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Des manifestants en colère envahissent la mairie de quartier

Pour l'instant, douze personnes se trouvent en soins intensifs, a poursuivi le responsable. Selon la police, rien ne laisse à penser que l'incendie était délibéré. " Nous devons faire tout ce qu'il faut pour mettre les personnes qui vivaient ici en sécurité ", a-t-il encore dit, affirmant que les habitants allait être relogés à Londres , alors que les rescapés ont passé leur deuxième nuit dans des structures temporaires mises en place par les associations locales. Lire la suite »

Le parquet général requiert la mise en examen de — Affaire Grégory

S'ils ont quoi que ce soit à voir dans l'affaire, je me dis que j'ai quand même été élevée par des personnes monstrueuses . Les deux époux Jacob , la grande-tante et le grand-oncle ont été mis en examen pour "enlèvement" et "séquestration suivie de mort" dans le cadre de l'enquête sur le meurtre du petit Grégory survenu en 1984. Lire la suite »

RT Ruptly Producer Attacked in London During Protest Over Grenfell Tower Fire


Her government, already weakened after losing its parliamentary majority in elections last week, has been slammed for a faltering response. Mr Javid defended Mrs May, saying: "I will be doing that [meeting local people] today but let's be clear the Prime Minister went yesterday, I think it was absolutely right to do so, to go as quickly as she could to learn about the operation and to discover if there is anything more that the government could be doing to help with that operation". Lire la suite »

We could learn from Labour, says Tory MP Glyn Davies

As the graph below shows, over three-quarters or more of Telegraph, Express and Mail readers voted Tory, along with 59 per cent of Sun readers and 58 per cent of Times readers. If the 1970s are too long ago to recall for many, the fight against the poll tax in the late 1980s and early 1990s is a more recent example of successful extra-parliamentary action. Lire la suite »

Trump's campaign outburst at Clinton reverts back

While most Republicans in Congress said little about Mr. Trump's criticism of Mueller, other supporters echoed the President's concerns. On Twitter, Mr Trump dismissed as "phony" the idea his campaign colluded with any Russian effort to sway the 2016 USA election. Lire la suite »

UK's May pledges $6.4 million for fire survivors

The cladding - installed on the tower in a recent renovation - has come under scrutiny, with experts saying a more fire resistant type could have been used. The Times said the recently refurbished tower block had been fitted with cladding that wasn't fireproof, and that for less than £5000 pounds (NZ$8800), a fire-resistant version could have been used instead. Lire la suite »

About $4 million raised for London fire victims


Experts also cited cladding as a factor in similar fires in which flames raced along the sides of buildings, including a high-rise fire in Shanghai in 2010 that killed at least 58 people, a 2015 apartment fire in Azerbaijan that left 16 people dead and a 2009 fire at Beijing's TV Cultural Center that killed a firefighter. Lire la suite »

Trump Addresses Congressional Baseball Crowd to Call for Unity: 'Let's Play Ball'


Congressional aide Zack Barth , Tysons Food lobbyist Matt Mika and Capitol Police Officer David Bailey were also shot in the attack, but have since been released from the hospital. President Donald Trump walks to his motorcade vehicle after visiting MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington , Wednesday, June 14, 2017, where House Majority Leader Steve Scalise of La. Lire la suite »

Vers une mise en examen des époux Jacob — Affaire Grégory

Marcel Jacob, oncle de Jean-Marie Villemin (le père de l'enfant), et son épouse Jacqueline ont été arrêtés mercredi à leur domicile à Autmonzey (Vosges), à une dizaine de kilomètres du lieu où avait été retrouvé le corps de Grégory. Si la réussite de son fils Jean-Marie lui inspire une admiration sans borne, ses sentiments à l'endroit de sa belle-fille Christine sont contrastés: lorsque la mère de Grégory est soupçonnée d'être l'assassin de son propre fils, Monique Villemin se constitue ... Lire la suite »

La grand-tante et son époux incarcérés — Grégory

Le couple Jacob a nié toute implication, a affirmé le procureur général Jean-Jacques Bosc qui tenait une conférence de presse vendredi à Dijon , sur cette affaire qui reste l'une des plus grandes énigmes criminelles françaises. " Tout ce que nous pouvons dire, c'est que le corbeau est double ", a indiqué cet après-midi Jean-Jacques Bosc, le procureur général de Dijon. Rappelons s'il en est besoin les faits: le 16 octobre 1984, vers 17 heures, Grégory Villemin , âgé de 4 ans, disparaît ... Lire la suite »

Les époux Jacob dans les filets de la justice — Affaire Grégory

Deux membres de la famille Villemin Marcel et Jacqueline Jacob , le grand-oncle et la grand-tante du petit Grégory , ont été déférés au parquet général de Dijon à l'issue de leur garde à vue vendredi matin. Les accusés nient être impliqués, a déclaré Jean-Jacques Bosc, le procureur général de Dijon, lors d'une conférence de presse. Et Me Giuranna de pointer là une "nette reculade". Lire la suite »

Plusieurs personnes impliquées dans le crime (procureur) — Affaire Grégory

Tous deux sauront dans la journée s'ils sont mis en examen. D'autant plus que Marcel Jacob s'en était pris verbalement à Jean-Marie Villemin peu avant le drame. " On ne sait pas comment est mort Grégory et on met en examen ", il est "criminel de jeter en pâture le nom d'un couple" lorsque l'on a "aucun élément matériel, rien" , a dénoncé l'avocat de Marcel Jacob , Me Stéphane Giuranna, qui demandera rapidement " la nullité de la mise en examen " de son client. Lire la suite »

Brexit talks will begin on Monday despite Britain's political chaos


On Brexit , Ms Foster said her party wanted to see "a sensible Brexit and one that works for everybody". Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is pushing for this outcome, and has repeatedly said he was ready to try to form a government. The intent is to ensure that we have the stability of Government in the national interest". The Irish government believes May will stress in her meetings today that the British are still committed to the " rigorous impartiality " enshrined in the Good Friday ... Lire la suite »

Trump Allies Try to Discredit Special Counsel Mueller After Initial Praise

And on Monday, a close friend of Trump's said the president is considering firing Mueller , a move that echoes Richard Nixon ordering the termination of the special prosecutor during the Watergate scandal. "I think it would be unusual [Mueller] would have a confidential conversation and then, a few days later, become the prosecutor of the person he may be investigating", Ruddy said. Lire la suite »

Korea says it freed United States student over humanitarian reasons


He was incarcerated in March 2016 for stealing a political poster from a hotel. The 22-year-old was found guilty of committing a "hostile act" against North Korea in March of 2016 and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. Fred Warmbier revealed that President Donald Trump phoned him Wednesday night to ask about his son and the rest of his family. His parents plan a Thursday morning news conference. Lire la suite »

Seven US navy crew missing after ships crash off Japan

The Japanese coast guard has been assisting the destroyer, which is significantly smaller than the container ship involved in the collision. Footage from the Japanese TV network NHK showed heavy damage to the mid-right side of the Navy ship and a person in a stretcher being lifted to a helicopter. Lire la suite »

You'll NEVER Guess Who Called the Watergate Investigation a 'Witch-Hunt' in 1973

It was unclear whether the president's comment confirming he was under investigation was based on direct knowledge or media reports that Mr Mueller is examining whether the president obstructed justice by firing Mr Comey. Racist Beanie Baby Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump Jr., who does not know how to use a chair , reportedly support the decision. Trump is accused of firing FBI Director James Comey over his refusal to steer the Russian Federation investigation away from former ... Lire la suite »

Tower Block Fire Survivors Storm London Town Hall

Metropolitan Police commander Stuart Cundy responded to speculation that the number of dead could exceed 100, saying: "For those of us that have been down there, it's pretty emotional, so I hope it is not triple figures , but I can't be drawn on the numbers". Lire la suite »

Trump rolls back some, not all, changes in US-Cuba relations


Anti-President Donald Trump protester chants anti-Trump slogans during the president's visit to the Manuel Artime Theater, Friday, June 16, 2017, in Miami . And the U.S. government will police other trips to ensure travellers are pursuing a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities". As for business, Trump has created a significant barrier by prohibiting commerce with the Cuban military, which has companies that control much of the island's socialist economy. Lire la suite »

L'analyse graphologique, la clé de l'enquête — Affaire Grégory

Ce vendredi, le grand-oncle et la grand-tante de la victime, Marcel et Jacqueline Jacob, ont été inculpés pour enlèvement et séquestration suivie de mort . Il s'est déroulé en décembre 1982. Ceux qui sont donc l'oncle et la tante de Jean-Marie Villemin, le père du petit Gregory , avaient été déférés ce vendredi 16 juin devant le parquet dijonnais suite à leur placement en garde à vue mercredi. Lire la suite »

La grand-tante et le grand-oncle mis en examen — Affaire Grégory


Ceux qui ont participé à cet enlèvement sont les auteurs du crime (.) Nous ne savons pas de quelle façon est mort Grégory. Stéphane Giuranna, l'avocat de Marcel Jacob, devant le tribunal de Dijon , vendredi. Placée en garde à vue également, la belle-sœur du père de Grégory, Ginette Villemin, 61 ans, avait été remise en liberté jeudi. Même si ce n'est pas la première fois ici, les derniers rebondissements dans l'affaire du meurtre de Grégory Villemin nous amènent à aborder de nouveau ... Lire la suite »

Newt Gingrich: Trump Cannot Obstruct Justice

And yet then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich led the impeachment of Bill Clinton by claiming, you guessed it, obstruction of justice. The most prominent of those Trump backers was Gingrich, who tweeted Monday that Republicans were "delusional" if they thought Mueller would be fair. Lire la suite »

Trump Steps Up Attacks on Russia Probe's Leaders

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has privately indicated that he may need to recuse himself from the probe into Russia's influence on the 2016 U.S. The White House has directed questions for details to outside legal counsel, which has not responded. The Twitter attacks came as Vice-President Mike Pence hired a personal lawyer to represent him in the intensifying investigation. Lire la suite »

Wife of alleged Congressional shooter speaks


Steve Scalise (R-La.), who remains in critical condition. GOP lawmakers were practicing for the 56th annual Congressional Baseball Game for charity, which is still scheduled to occur Thursday night at Nationals Park. She said her husband, who had worked in the building trades and as a home inspector, had sold "almost everything he owned from his businesses" and had gone to Washington . Lire la suite »