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Trump contradicts his own account of Comey firing


The memos direct former staffers to prevent the automatic deletion of any records and former Trump transition officials are asked to send in materials to the Trump transition team. The widened Russian Federation probe could have far-reaching repercussions for Trump's presidency, transforming his closest aides into witnesses and sucking even more political oxygen out of the West Wing. Lire la suite »

US jet shoots down 'Iranian drone' in Syria


A defense official, who was not authorized to be quoted by name and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the drone shot down Tuesday was a Shaheed 129 and appeared to have been operated by "pro-regime" forces. The staunch U.S. ally in September said it would widen the scope of targets in the air war against IS by allowing its pilots to strike jihadist support and logistics resources in Iraq and Syria. Lire la suite »

Sen. Warner Wants More Info on Election Cybersecurity


Warner's request comes the day before the Senate Intelligence Committee, of which he is vice chairman, is holding a hearing on "U.S. Election Security: Russian Interventions and the Outlook for 2018 and Beyond". The good news is that these attempts were not successful in 2016. Some states, including Virginia, have major elections upcoming this year, underscoring the urgency of this issue. Lire la suite »

Two Pakistani officials missing in Afghanistan


The ministry underlined that it is in the constant contact on the matter with the Afghan authorities. Pakistan has requested the Afghan Government to ensure the early recovery of the officials and bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice, stated the FO. Lire la suite »

UK, EU play up chance of Brexit deal

The working language of the negotiations will be English and French, with interpretations provided by the European Commission . The terms of reference state "for both parties the default is transparency" and that it is for the side providing any information to state whether it should remain secret. Lire la suite »

Record 65.6M people forcibly displaced worldwide


In each of the past five years, annual increases to the global displacement total have been in the millions. South Sudan's civil war, which began in December 2013, has left tens of thousands dead and forced a total of 3.7 million people from their homes - almost a third of the population. Lire la suite »

Man wearing explosive belt 'neutralized' at Brussels train station


The station and a main square have been evacuated. It is the busiest railway station in Belgium and one of three principal railway stations in Brussels . There have been attacks in Paris and London in recent days, including the attack by a van driver who tried to run down worshippers outside a London mosque. Lire la suite »

USA official's 'quiet diplomacy' led to Warmbier's release

Otto Warmbier was a 21-year-old University of Virginia economics major with a bright future when he signed on for a short tourist trip to North Korea in December 2015. "We relied on this false premise that they would treat Otto fairly and let him go", he said. President Trump called Warmbier's parents Wednesday night to tell them his administration had worked hard to secure their son's release, and to ask how he was doing. Lire la suite »

Remains of 7 sailors killed in US ship collision return home

Douglass, 25, was an "adventurous young man" proud to be a part of his crew and of service to his country, his family said. Adding to the confusion, a U.S. The ship's captain also was injured and was evacuated to the base hospital at Yokosuka . Much of the destruction came to two berthing compartments where 116 of the crew sleep, Aucoin said. Lire la suite »

PM Modi exhorts SCO to fight against terrorism


The SCO is a political, military and economic alliance comprising Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, with India and Pakistan having been admitted to the bloc earlier in the day. President of Russia Vladimir Putin said: "I am glad that we met for a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the SCO Summit ". His Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif said the organization's anti-terrorist initiatives would help improve security in Pakistan. Lire la suite »

US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria

An Australian Department of Defence spokesman told ABC that Australian military force protection was regularly reviewed, and military air operations would continue over Iraq. The shoot-down is just the latest escalation between the United States and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad . The Pentagon considered the incident, known as an "intercept", unsafe because of the "high rate of closure speed " and the "poor control of the aircraft" that the Russian pilot had, Henderson ... Lire la suite »

US Shoots Down Drone Close to Iraqi-Syrian Border


A United States fighter jet shot down an armed pro-regime drone in southern Syria on Tuesday, according to USA -led coalition officials. Similarly, an F-15E on June 8 shot down an unidentified drone deemed hostile toward coalition forces in At Tanf. Lire la suite »

Macron wins large majority in French parliament

Given his pro-EU rhetoric, his success could translate into success for the rest of the European Union and perhaps more specifically the Eurozone. France voted a record number of women into parliament on Sunday, thanks largely to President Emmanuel Macron's decision to field a gender-balanced candidate list for his victorious Republic on the Move ( LREM ) party. Lire la suite »

Cheering 1st day of summer? Not in Phoenix when 120 expected

With this is mind as a benchmark, consider the excessive heat warnings for the southwestern part of the country today, where forecasts have temperatures rising above 120 degrees. The storm moved northwest late Monday and the weather service expects it to reach Louisiana coast by Wednesday. This is not the first time that heat has caused a disruption in air travel in Phoenix. Lire la suite »

Georgia special election: Democrat Jon Ossoff vs


The first round of the special election was held April 18 . In the primary, Ossoff received nearly three times as many votes as Handel, creating a wide gap in their totals, which was mostly due to the heavy amount of Republican challengers splitting the conservative vote. Lire la suite »

China calls for efforts to protect shared interests with Korea

He also hoped that their bilateral relations will return to normal in a "healthy" and "stable" manner and through joint efforts. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Tuesday that Beijing hopes to seek "positive outcomes" from the dialogue, which replaces a former, more wide-ranging series of talks. Lire la suite »

Montreal mayor condemns US withdrawal from climate change pact


President Donald Trump as he kicked off a gathering of mayors from around the world, vowing that municipal leaders will band together to fight climate change. "We don't want to have an ethno-centric point of view, it's not one size fits all", he said. According to local media, Coderre's comments can be understood as part of a growing movement to address environmental and social issues from local level. Lire la suite »

South Korea President Urges North Korea To Return Detainees Swiftly


How to deal with North Korea and the growing threat from its nuclear and missile capabilities is a matter of life and death. Earlier this year, Beijing called on Pyongyang to suspend its nuclear and missile testing while calling on the United States to stop military exercises on and near the Korean Peninsula, which North Korea sees as a threat to its sovereignty. Lire la suite »

Snake crawls out from under auto hood on Texas highway


For about a minute and twenty seconds, the snake's indecision drove two men insane as they videotaped it emerging from under the truck, slithering across its hood and burrowing back underneath. Both said they were just glad that they didn't have to get out of the truck to remove it. "He's going back in!" and "No, no, no!" before ending with **Series of high pitched screams** well then, you've got box office gold. Lire la suite »

Teen LAPD cadets allegedly steal patrol cars, impersonate officers, chief says


All 1,800 vehicles are accounted for and no firearms ever went missing. Upon arrest, one of the teens admitted to a third vehicle they stole in May, parked at another cadet's home nearby. "The second pursuit ended when the pursuit vehicle collided with a non-involved motorist", Beck said. Beck said it was "not easy" to check out a police vehicle, and cadets are not supposed to have access to them. Lire la suite »

Iran claims its missiles hit IS targets in Syria


NPR's Peter Kenyon has been following all of this from his post in Istanbul. According to Iranian state TV, Iran fired six missiles in apparent retaliation for a deadly twin attack carried out by the group in Tehran in which 17 people were killed. Lire la suite »

Prosecution Want Jurors Names Kept Secret in Cosby Case

McCloskey said he was particularly impressed with Gianna's turn on the witness stand during the trial . The names of the jurors have not been released. Mike McCloskey, 43, told radio station WDVE-FM that he and the other alternates were kept secluded from the seven men and five women that deliberated for five days last week until declaring itself hopelessly deadlocked. Lire la suite »