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Australia Optimistic About Confederations Cup


The Confederations Cup will undoubtedly provide the platform for Kimmich to convince Carlo Ancelotti to use him more at German champion Bayern. "The competition will be extremely valuable for the development of the team and each individual player", Bierhoff said. Lire la suite »

Illinois man accused of stomping kitten to death


Clair County Sheriff's Department Capt. Bruce Fleshren . He then jumped on a bus before anyone had time to react. After killing the kitten, Johnson-Foston boarded a bus, according to police records. "If you can not or will not take care of an animal, please take it to the nearest shelter for proper care". Police believe the horrific scene was caught on surveillance video. Lire la suite »

Next DLC, VR Spinoff Previewed in New Clips


Here's a new trailer showing the DLC episode's intense action and scenes. Not to mention, the footage also touches on some of the DLC's story as well, as Prompto is on a quest to understand his origins. Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and DLC Episode Prompto will launch on June 27, 2017. The teaser trailer released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 showcases major changes from the " Final Fantasy XV " spinoff's version shown previous year at the ... Lire la suite »

UK PM May says attack on Muslims near mosque is "sickening"

The New York Times is reporting that the suspect is a 48-year-old white male. Muslims pray on a sidewalk in the Finsbury Park area of north London after a vehicle hit pedestrians, on June 19, 2017 . Fearless onlookers had wrestled the suspect to the ground until police arrived . Scotland Yard said he was arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism including murder and attempted murder. Lire la suite »

Led coalition strikes pro-Assad forces in Syria


The Syrian army said the warplanes of the USA -led coalition struck a Syrian military position near Tanf border crossing with Iraq, leaving a number of "martyrs" and other losses. The US and its partners train Syrian rebels there to fight IS. The pro-regime forces came too close to the joint USA -U.K. base near the town of At Tanf (also known as al-Tanf). Lire la suite »

Bayern Munich Brand Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer Link As 'Fake News'


Ronaldo, 32, appears to be heading for the Real Madrid exit this summer following a high-profile tax dispute, and it had been claimed that Bayern were preparing to pursue the Portugal captain ahead of the 2017-18 campaign. German daily Bild speculate Ronaldo would cost Bayern an astronomical 200 million euros ($223.6m) transfer, plus an annual salary of 35 million euros per year. Lire la suite »

India welcome to play a role in reconstruction of Syria: Assad


Syria's President Bashar al-Assad said the situation in Syria is witnessing big improvement, largely due to the retreat of the terror-designated groups. Of course, we welcome any Indian company", he added. On the fight against terror, Assad said India and Syria could learn from each other and work towards building a "genuine coalition" against terrorism, according to a press release issued by the TV channel. Lire la suite »

Le PS dénonce une trahison du cdH

Invité de Soir Première, Didier Gosuin (DéFI, ministre bruxellois de l'Economie et de l'Emploi) n'a pas épargné les " partis traditionnels ", estimant que tant le PS que le cdH et le MR avaient " participé au lotissement de l'Etat ". Le PS a déjà pris des mesures nécessaires pour restaurer la confiance des citoyens envers les institutions démocratiques. " Le cdH a manifestement pris peur ". Lire la suite »

Democrats fume over 'secret' Republican healthcare bill

Craig Blair, R-Berkeley; Ryan Ferns, R-Ohio; and Ed Gaunch, R-Kanawha, left blank. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. confer on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 13, 2017, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified about his role in the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the investigation into contacts between Trump campaign associates and Russian Federation. Lire la suite »

79 presumed dead in London fire

Survivors of the building claimed the fatal fire resulted from a lack of maintenance to the tower. She said she has ordered daily progress reports on housing for those affected, and vowed the public inquiry into the disaster will be "open and transparent". Lire la suite »

New poll reveals remarkable change in public's view of the Trump presidency


Justice and Infrastructure, Healthcare and Tax Cuts in works!", Trump tweeted. Most other recent polls have placed Trump squarely in the 40s and some showed his job approval even dipped into the 30s. Although it found Trump's approval rating to be only 40 percent, which Zogby says "is low for a beginning president", Trump scored higher than nearly every other key political figure included in the poll. Lire la suite »

Official London Grenfell fire toll at 79, say police

The fire ripped through the high-rise early Wednesday. " I must consider the fact that there may be others in the building who, for whatever reason have not been reported to us ". "People in this community are sick to death of platitudes from politicians", he added. Following the meeting, May issued in a statement in which she acknowledged that "support on the ground for families that needed help or basic information in the initial hours after this appalling disaster was not good enough ". Lire la suite »

Grenfell Tower fire: Boy, 6, gives pocket money to victims


Residents who do not have bank accounts will be helped. The number of people killed in the Grenfell Tower fire has risen to 79 - but that figure could still change, police say. Hundreds have been left homeless by the blaze, putting more pressure on officials in a city already plagued by a chronic housing shortage. When asked about the protests, May's response was more practical than heartfelt: "What I am now absolutely focused on is ensuring we get that support on the ground", she said. Lire la suite »

Sekulow Hits Cable News Circuit Hard For Trump

That the President was not and is not a target of investigation". "As I said all weekend, there has been no notification to any of us that the President is under any investigation and as I said, James Comey has said on three separate occasions that the President is not under investigation", said Jay Sekulow , repeating an argument he also made on CNN's " State of the Union " with Jake Tapper on Sunday. Lire la suite »

London mosque attack "clearly" aimed at Muslims

Police said one man was pronounced dead at the scene and that the van driver, 48, had been detained by members of the public before being arrested. The suspect, described as a large white man, was arrested by police on suspicion of attempted murder. Lire la suite »

Thousands mourn Tehran victims as officials lambast US, Saudi

Trump said the U.S. would "grieve and pray" for the victims, but he added: "We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote ". He added that the Iranian Armed Forces and intelligence and security bodies would give new unforgettable lessons to terrorists and their regional and extra-regional supporters at the suitable location and time in order to uproot the ominous phenomenon of terrorism in cooperation with other Muslim nations. Lire la suite »

Iraqi forces reclaim Daesh-held border crossing to Syria

Al-Waleed is located near the Syrian border crossing of At-Tanf, which serves as a base for US-backed opposition militants. The two armies are still separated by United States forces which continue to illegally occupy al-Tanf, Syria. The Iraqi military says it has retaken control of a border crossing with Syria from the ISIS terrorist group. Back in May, a US-led coalition, which has been purportedly fighting Daesh in Syria since 2014, struck a convoy of Damascus-allied forces that was ... Lire la suite »

Puerto Rico referendum backs calls for island to become 51st U.S. state


As a US territory Puerto Rico does not elect members of the US Congress, but it does have a representative in Congress Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez. Among those hoping Puerto Rico will become the 51st state is Ana Maria Garcia, a 52-year-old business administrator who arrived with her family on bicycle to vote early today. Lire la suite »

Finsbury Park attack: Theresa May's statement in full


Witnesses reported seeing at least one person receiving chest compressions. He complained that the "mainstream media" was unwilling to call the attack a terrorist incident for many hours. An Islamic post from the "War News / Ummah News" says: "O Muslims, you need to wake up and start the war from your own streets, out of your own mosques". Lire la suite »

Russian diplomat condemns US for downing Syrian fighter jet


Moscow also called on the us military to provide a full accounting of why it made a decision to shoot down the Syrian Su-22. That's the first time the U.S. "That's why there's no threat of direct confrontation between Russian Federation and American aircraft". It is possible that Russian Federation might not use its air defenses against coalition planes in Syria , but there is now reason to fear that they might. Lire la suite »

Bengaluru: Forget cylinders, cook soon on piped gas


As part of the project, about 60 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations are to be set up. He said the project will provide economical, environment friendly, uninterrupted and safe energy to 1.06 crore residents of Bengaluru by supplying piped natural gas (PNG) for households, industries and commercial units. Lire la suite »