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Ryan and Pelosi back 'Team Scalise' at Congressional baseball ga

Scalise remains in critical condition at a hospital near the Capitol and has undergone multiple surgeries. Scalise, Tyson Foods lobbyist Matt Mika, congressional aide Zach Barth and US Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner were shot during an attack on the Republican congressional baseball team as it practiced Wednesday morning. Lire la suite »

Representative Scalise's condition upgraded to 'serious' after shooting


Though Scalise was conscious at the scene after he was shot and his office said he talked to his wife before his first surgery, he was in shock by the time he arrived at the hospital, according to Sava. Supporters of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise , R-La., hold signs before the Congressional baseball game , Thursday, June 15, 2017, in Washington . Lire la suite »

Trump begged NSA director to deny collusion with Russian Federation

Mueller is assembling a high-powered team of Washington legal talent, including Michael Dreeben , a former Justice Department lawyer who has argued 100 cases before the Supreme Court, and Andrew Weissmann , chief of the Justice Department's fraud section who oversaw corruption investigations including the Volkswagen cheating probe. Lire la suite »

Frosh joins DC in suing Trump over foreign payments

The Maryland and D.C. attorneys general are seeking an order in U.S. District Court in Maryland preventing Trump from continuing to receive government payments beyond his salary. Company policy detailed in a new pamphlet suggests that it is up to foreign governments, not Trump's hotels, to determine whether foreign governments self-report their business dealings. Lire la suite »

USS Fitzgerald Missing Sailors Found Dead In Ship's Flooded Compartments

John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations, in an earlier statement . The starboard of The USS Fitzgerald has been damaged as a result of the collision, the report stated. The Japanese Coast Guard, which helped bring the ship back to port, say it's taking on water, but isn't in danger of sinking. The 7th Fleet commander, Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin, thanked the Japanese Coast guard in a post on the fleet's Facebook page, adding: "We are committed to ensuring the safe return of the ... Lire la suite »

US Prez being probed for possible justice obstruction

President Trump dismissed a potential obstruction of justice investigation into his conduct, calling allegations of collusion between him, his campaign or people associated with him and Russian Federation a " phony story". "The message the president is sending through his tweets is that he believes the rule of law doesn't apply to him and that anyone who thinks otherwise will be fired", Feinstein said. Lire la suite »

Rosenstein may need to recuse himself from Russian Federation probe


The investigation is now being helmed by Robert S. Mueller III , who is not publicly disclosing information about his work. Like many Trump tweets , it can be read both ways. Mueller is leading the Russian Federation probe after being appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the Department of Justice, which oversees the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Lire la suite »

UK's Brexit Minister Says Talks With EU Could Face Delays

The EU is "very open" to different arrangements with the United Kingdom but it is up to London to explain what it wants from Brexit , the special adviser to the president of European Commission has said. Michael Gove said those who voted to remain previous year must also be included in the conversation about how to get the best deal for Britain. "To threaten to jump off a cliff rather than to be pushed is not a viable negotiating strategy", he said. Lire la suite »

Dennis Rodman returns from N.Korea

I just said kind of quite nervously, 'Well, that's the last we'll see of you.' There's a great irony in those words". Doctors treating an American who was released earlier this week by North Korea said he suffered "severe injuries to all areas" of his brain while he was in captivity. Lire la suite »

US hackers could have framed Russia in election hack: Putin


The interview was tense at certain points, with Putin calling Kelly's question about whether the Kremlin has any compromising information on Trump as "a load of nonsense". It was always doubtful Putin, a former KGB agent and spin master, would do anything but rebuke accusations of Russian involvement. He also suggested the hackers could be anywhere and were not necessarily Russian. Lire la suite »

Wife of suspected Alexandria shooter speaks out in emotional press conference


Capitol Police, who weren't immediately available for comment. The Belleville News-Democrat, the paper in Hodgkinson's home town of Belleville, Illinois, interviewed a few of Hodgkinson's neighbors. At the request of the family, we will continue to provide periodic updates . House of Representatives majority whip Steve Scalise , 51, was shot in the hip. Lire la suite »

Rodman returns from 'real good trip' to North Korea

Rodman was wearing a different T-shirt that read "Ambassador Rodman " and "I come in peace" when he left for Pyongyang, but the State Department said he was traveling in a private capacity. The former star's friendly appeal has not gone unnoticed, as the Korean hosts welcomed him back warmly. “In the past, our respected supreme leader met you several times, and he used his precious time to watch the basketball match with the players you brought here. Lire la suite »

Dems score more wins, but trophy goes to Scalise

Now, doctors are "encouraged in the improvement in his condition in the last 36 hours", Sava said. After additional surgeries and rehabilitation, Scalise can be expected to walk "and hopefully run", Sava said. Congress. Sava says Scalise has responded to family members while he's still under sedation. In a statement Saturday, Matt Mika's family says he will remain in the intensive care unit at George Washington University Hospital at least through the weekend. Lire la suite »

Steve Scalise still 'critical ... but has improved,' hospital says

Scalise , 51, sustained injuries to internal organs, broken bones and severe bleeding after being shot in his left hip on Wednesday morning on a baseball field in a Washington suburb. "By playing tonight you are showing the world that we will not be intimidated by threats, acts of violence, or assaults", Trump said. They said that his "risk of death" has substantially lowered than when he arrived at the hospital. Lire la suite »

"Assassination list" with Republican names found on James Hodgkinson's body


U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks' name was on a list of assassination targets found on the body of James T. Hodgkinson - the suspect killed after wounding five people at a Republican congressional baseball practice Wednesday. Suzanne Hodgkinson talks to reporters about her husband, James Hodgkinson. "There was nothing conspicuous about him", Duncan said Wednesday. Hodgkinson's home state of IL has a broadly similar provision, said Ari Freilich, a staff attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence ... Lire la suite »

Uh Oh! Trump Is Reportedly Under Investigation For Obstruction Of Justice

At the time of that report it was not clear that the FBI was investigating Kushner's business dealings. It cited five people briefed on the requests by Mueller's team who spoke on condition of anonymity. Perhaps that's partly because Comey conceded Trump wasn't under investigation and admitted the president told him to pursue the Russian Federation investigation. Lire la suite »

DAG Rosenstein Considering Recusal from Russia Investigation

But Rosenstein is not supposed to be involved in the day-to-day operations, and he testified at a Senate hearing earlier this week that he had not spoken with Mueller since he appointed him as special counsel on May 17. ABC said Rosenstein told Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand she would have authority over the probe if he were to step aside. Earlier this month, Rosenstein told The Associated Press that "if anything that I did winds up being relevant to his investigation then, as ... Lire la suite »

DUP deputy leader says no deadline for talks with Conservatives

Mr McFadden, who is a member of the cross-party Brexit Select Committee, said: "The fact that The Conservatives are reliant on cobbling together a deal with the DUP to survive in Government shows how badly they miscalculated in calling an early election for no better reason than enjoying a big opinion poll lead. Lire la suite »

Bill Cosby case: Judge declares mistrial after jury deadlock

One other accuser, Kelly Johnson, was allowed to testify during the trial as prosecutors sought to establish that Cosby had a pattern of assault. That testimony had been read to the jury earlier in the trial. This had been the first criminal prosecution to be brought against Cosby, who will celebrate his 80th birthday next month with his legacy and reputation in shreds. Lire la suite »

Trump pondered firing Mueller, but his aides pushed back

It took about 24 hours, but the White House has knocked down speculation that President Donald Trump considered firing special prosecutor Robert Mueller . In recent days, the president has told his staff, his visitors, and his outside advisers that he was increasingly convinced Mueller, like Comey, his successor as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was part of a "witch hunt" by partisans who wanted to see him weakened or forced from office. Lire la suite »

Rep. Steve Scalise is a Roommate of Southern Illinois Congressman


But Flake said the final score wasn't likely to matter this year. "I never said 'drag somebody out of my rally'". "I can't wrap my head around it, okay?" "'I want you to know that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation, and frankly the entire world". Lire la suite »