which stated that the President had exceeded the authority Congress granted him in making national security judgments in the realm of immigration without adequate justification. The 9th Circuit upheld the orders blocking the travel ban . Though other parts remained same. A revised executive order announced in March - meant to address the issues raised by the federal judges - deleted Iraq from the list and removed an indefinite ban on Syrian ... Lire la suite »

French defence minister resigns amid fake jobs probe


Defence minister Sylvie Goulard handed in her resignation Tuesday morning, saying in a statement she didn't feel she could remain part of the government while investigators are looking into whether she and other European deputies from the centrist MoDem party misused allowances to pay for party activities. Lire la suite »

Talks to support May's Conservatives making progress, DUP says


The traditional horse-drawn carriage ride to Parliament from the Palace, which is usually accompanied by a full cavalry, will be replaced with a vehicle journey. Officials have repeatedly said planning for the visit will go forward. The tally of 27 measures is typical for a Queen's Speech - but light for one due to last two years. Lire la suite »

Trump says 'we have a great relationship with China' after critical tweet


Trump also suggested the panels would make the wall "beautiful" and then praised himself by saying, "Pretty good imagination, right?" Despite congressional refusal thus far, Mr Trump maintained that the wall, mentioned frequently during his electoral campaign a year ago, would go ahead as planned, possibly with solar panels attached. Lire la suite »

UK Conservatives, DUP Have Common Interests - Cabinet Office


Not only has the Tories' defeat in the recent British snap election caused anger and disaffection against Prime Minister Theresa May among the party , her decision to seek a partnership with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland ( DUP ) to form a coalition government has also sparked widespread controversy. Lire la suite »

2 more government ministers resign


Nicolas Hulot maintained his post at the ecology ministry, and Gerard Collomb was re-appointed to manage the country's interior affairs. Businesswoman Florence Parly, who previously worked in a Socialist government and for major French transport companies, was named defense minister. Lire la suite »

UK, France to tackle online extremism

Mrs May said: "We have been very clear we want to maintain a close relationship and a close partnership with the European Union and individual member states into the future, including in the areas we've discussed this evening". The premier promised to coordinate with other governments to force Internet companies to stop providing " safe spaces " online for extremists. The campaign includes exploring the possibility of legal penalties against tech companies if they fail to take the ... Lire la suite »

Trump changes tune on House healthcare bill, calls it 'mean'

Trump hosted 13 Republican senators for lunch at the White House on Tuesday in a bid to help the lawmakers find common ground to move forward with healthcare reform legislation this summer. Johnson nearly certainly must be one of the 50 votes required to pass a GOP health care bill in the Senate. During a press conference after the working luncheon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell , sticking to message, said the senate will let the public see the bill when they finally ... Lire la suite »

Trump calls for stricter limits on welfare for immigrants


Right?" quipped the president, whose initial pledge to make Mexico pay for the wall has met with stiff resistance from America's southern neighbor. Trump said in Iowa . Under siege in Washington , U.S. President Donald Trump defended his record at a raucous political rally in Iowa on Wednesday. With the appearance in Cedar Rapids , he will have held five rallies in the first five months in office. Lire la suite »

After 4 days, Portugal contains wildfire that killed 64


Faced with the fury of the fire, they turned back but in the thick smoke, they apparently crashed into a vehicle full of people, Serra da Fonseca said . Secretary of State for the Interior Jorge Gomes said the wildfires were gradually ebbing and being contained. A reporter for a Portuguese public broadcaster says he heard a loud explosion in hills about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the region where firefighters are battling a fatal wildfire and a water-dropping airplane reportedly crashed. Lire la suite »

No pomp in British Parliament for Queen's Speech


Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, shot the agenda down as "threadbare" and sign of a government "in chaos". The ruling Tories need the backing of the 10 DUP MPs to form its minority government following a hung Parliament verdict in the June 8 snap general election. Lire la suite »

Family of Otto Warmbier declines autopsy

Investigators were still reviewing radiological images and awaiting additional medical records requested by the coroner, Zornes told Reuters . Warmbier's family has not specified how he slipped from a comatose state to death, but said in a statement on Monday that the "awful torturous mistreatment" he endured while in captivity meant "no other outcome was possible". Lire la suite »

Press for info on Senate health bill

The GOP-controlled Senate is divided over dismantling and replacing major provisions of former President Barack Obama's 2010 law. Debate around the Senate GOP's health care plan has focused on process rather than substance in recent weeks, since barely anyone in Washington - even Senate Republicans themselves - seems to know what's in the emerging legislative text. Lire la suite »

Portugal's Bruma scores stunning volley against Spain U21s


Once the game was past the half-hour mark, Spain came back into the match with Gerard Deulofeu curling over from the corner of the area and Hector Bellerin being denied by a smart save from Bruno Varela . Both teams to score also looks appealing at 4/5 (1.80 ) with Portugal netting in 14 of their last 15 games, and Spain scoring in 18 of their last 20 matches. Lire la suite »

In Iowa, Trump ready to rally base, celebrate GOP resilience

But Trump has to worry about people like Richard Sternberg , a 68-year-old retired high school guidance counselor from Roland, in central Iowa , who voted for Trump. He is only the second Republican to announce his intention to run so far; Gov. Kim Reynolds announced that she and Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg intend to run in a press briefing last week. Lire la suite »

Republican Karen Handel Wins Georgia Special Election


After Handel won, Trump tweeted his congratulations and noted that Republicans are now 5-0 in special elections despite the fake news media and millions of dollars wasted by hapless Democrats. The losses left many Democrats looking for a new way forward to mount an opposition to President Trump. Tuesday's highly-anticipated runoff was the most expensive House campaign in history, with a price tag of more than $50 million. Lire la suite »

Current, former US officials detail Russian cyberattacks

DHS officials repeatedly said they do not believe that an attempt by nation-backed hackers to change votes in a national, state or local election would be able to escape notice. Officials also revealed what appeared to be a breakdown in communications about how severe the threat appeared, and they reported tensions the Obama administration faced in trying to publicly warn of meddling in the face of a skeptical Donald Trump . Lire la suite »

US Senate Passes Sanctions Against Iran And Russia

Trump has said he wants to improve U.S. -Russia relations and has expressed foreign policy views on a number of topics that are friendlier to Russian interests than the policies of past U.S. The measure also asserts a role for Congress if the White House opts to ease any sanctions against Moscow. Yet in a hearing this week, he said the administration would like "flexibility to adjust sanctions to meet the needs of what is always an evolving diplomatic situation". Lire la suite »

IOS 11 Has A Hidden 'Dark Mode'


Another important feature that's coming to iOS 11 is the flexibility to drag and drop text, files and folders anywhere on the screen. The feature will also enable screen locking so that drivers won't be able to access their phones while on the wheel. Lire la suite »

Législatives à Marseille. Mennucci ne donnera aucune consigne de vote

Et plutôt en contradiction avec les propos de Jean-Luc Mélenchon le 16 juin dernier, soit il y a 4 jours - ce qui en temps marseillais correspond peut-être à une éternité, nous l'ignorons. Le nouveau député de Marseille souhaite prendre la... C'est à 10h15 précisément que les élus de la France insoumise sont attendus au Palais Bourbon. Lire la suite »

Quinnipiac releases first Va governor's race poll

The Quinnipiac University poll shows Northam ahead of Republican Ed Gillespie 47 to 39 percent. Northam, a pediatric neurologist, has made expanding access to health care and workforce development top priorities, while Gillespie is running on a platform of cutting income taxes and improving the business climate. Lire la suite »

US Student Jailed by N. Korea Dies After Release

Otto Warmbier died at the age of 22 in a Cincinnati hospital on Monday, just days after the North Korean government sent him home in a coma and suffering from extensive brain damage, according to the U.S. "His family is incredible. but he should have been brought home a long time ago". The coroner's office reviewed medical records from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the air ambulance service that helped bring Warmbier from Pyongyang to Cincinnati after 17 months. Lire la suite »

Appreciate China but it's efforts on N. Korea "have not worked out"

The U.S. and China began high-level security talks Wednesday focused largely on North Korea , amid outrage in Washington over death of an American college student after his imprisonment in the North. Mr Trump wrote in a tweet . "Unfortunately, the terrible torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today", the family said in a statement after Mr Warmbier's death. Lire la suite »