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For Democrats, 'Not Trump' is not enough

She had handled Trump delicately throughout a primary and runoff election to fill the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price to take a spot in Trump's cabinet. Moulton, who beat a Democratic incumbent to win his seat, is skeptical the party can reverse its fortunes with the same leaders in place. "Oh my gosh. Lire la suite »

Australia suspends air operations over Syria as conflict escalates


A USA fighter jet shot down a pro-regime drone near al-Tanf in southeastern Syria, just outside the de-confliction zone according to the officials. " It displayed hostile intent and advanced on Coalition forces ", the statement said. That incident followed two others involving U.S. fire against pro-regime forces on the ground as they came close to the garrison. Washington said it would "work diplomatically and reestablish deconfliction" but Moscow continued to take a hard ... Lire la suite »

Heat wave hits Southwest on 1st day of summer


Las Vegas was forecast to hit 117 on Tuesday on the first day of summer, and excessive heat warnings cover nearly all of California . This graphic explains what happens to airplanes when temperatures heat up. American Airlines said large jets withstand temperatures can withstand temperatures up to 126 or 127 degrees . Phoenix-area residents are setting a record demand for energy as scorching temperatures roll though the valley during the week's punishing heat wave . Lire la suite »

UN Security Council backs west African force to combat militants in Sahel


A vote at the UN Security Council could take place as early as Wednesday on the draft resolution that welcomes the deployment but does not give it full UN authorization, according to the agreed text seen by AFP. With the USA balking at the possibility the mission would be added to the UN's peacekeeping budget, the French-drafted resolution omitted a request for the secretary-general to come up with options to finance the force as well as any reference to Chapter 7, the United Nations ... Lire la suite »

Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm No Cause For Alarm, Researcher Says


Researchers at seismograph stations at the University of Utah say since June 12th 464 quakes have been recorded including 4.4 magnitude natural disaster near in West Yellowstone. According to experts from the United States Geological Survey, it would take a series of intense earthquakes and ground uplift to get a mega-eruption started. Lire la suite »

France: au tour de François Bayrou de démissionner

Bayrou est "personnelle" et qu'il souhaite pouvoir se "défendre" dans cette affaire. Le parti centriste fait l'objet d'une enquête sur l'emploi de ses assistants parlementaires européens, signale-t-on. Macron. Le maire de Pau avait présenté la semaine dernière en Conseil des ministres le projet de loi de moralisation de la vie publique, fruit de l'alliance qu'il avait nouée en février en rejoignant Emmanuel Macron. Lire la suite »

Trump decries 'brutal' North Korea as student dies

He handles North Korean issues for the Department of State and met with North Korean officials in Norway and NY about Warmbier's release. The calls for a response come as spy satellites detected new activity at North Korea's underground nuclear test site for the first time in several weeks, according to two U.S. Lire la suite »

Rouhani says will not back down from missile program


The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "It has been 70 years now that the peoples of the region, especially the people of Palestine and the neighbours of this land are suffering from aggression by the usurper, cruel and criminal Zionist regime". Lire la suite »

Microsoft unveils new gaming system as Xbox One X

It is fine to market your console as the most powerful in the world, IT IS the most powerful in the world. Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One X , has been making the headlines for the past couple of days. Priced at $499, this new version is a more powerful version than the previous offering in the line-up, the #Xbox One. The company did announce " Sea of Thieves ", " Crackdown 3", " State of Decay 2 " and " Forza Motorsport 7 ", but all of those were already known about prior to ... Lire la suite »

US shoots down Iranian-made drone in Syria


In another sign of increasing friction between the USA -led coalition and the force backing President Bashar Assad, a US strike fighter shot down an unmanned "armed pro-regime" combat drone after it "displayed hostile intent" in southern Syria on Tuesday, the Pentagon said. Lire la suite »

Donald Trump tightens red tape on travel from the U.S. to Cuba


The Cuban government has rejected the newly-announced U.S. policy towards the country and said that any attempt to change the political system on the island would be "destined to fail". While Trump gave his speech, a hundred activists about evenly divided between supporters and opponents of the president chanted and held up signs outside the venue, the Manuel Artime Theater, named after a late political leader of Cuban exiles who launched the failed Bay of Pigs uprising in 1961. Lire la suite »

How the Senate Health Bill Likely Differs From House Bill, Obamacare

Among the critics has been Sen. Revealing the bill the week before the vote might complicate its chances of passing through the Senate. Even so, lobbyists said final decisions had yet to be made on some issues. But as of now, victory is not guaranteed and he stopped short of definitely scheduling the vote for next week. That echoed Democrats' lambasting of McConnell for writing the wide-ranging legislation in closed-door meetings. Lire la suite »

UK Conservatives Say Talks on Support Deal Continuing With DUP


Brexit Secretary David Davis said it could take "until the end of the process" to resolve the issue, because it will be tied in with the trade and customs deals the United Kingdom is able to strike with Brussels. They said at least 90% of the confidence and supply deal had been agreed but the DUP appeared to be digging in on some issues as the abolition of air passenger duty. Lire la suite »

Trump to speak on Comey tapes this week

Spicer acknowledged that he's personally seen the reports, but he apparently hasn't been able to gauge where Trump stands on the issue. Spicer has been filling the dual roles of communications director and spokesman. On CBS' Late Late Show , James Corden brought up reporters being blocked from bringing recording devices to Spicer's press briefings , calling it a continuation of Trump's war with the press. Lire la suite »

Man Charged in Suspected Terrorist Attack at Mich. Airport

He is charged with an act of violence at an worldwide airport that caused serious injury, and could face 20 years in jail. News reported that the suspect stabbed the officer multiple times while shouting "Allahu Akbar". He faces up to 20 years behind bars. He says Neville retired as a lieutenant. The airport, which was evacuated, later reopened. Police said the FBI was investigating. Lire la suite »

Muslim Teenager, Nabra Hassanen's Memorial Set On Fire In DC

This undated image provided by the Hassanen family shows Nabra Hassanen in Fairfax, Va. Police in Fairfax, Va., said Monday, June 19, 2017, that " road rage " was to blame for the slaying of a 17-year-old muslim girl wh. Events were held Tuesday night in D.C., Boston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and the Los Angeles area. Salaam said the community is struggling because Nabra was beloved by so many , and so well known for her kind spirit. Lire la suite »

Syria conflict: United States jet 'downs Iran-made drone'


Australia said on Thursday it would resume air strikes into Syria, ending a two-day suspension implemented after the downing of a Syrian military aircraft triggered a Russian threat against Washington-led coalition planes. "Public statements aside, we have not seen the Russians do any actions that cause us concern". Tanf is the town on Syrian border with Jordan where U.S. Lire la suite »

198 millions d'électeurs américains


Le fondateur de Deep Root Analytics, Alex Lundry, a reconnu assumer la pleine responsabilité de la situation. Et selon nos informations, nous ne pensons pas que nos systèmes aient été piratés. Ces dernières sont notamment composées de l'adresse et de la participation aux élections. L'entreprise ne précise pas d'où viennent ses données, mais les entreprises de recherche politique collectent des informations de revendeurs de données, de messages postés sur les réseaux sociaux et de diverses ... Lire la suite »

United States jet shoots down 'Iranian drone' in Syria


But these incidents are tactical; not part of any U.S. strategy in Syria, analysts said . He added the rare missile strike expressed Iran's aspirations in the region. The official was not authorized to be quoted by name and spoke on condition of anonymity. "As a precautionary measure, Australian Defence Force (ADF) strike operations into Syria have temporarily ceased", Australia's Department of Defence said in a statement . Lire la suite »

DEQ Scraps Line 5 Safety Report


Spokesperson Andrea Bitely tells WSJM News there was a conflict of interest. MI officials said that an employee involved in the Det Norske Veritas' analysis worked on a project for Enbridge while the risk analysis was being completed. Det Norske had been an independent consultant on Enbridge's Northern Gateway Project as well as on Enbridge's 2010 oil spill in Marshall, Michigan. Lire la suite »

Defense Secretary Mattis condemns North Korea following Otto Warmbier's death

According to, Warmbier's family requested no autopsy be performed on their son, and only permitted the coroner's office to perform an "external examination". He could not speak or move voluntarily when he returned, and his doctors said he suffered extensive brain damage. He remained in a state of "unresponsive wakefulness," doctors said, until his death Monday. Lire la suite »

Gulf Crisis: Iran sends tons of food stock to Qatar

The military added that such visits have been underway since 2015. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told reporters on Monday that he was "concerned by some of the strong actions" taken by the three Gulf Arab nations and pressed them "to ease the blockade on Qatar". Lire la suite »