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US spy satellites detect activity at North Korean nuclear test site

Investigators were also reviewing radiological images and awaiting additional medical records requested by the coroner, Zornes said. On Monday, the 22-year-old Warmbier died in a Cincinnati hospital, days after his medical evacuation home, the victim of his treatment at the hands of North Korea. Read More »

Queen Elizabeth mum about Trump visit

The Queen's hat at the State Opening of Parliament has sparked humorous comparisons to the European flag on Twitter. Philip was admitted to a private London hospital on Tuesday evening as a "precautionary measure" for treatment of an infection arising from a pre-existing condition. Read More »

Queen Elizabeth II mum about Trump visit

Of 27 Bills and draft bills unveiled in her first Queen's Speech , eight are devoted to the complex process of withdrawal from the EU, including a Repeal Bill to overturn the 1972 Act which took Britain into the European Economic Community and separate Bills on customs, trade, immigration, fisheries, agriculture, nuclear safeguards and the global sanctions regime. Read More »

Raheel Sharif was not sent to Saudi Arabia officially: Aziz


The Adviser on Foreign Affairs said former Army Chief Raheel Sharif has taken command of the 41-nation Muslim Military Alliance in his personal capacity. Meanwhile Senator Shiblee Faraz commented that Raheel Sharif must not be called back because it will effect Pakistan-Saudi relations. ISLAMABAD: Senate standing committee on Foreign Affairs has asked the government to play mediator's role in resolving Gulf crisis while keeping itself as neutral. Read More »

Edmonton celebrates National Aboriginal Day with round dance at Victoria Park

Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde (left) says he welcomes the move by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (right) to rename National Aboriginal Day to National Indigenous Peoples Day. By doing so, you are helping to recognize that reconciliation is not just an Aboriginal imperative; it is an imperative for all British Columbians. The Earth's northern hemisphere is tilted as close as it gets toward the sun, and we enjoy the longest day of light in the year. Read More »

Karen Handel wins Georgia's 6th congressional district

Handel, 55, won in a suburban Atlanta district held by the GOP since 1979 despite raising far less money than Democrat Jon Ossoff , 30, in the most expensive House race in US history. "Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O!" Trump tweeted late Tuesday. Ossoff spent $25 million, fueled mostly by donations from California, where coastal liberals arrogantly thought they could influence a local Georgia election by throwing money at it. Read More »

LA Noire Remaster Rumoured With First-Person Mode


The rumour comes from WWG and claims that three separate sources have informed them that Rockstar Games - publisher, but not lead developer of the original - has been prototyping a VR mode for the game. Originally released in 2011, the video game title was published by Rockstar Games and developed by the late Australian studio Team Bondi - which shuttered its doors shortly following the release of the aforementioned property. Read More »

Russia regrets new US sanctions, mulls retaliatory moves


Poroshenko's visit was not an official, bilateral meeting , but rather a simple "drop-in" and Oval Office photo opportunity, after some lingering uncertainty that Trump would even meet him in the first place. The Trump administration announced Tuesday that it has imposed sanctions on 38 Russian individuals and firms over Russian activities in Ukraine. "These designations will maintain pressure on Russian Federation to work toward a diplomatic solution", said Treasury Secretary Steven ... Read More »

Geneviève Darrieussecq nommée secrétaire d'Etat auprès du ministère des Armées


Geneviève Darrieussecq, élue Modem , est désignée comme secrétaire d'Etat auprès du ministre des Armées . Proche de François Bayrou , elle a fait parti de son équipe de campagne lors de l'élection présidentielle de 2012. A Mont-de-Marsan, elle a aussi cultivé une proximité avec une base militaire cruciale des forces armées: la BA-118 (3.000 militaires), siège de Rafales, et dont environ 800 hommes sont engagés en Opérations extérieures, au Sahel et au Levant notamment. Read More »

Trump meets Poroshenko for brief 'drop-in' visit


European Union leaders are likely to agree on an extension of sanctions against Russian Federation imposed over Moscow's support for separatists in eastern Ukraine , a senior German government official said on Wednesday. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the new penalties are created to "maintain pressure on Russian Federation to work toward a diplomatic solution". Read More »

South Korea confirms drone discovered in June was from North Korea

Warmbier had gone for five days of sightseeing in 2016, only to be jailed for allegedly stealing a poster from a hotel and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. The University of Virginia student was accused of trying to steal a propaganda banner while visiting with a tour group and was convicted of subversion. Read More »

Un policier poignardé, l'aéroport Bishop du Michigan évacué — Etats-Unis


Un policier a été poignardé mercredi matin à l'aéroport de Flint, dans le Michigan, ont indiqué des sources officielles. Sur Twitter, la police de l'État du Michigan appelle à la vigilance et à leur faire part de toute activité suspecte. Selon des responsables policiers cités par NBC , le suspect est originaire du Québec et possède un passeport canadien. Selon plusieurs médias américains, l'agent aurait été poignardé. Read More »

Gulf crisis: Saudi Arabia and allies hail Trump warning to Qatar


The president said Qatar must end its support for extremism, along with "all other nations". Trump expanded the criticism to other unnamed countries suspected of financing terror groups and being hotbeds of extremist ideologies. There was no immediate reaction from Qatar, which hosts some 10,000 USA troops. It's also home to the forward headquarters of CENTCOM, the U.S. military's central command in the region. Read More »

Luanda retrouve son rang de ville la plus chère pour les expatriés


Cette dernière pointe d'ailleurs à la 209e place ce qui fait d'elle, par conséquent, la ville avec le coût de la viele plus bas des villes étudiées. Vancouver trône au sommet des villes les plus chères au Canada pour les expatriés, selon l'Enquête annuelle sur le coût de la vie du cabinet Mercer . Read More »

President Trump's to visit Iowa community college ahead of rally

Several groups are planning a protest from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday outside the Cellular Center to address a range of issues including health care, the border wall, immigration wall, corruption, ties to Russian Federation and the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, according to Chris Schwartz, an organizer for Americans for Democratic Action Iowa. Read More »

Kovind 'a political candidate', candidature will be fought politically: Pinarayi

Kumar's decision to support Kovind was discussed at the party's core committee meeting attended by 50-60 MLAs, MPs and senior leaders including K C Tyagi at the CM's official bungalow. However, neither party committed to supporting the NDA candidate. The charges of the Yadavs freely acquiring a vast real estate portfolio through proxy-owned firms make Mr Kumar vulnerable - Tejashwi Yadav, who is among the Yadav family members being investigated, is Bihar's Deputy Chief Minister. Read More »

House of Burgess: Philando Castile a good guy with a gun


The harrowing video also shows Castile's young daughter opening the door of the auto and slowly crawling out, confused, as her father lay reeling in the front seat after being shot. Are you kidding me right now?' And as he was pulling it out I, a million things started going through my head. You have a right to be outraged. He then yelled twice at Castile , "Don't pull it out!" before shooting into the vehicle seconds later. Read More »

May promises to listen on Brexit as queen presents government program


It will also copy existing European Union legislation to the United Kingdom statute book, and Parliament will decide which bits to retain. "My Government will seek to maintain a deep and special partnership with European allies and to forge new trading relationships across the globe", the queen said in prepared remarks . Read More »

Chidanand: International Yoga Day is a historic moment for India


Narendra Modi has initiated to Launching a particular date for practicing Yoga in all across the world and Celebrating as International Yoga Day . On Wednesday the United Nations headquarters in NY lit up with images of poses, among the events being held across more than 100 countries to mark the third International Yoga Day . Read More »

Int'l Yoga Day marked by millions in India, where it began


Youths are now steadily adopting yoga as a profession. While the global fame of yoga is a matter of pride, Twitterrati also saw the lighter side of the event. "In countries across the world, there is a new market being created around Yoga." and was happy to announce that the "demand for yoga teachers is increasing". Read More »

Handel to make Georgia history as its first GOP congresswoman

With the inflated price tag and the 15-month lag time between the special election and the November 2018 midterms, the contest might not hold much predictive value. Initially, Ossoff's mantra was "Make Trump Furious". Indeed the best news Democrats got Tuesday night was that a different special House race, in SC, ended up closer than the Georgia contest even though it had drawn little national attention. Read More »

Democrats just went 0-4. When will they win?

The victory of Republican candidate Karen Handel in last night's special election in Georgia could not have come at a better time for U.S. president Donald Trump . The 55-year-old Handel is a former Georgia secretary of state. Ossoff initially campaigned on a promise to "make Trump furious", but more recently avoided taking on the president as he tried to win over centrist voters. Read More »