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Congressional Democrats sue Donald Trump over foreign payments


Treasury but softened that pledge last month when it said it would only estimate the profit its hotels earn from foreign governments. The lawsuit cites Trump's leases, properties and other business "entanglements" around the world as the reason for the suit, saying those posed a conflict of interest under a clause of the Constitution. Lire la suite »

Watch Third Round From Erin Hills Online

He clawed that back with a birdie on the 12th, draining a six-foot putt but was soon in trouble on the 13th, three-putting for bogey. Johnson , who had struggled to a three-over-par 75 in the first round, carded three birdies and four bogeys in a one-over-par 73. Lire la suite »

Theresa May to meet Sinn Fein at No 10

Ms Foster said she hoped a deal could be done "sooner rather than later". After losing her parliamentary majority in a botched gamble on a snap election , May's Brexit strategy has become the subject of public debate inside her own party, with calls for her to take a more business-friendly approach. Lire la suite »

Trump attacks Clinton in 'witch hunt' tweets

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that special counsel Robert Mueller is seeking interviews with Coats and two other Trump administration officials and that the Russian Federation investigation is widening to examine whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice. Lire la suite »

Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby sexual assault case


Camille Cosby , right, arrives with husband, Bill , at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown , Penn., June 12. "After 52 hours of deliberation, probably one of the most courageous acts I've ever seen, I'm compelled to grant a mistrial ", Judge O'Neill said to the court. Lire la suite »

Mueller investigating Jared Kushner's business dealings

Rosenstein is keenly aware that he could become a potential witness in the investigation. President Donald Trump acknowledged for the first time Friday that he is under federal investigation as part of the expanding probe into Russia's election meddling. Lire la suite »

Trump mocks Federal Bureau of Investigation for failing to prove 'Russian Collusion'

The New York Times sued the FBI on Friday, June 16, 2017 , seeking a court's help in getting the agency to turn over documents created by fired FBI Director James Comey after his conversations with President Donald Trump . A source close to Trump's legal team tells CGTN "no". A person familiar with Mueller's inquiry, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Thursday Mueller was looking into whether Trump or others attempted to obstruct the Russian Federation investigation. Lire la suite »

Brexit negotiations with European Commission to begin on June 19

Chancellor Philip Hammond said Britain should prioritise jobs and prosperity and take a "pragmatic" approach as it begins Brexit talks next week. HSBC, which has 43,000 employees in Britain, said in January that it was planning to move "activities covered specifically by European financial regulation" to the EU, which would shift about 1,000 jobs out of the UK. Lire la suite »

Cladding on London tower was not graded fire-resistant

A criminal investigation has been launched, CNN reported . Grief over a London high-rise tower fire that killed dozens turned to outrage on Friday amid reports that the materials used in a recent renovation of the public housing block may have fuelled the inferno. Lire la suite »

Anger over not guilty verdict in Minnesota police shooting


Minnesota State Patrol arrested 18 people protesting after a jury found Officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty for the shooting of Philando Castile , according to one of the patrol's Twitter accounts. University of Minnesota student Aurin Chowdhury said she was disgusted by the verdict, but not surprised. Kauser also testified that he trusted Yanez as a partner. Lire la suite »

New iPad Pro is better at rendering graphics than latest MacBook Pro


After Apple released the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, many thought the giant technology company had already achieved the flawless size for the device. Personally, that made the iPad Pro worth it for me, and I use mine daily, for everything from checking my mail and RSS feeds in the morning before work, to reading comics and watching movies while in transit. Lire la suite »

Michelle Carter found guilty of texting her boyfriend to kill himself

Moniz looked at a Carter , who sobbed through most of the 15-minute hearing, and said: "She called no one, and finally, she did not issue a simple additional instruction: 'Get out of the truck '". She knew he was in the truck, yet failed to call police or his family. 'It's my fault , ' Carter texted to classmate Samantha Boardman . 'I could have stopped him but I told him to get back in the auto '. Lire la suite »

Leo Varadkar formally elected as prime minister of Ireland


He also said the new Taoiseach has "secured the most important role in our parliamentary democracy", his family and supporters have "a right to be immensely proud of him". "He has been involved in the School of Medicine since he graduated and has been generous with his time with both students and faculty alike". Leo Varadkar has been formally elected as Ireland's new Taoiseach (Prime Minister). Lire la suite »

Tory-DUP deal announcement put on hold due to London blaze

Conservative chief whip Gavin Williamson flew to Belfast on Saturday to begin formal discussions with the DUP , the BBC reported . Although the DUP are unionists - wanting to remain part of the United Kingdom - and broadly support numerous policies of the Conservative and Unionist Party (as the Conservatives are correctly called), May's proposed deal could scupper attempt to broker a power-sharing deal with Sinn Fein - which promotes the unification of Ireland - on the Northern ... Lire la suite »

Secret Service Says It Has No Audio Recordings, Transcripts From Trump WH


A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a decision blocking the temporary ban on visitors from six Muslim-majority nations. Trump has been coy about whether any recordings exist of his private conversations with Comey, who was sacked by the president in May. The American White House, the seat of power, which was revered as a symbol of leadership, democracy and power was now being regarded as a scene of crime. Lire la suite »

Autonomy: Sweeping new powers announced for Scottish schools


The main responsibility for support and improvement has been passed to new regional bodies who will be led by an executive officer reporting directly to Scotland's chief inspectors of schools. The new powers will be guaranteed in a statutory charter for headteachers, with young people and parents also to be given a stronger voice in schools. Lire la suite »

Trump says those driving Russia investigation are 'very bad and conflicted people'


Comey had also said hoped releasing the memo would lead to the appointment of a special counsel, and indicated he had turned over detailed contemporaneous memos about his conversations with the president to the special counsel. Rosenstein's statement also came hours before an ABC report that claimed the deputy attorney general had said he might need to recuse himself from Mueller's probe. Lire la suite »

Britain's Hammond to push for United Kingdom to stay in EU customs union

Nearly a year after Britain voted to leave its biggest market, the start of talks comes and amid signs the softening its approach to the split and adopting a more conciliatory tone. But like Alice In Wonderland, not all doors are the same. "Their position on this was very similar to the Conservative position according to their manifesto". Lire la suite »

UK PM seeks political alliance in Northern Ireland

Labour could potentially form an alliance with the Scottish Nationalist Party ( SNP ), the Liberal Democrats ( Lib Dems ), Plaid Cymru, and the Green Party, who all want to keep the Tories out of power. After losing her parliamentary majority in a botched gamble on a snap election , May's Brexit strategy has become the subject of public debate inside her own party, with calls for her to take a more business-friendly approach. Lire la suite »

Gunman's Widow Hadn't Spoken With Him Before He left Home


When Hodgkinson refused to stop, Schaumleffel called the sheriff's department. And last November, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by just a few thousand votes. After the girl broke free, Hodgkinson followed and "started hitting her arms, pulling her hair, and started grabbing her off the bed". Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old home inspector and activist who volunteered on the presidential campaign of Sen. Lire la suite »

EU, Britain fix date to begin Brexit negotiations

Talks are continuing between the DUP and Conservatives on the details of a deal, which could see the Northern Irish party supporting the Tories on the Queen's Speech and the Budget, but deciding on other issues on a vote-by-vote basis. Meanwhile, shadow secretary of state Owen Smith has said he believes a deal to restore power-sharing at Stormont can be reached. Two months ago, the Prime Minister could have looked forward to Britain having a strong negotiating hand on Day One of Brexit ... Lire la suite »

Jailed US student flown out of North Korea `in coma`


In January 2016, he was detained at the airport in Pyongyang while trying to take out a poster of political content. According to the State Department, North Korea got urgently in touch with the United States at the United Nations on June 6 to say that Mr. Lire la suite »

Grenfell Tower fire: Police say 58 people are missing and presumed dead

Grief over a London high-rise tower fire that killed dozens turned to outrage Friday amid reports that the materials used in a recen. Currently, at least 17 people have been confirmed dead. There has been growing fury on the low-rent estate where residents wanted answers on why the fire was able to spread so rapidly and why complaints about safety had been ignored . Lire la suite »

Special counsel Mueller investigating Jared Kushner's finances

After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey , Trump said that Comey had told him three times that he was not under investigation . Thursday night, Rosenstein issued an unusual statement complaining about leaks in the case. In addition, Feinstein has asked Grassley to call Attorney General Jeff Sessions and several other Trump administration officials to testify. Comey testified in a Senate hearing last week that he believed he was sacked "because of the Russian Federation investigation". Lire la suite »