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US Agrees to Build F-16 Fighter Jets in India


Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL), the Indian conglomerate's unit involved in military business, and Lockheed will make the latest F-16 Block 70 planes as India looks to modernise and replenish its air force. - With a full load of internal fuel, the F-16 can withstand up to nine G's - nine times the force of gravity - which exceeds the capability of other current fighter aircraft. Lire la suite »

Republicans win key U.S. congressional election

If elected, Ossoff wouldn't be the only member of Congress living in Georgia's 5th District. Handel garnered over 19 percent of the vote, beating out 10 other Republican candidates. Moreover, although wealthier voters have voted Republican in the past, polls in 2016 showed those from the richest households favored Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to Trump by a 2-1 margin. Lire la suite »

Trump likely to reveal this week whether secret tapes exist

Spicer declined to go into specifics of the legislation Republicans are now drafting in secret, despite reports that it could face a vote before the end of the month. "There are days that I'll decide that the president's voice should be the one that speaks and iterate his priorities". Some pointed to the remark as an example of the tension within the White House, while othersbody shamed Bannon in response, too - which in turn sparked further criticism. Lire la suite »

Republican Handel wins Georgia House election

The Congressional Leadership Fund, which spent close to $7 million on the race , was especially scathing in linking Ossoff to Hollywood. A former Georgia secretary of state, Handel emphasized her experience and roots in Georgia's 6th Congressional District to defeat Ossoff and keep a seat that's always been held by Republicans in GOP hands. Lire la suite »

White House urged to act over death of Otto Warmbier

The United States has demanded North Korea release three other USA citizens it holds in detention: missionary Kim Dong Chul and academics Tony Kim and Kim Hak Song. First of all, North Korea needs to be proactive about apologizing for and investigating Warmbier's death. "There should at least be a form for them to fill out that says , 'If I go to North Korea, I understand I am taking great risk and I do not hold the American government responsible, ' " McCain said. Lire la suite »

Supreme Court Will Revisit Political Gerrymandering

The justices say they'll decide next session whether Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin drew electoral districts so out of whack with the state's political breakdown that they violated the constitutional rights of Democratic voters. The justices have never fully answered when partisan gerrymanders - or maps that benefit one political party to the detriment of another - could be unconstitutional. Lire la suite »

Powersharing deal should involve all parties, says Simon Coveney

On the danger of undermining that peace process, he added: "I am very reassured by what the Prime Minister said to me today that that won't be the case". The situation could be complicated by the potential deal between Theresa May's Tories and the Democratic Unionist Party as she seeks support for her minority administration in Westminster. Lire la suite »

USA shoots down pro-Syrian regime drone, military says

The Dutch government is sending a military refueling plane to Kuwait to assist the USA -led coalition carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria . military announced officially that coalition forces had killed the Islamic State's top cleric, Turki al-Binali, in an air strike in Syria last month. Lire la suite »

After Election Win, Macron Promises 'Real Victory' in Five Years

They received far more than the 289 seats needed for an absolute majority, sweeping aside traditional parties and securing a strong mandate for Macron's pro-business reforms. After Macron vigorously campaigned on a promise of renewal of the political landscape, other parties also made efforts to promote new faces. "The task he faces is vast", he added. Lire la suite »

EU Parliament Urges Suspension of Talks on Turkey's Accession


The proposed reform, passed by Turkish parliament on 21 January, would change the country's parliamentarian system of governance into a presidential one, which the opposition denounced as giving more power to Turkish President Erdogan. Last year, Ankara agreed to a landmark migrant deal with the bloc which would see it take back all illegal migrants landing in Greece from its shores, in exchange for accelerated talks on becoming a member of the bloc and billions in refugee assistance from the ... Lire la suite »

L'armée russe affirme avoir probablement tué le chef de l'Etat islamique


L'annonce de Moscou intervient alors que l'organisation djihadiste est en passe d'être chassée de Mossoul, son principal fief en Irak, et que l'étau se resserre autour de sa "capitale", la ville de Raqa en Syrie . L'armée russe avait frappé une réunion de chefs de Daesh , à laquelle participait Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi, fin mai à Raqqa , en Syrie . Né Ibrahim al Samarraï, Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi est un irakien de 46 ans qui a rompu avec al Qaida deux ans après la mort d' Oussama ben Laden . Lire la suite »

Exit polls: Large majority for Macron in French parliament


France's government has resigned in a symbolic move after President Emmanuel Macron's centrist party won a majority in parliamentary elections . Le Pen topped the poll against 12 rivals in the first round of voting, and went on to topple Anne Rouquet, respresenting Macron's La République en Marche (REM) party which claimed a majority with 308 seats. Lire la suite »

Iran launches missiles at Daesh targets in Syria following Tehran attacks

Syrian opposition activist Omar Abu Laila, who is based in Germany but closely follows events in his native Deir el-Zour, said two Iranian missiles fell near and inside the eastern town of Mayadeen, an Islamic State stronghold. The argument - that firing the missiles greatly enhanced the threat Iran presents to Israel - would say its use of such powerful long-range weapons makes it more likely that it would use them again. Lire la suite »

ICSE to hold board exams for Class 5th, 8th from next year


The exams will be held alongside the schools' annual exams, The Telegraph reported. The answer papers of the students of class 5th and 8th from one school will be checked by teachers of another school just like evaluation is done in the final class 10 level examination. Lire la suite »

Republican Handel wins Georgia race, thanks Donald Trump


An election official in Georgia's most-populous county says he's aiming to have final results in by 11 p.m. Tuesday in Georgia's closely-watched congressional election. And, he seemed to admit, a loss could have be damaging for the Trump administration's agenda: "This is a harbinger of national politics". But even with that pedigree, Trump barely edged Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 6th in November, giving Ossoff his opening once Price was confirmed. Lire la suite »

BJP, opposition hold parleys on Presidential election


However, according to BJP sources, the nomination will be finalised before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's worldwide tour beginning from June 24. "Since no name was given from the government's side, there is no question of any discussion and cooperation", said Azad. Lire la suite »

Georgia Voters Head to Polls in Special Election

The race - seen as an indicator for next year's mid-term elections - appeared virtually deadlocked as both candidates sprinted to the finish, polls showed. Ossoff told MSNBC he lives about two miles from the district line. Handel is ahead by around 12,500 votes right now, and we expect that there are about 25,000 mail votes still left to count, along with various other election day votes. Lire la suite »